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Chapter 9: Lies Hidden With Smiles

Liz's POV

I feel like I'm hiding from them, but I also feel like I should. It's strange to me.

I was jarred from my thoughts when the doctor came in. He smiled warmly. "Elizabeth, correct?" I nodded. "You have been discharged. The only conditions are that you take these pain killers until you run out. 2 tablets every 6 hours." I smiled and nodded. He passed me the small bottle and left. I had my clothing on a chair beside the bed along with my phone and purse. I got out of the bed and walked over to the bathroom, my clothes in hand. I got changed, and when I came out of the bathroom, only to see someone I felt like I knew in the room, and he seemed to be waiting for me.

"Elizabeth." He nodded. I froze there, and my body refused to start moving again.

Kid's POV

We had been searching all day, and almost all night until Maka insisted that the four of us stop and rest. We all went to my mansion, because it was the only one that was still possessed by one of us. Maka sold her apartment when we decided to live on the 'camp ground' as she used to call it. Black Star and Tsubaki had sold theirs as well. So that only left the mansion that belonged to Me, Patty, and Liz. I sighed.

I can't get my thoughts away from thinking that something has happened to her.

Maka must've been able to sense my discomfort. "We'll find her." She smiled. I squeezed her hand.

"I sure hope so." We hugged each other, and she left, and we both fell asleep.

Soul's POV

Everyone left in a hurry, leaving me and Tsubaki alone, in the middle of no where.

If someone came to murder us no one would be able to hear us scream...

I guess my thoughts seemed kinda depressing right now. "Soul?" Tsubaki nudged me. I turned to face her.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing, it's just... Kid's been really uncomfortable and tense when you're around Maka lately. I think he feels like you're just going to pack up and leave again."

Well, those are kinda my intentions, though I can't say that...

I just sat there looking shocked. "I regret doing that the first time. I'm not walking out if her life again." Tsubaki smiled.

Thank God I've gotten better at acting sincere. Tsubaki can almost always catch a lie.

Apparently, she didn't catch mine.

Tsubaki's POV

I knew he was lying. He planned on packing up and leaving when things got too difficult.

Liz doesn't trust him either, she told me that much.

I smiled. Soul wasn't the only one who's acting had gotten better.

"I'm glad you're so honest with me Soul." I smiled and sighed. "Things are just getting really stressful for Maka, so se's going to need all the support she can get, and we can give. With Liz gone that's less support than she had last time unless you help. I'm glad that's what you intend on doing." Soul was starting to get nervous. I could sense his soul wavering.

How cute. I thought, bemused.

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