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Okay, everyone, this is the Roman story I was talknig about earlier in All I Want Is You, Fang. It took a while to actually get the story itself out so it would make sense. It came to me in bits and pieces. Now I have it. Now here it is. Please enjoy!

Max POV:

I can smell the iron in the blood. I can the tremble of my sword. And, now under the helmet, I can see the eyes of my opponent. They feeded for one thing. To have my blood wrapped all over that blade.

I take my sword to my side and step forward. My opponent does the same, but quickly begins to charge. The sight of his muscles tense under the lack of armor, his bare chest clenching at the sight of me makes me realize something. He was afraid. He was afraid of me. If there is one thing I've learned in the Arena is that you should never show fear. That is only an opening for death.

My opponent allows a fierce battle cry before jumping high above, with sword down, like a beast.

"I will cut you down!" I hear him whisper.


But my reflexes kicked in before then. "I think not." I push my opponent back, a man, back with only my sword blade. The large body slams onto the Arena ground and stops. But he is not dead. Only stunned. With this mind, I walk over with my sword ready. His eyes look up into the bright midafternoon sky until I block his veiw. That's when I finally see th fear in his eyes. And the tremble of his arm. A grown man, trembling in my wake. I raise my sword over my head, allow it to reflect some of the sun's rays, and bring it down like a a champion archer's arrow. Sharp and straight.

It hits right between the eyes. Now I can really smell the blood. After I yank my sword from its new settlement I hear the screams and cheers bounce around the Arena. Half naked men and fully dressed woman alike. Now I just open my arms out wide and allow them to feel my power. Feel and respect it. They become louder. After taking a last look at the crowd, I look to the special Box. A place reserved only for the king, queen, and prince. A princess as never breeded into this world. First, I look to the king. Old with gray hairs and facial wrinkles. Next, I look to the queen. Flawless skin and radiating beauty. Much too young for the king. And lastly, I look to the prince. Long black hair lays ever so perfectly on his shoulders. And dark eyes fall on me. Wait-! Only on me?!

I look back at his gaze in stone, while my heart beats quickly. Why is it that everytime I look at him my heart begins to beat uncontrollably? We just stare at each other for what feels like forever. At least, until the king raises his hand to silence the crowd. I struggle to look away from his son so I can give him my attetion.

"Maximum Ride." I straighten up. "You are the undefeated. A champion among all. No one has managed to knock down. None can surpass you." God, we get the picture. I'm great! Would he hurry up? "You are hereby given the title of Roman Warrior, Maximum Ride!" Suddenly the crowd roars all over again.

I stare in awe at the king. Did he just make me a warrior? Was I hearing things? No. I heard him right. He promoted me. Oh my god. When the king sits down to look at his people I look to the ground. Not in shame, of course, but in shock. Wow! A warrior. That is the highest rank in the Roman forces. Now I can be in the army. Now I can-

"Rain!" I look up once again and see the gray clouds show up. Funny how I didn't notice that earlier. "It's raining!" The first drops come and I open my arms again. It's not long before the heavy rains come and start to drench everything and everyone in the stands. It has been a long time since the gods have blessed us with their tears of joy. This was a wonderful day indeed. For a long time, I just stand there and let the rain fall over my body and face.

"Hey!" Then that voice broke through. I look forward and guess who I see? "I think it'd be smart to go to the barracks. You might catch a cold." I let a smile come and it seems this catches him off guard. Wow. The prince is gorgeous when he's surprised too.

"What about you?"

"I'm fine!" He points to the roof over the Box. "I have shelter!" I drop my sword and smile even more involuntarily. Now my heart was going again. Oh no.

I begin to walk toward the exit but now without getting a final glimpsse at the prince's dark eyes. Ohhhh. What would I have to do to get with him?

I get to the barracks as soon as the rain begins to slow to a drizzle. The moment I take a step into my room I see Lissa. Firey red hair and all.

"What?" She looks at me through scrunched eyes. Sheesh, what was her problem? I mean, I just walked in.

"Nothing. I just walked in." I got to my bed and sit down.

"I heard you got promoted. I guess now you're going to start acting like you're better than the rest of us, huh?" I shake my head.

"No. That won't happen.'

"Well-" I look at her green eyes. "I would congratulate you, but I won't.' I look away from Lissa.

"Whatever. Do what you want. I'm going to get us some water." I take the empty water bucket we leave by the door and open the door. Okay, I didn't expect the rain to stop so soon. I was planning on having a little more "rain time". Either way, I had us some water anyway. I get to one of the fountains by the barracks and put the bucket down.

Alright, I'm pretty sure you migh tbe a little confused on things. So I'll start from the beginning. My name is Maximum Ride. But I'm mostly known among my allies as Max. I'm fifteen years old and I'm an orphan. When I was younger I lived in one of ten kingdom's small town. And when I say small, I mean small. At least, twenty people lived there. Yeah. Small. Anyway, I lived there until my parents died thanks to some crazy disease that showed up out of nowhere. After awhile, the rest of the town started to die off too thanks to this disease. I couldn't believe that. All of the death was just too much, so I left. For the kingdom itself. Back then, I didn't really know how to defend myself, so it was really hard with the animals that came. And somewhere along the way, I gave up. I remember I was feeling dizzy and then I passed out.

When I had woke up I was in a medic room at the heart of our kingdom. That's where the king lives. The doctors there had said I was going to die if I had stayed out any longer. It was the same sickness that plagued my home. They said I was lucky. Once I was better, I had taken my place as a female gladiator. Why? Because the people that had found me half-dead were gladiators that were out for training. I guess I wanted to make it up to them somehow. I'm not even sure anymore.

Ever since then, I've lived here in the heart of my kingdom as a gladiator. And well, I've lived with being one. I mean, I've adjusted with the lifestyle. It turns out gladiators are people that have nowhere else to go. Many were criminals and they chose this instead of going to jail. And from what I heard, being a gladiator is way better than going to the jail. This is what I've heard. So, I guess that's it. Wait, the gladiators live the barracks right next to the king's home. And, the ranks, I forgot to mention are...a long list. So, I'm just gonna name the best. A warrior. The highest. Now I can actually leave the life of being a gladiator and be in the Roman army. That's a big accomplishment. Okay, now I'm done for now.

I take the bucket from the fountain and look at the water for second.

"Hey." That was the best second I ever took. I look up and guess who I find in front of me?

"Your Majesty." He looked at and actually smiled. Oh my god! I felt a blush hit me really hard. This guy was so, so, so damn gorgeous! Ahhhhh! "What're you doing here?" Then he started laughing. Oh no. My hearts was going to burst through my chest. Literally. He sat down beside me and looked to the fountain.

"I just came out for a walk." Now he turned to me. His eyes just burned to me. "I was hoping to find you." I was so shocked, I nearly dropped the bucket. Oh my god! This guy was getting to me. Why was I so weak right now? Oh, this sucks!

"Wha- WHAT!?" His smile got bigger.

"It's true." He looked down to the fountain again. "I wanted to congratulate you for your promotion. I wanted to ask you to have dinner with me and my family tonight." Now I was positive that I was hearing things? The prince didn't just ask me to have dinner with him and his family. Did I?

"Your Ma-"

"Call me Fang. I want you to call me that." He looks at me all over again with a serious look.

"Alright Fang. You asked me to have dinner with you and your family, right?" He nodded. "Oh! Well,-"

"Please." The next move he did really di dalmost make my hearts come through my chest and splatter everywhere, Okay, that was a little close. He leaned really close. So close that I could actually feel him breathe on my nose. "I'd love it if you were there." I back away to look into his dark eyes.

"Okay." He backs away, once again looking to the fountain water.

"We share such a beautiful reflection."

"Wha-" I look down and notice our faces in the shivering water. We looked good? I thoguht we looked like, well, a messed up picture.

"I'll see you later, right? Maximum?" He had already gotten up.

"Max?" I looked up. "Call me Max." Fang nodded.

"Alright then, Max. I'll see you tonight." And then he left. Oh my- I picked up the bucket and held back a squeal. I'm having dinner with the prince. The prince! Yes! Today has really turned into something.

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