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Part 1: Thoughts

Soul's POV

6 Years after leaving the DWMA

I was thinking about her again. I haven't seen her for about 4, maybe 5 years. We stayed together for the first year after graduation, but I left after that. I wanted out, you know? The childish fights we got in all the time made it difficult to stay. Sitting by the phone, just staring at it, thinking about how much she might hate me for walking out like that. Without a word. I left a note on the table telling her not to try and find me. I shrugged off the urge to call her number and tried to think about something else, but her voice kept popping up in my mind. The phone rang and shook my mind out of things; but only for a second.

"Hello?" I answered after I had picked up the phone.

"Soul?" A familiar voice said from the other line. The voice wasn't exactly the same as I remember it, but pretty close.

"Speaking." I said.

"God, don't be so cold to me Soul!" The voice giggled. The laughter from the other end assured me that it was her, Maka Albarn.

"Why are you calling me Maka?"

"I need to see you in person. Where are you?"

"At my home. Why can't we talk over the phone?"

"Because I miss you."

She hung up the phone before I could say anything back.

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