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Max POV:

"Max, would you like another glass of wine to wash all of that down?" I raise my empty wine glass with enthusiasm and wait patiently for it to be refilled. When it is, I look down at my now empty plate. It's hard to believe that only moments ago it was covered in rich, royal foods just waiting to be eaten. Now those same foods were having the time of their lives in my stomach.

"Wow, Max! You finished that fast! Were you that hungry?" I looked to the Gasman and slowly shook my head. You wouldn't believe it. I actually found out why everyone calls Gazzy the Gasman. In fact, this is how it all happened. It happened this morning when Fang and I were on the way to the kitchen for breakfast and we happened to run into him on the stairs.

"Good morning, Gazzy!" I said happily. It's very rare that you find me happy in the morning. Fang and I walked closer behind him to see his happy, early morning face. But when he caught up to him, he had this weird constricted expression on his face.

"Gazzy, what's wrong?" I put my hand on his shoulder to find the problem, but as soon as I did that, Fang quickly pulled me back saying

"Max, get back!" But it was too late. Gazzy had sighed a sigh of relief and then a strange warm feeling came from him. Then this god awful smell came out of nowhere. I nearly died right there on the stairs. Really. I could see the light calling me home. "Max, are you okay?" Fang asked after I finally got my breathing under control. I gave Gazzy a look that would have certainly read his death out to him. His answer was the most innocent looking smile I have ever seen.

"Ha. Ha. Ha. Sorry Max." I pointed an accusing finger at him.

"You tried to kill me! You murderer! You really tried to kill me! What did I ever do…to…you." Then Gazzy let another one go. Right in my face. I've been praying to the gods ever since to erase that dreadful memory away. As you can see, it hasn't worked yet.

"Gazzy, you can't talk. You finished your food before her." Nudge cut in for my defense.

"So? Max has a huge appetite!" He fell back into his chair with his arms crossed. "I like it."

After breakfast, I had said I was going to go back home. To the barracks. But not until I talked to the king. I followed him to his chamber with my questions buzzing around in my head.

What happened to you, your Highness?

What is your current health? Will you be okay to rule on?

Why didn't you make me take the oath? What? Am I not special enough to take it? Were you just not serious about making me a soldier?

All of these questions and more were racking around in my brain, trying to see who would get asked first. But when the king turned around to await my questions, I was blank. All of the questions that I had in mind were no longer there. They just turned tail and ran as soon as it was chowtime.

"Is there something you would like to ask me, Maximum?" I held my mouth open, but no words came. What's going on? Why can't I speak? What's wrong with me? "Maximum, are you alright?" I nod.

"I'm fine. There are just so many questions that I want to ask and I just can't think of them right now."

"Well, if you need time to think about it-"

"No." I look right into his eyes with determination. "I've been thinking about these questions since I was on my mission. I will ask them." The king looks at me for a moment before nodding and opening up the opportunity for me to speak. That's when I find the words I've been looking for.

"Your Highness, how are you feeling? I've seen you carrying tat cloth around and I've noticed the blood." He looked to the cloth and smiled.

"You are sharp. It was only a matter of time before you would have caught on though. You see, Max, the gods have finally decided to call me back home, which means that I won't be here very much longer." I stood there, shocked.

"But that means-"

"Yes Maximum. I am dying." The words sent a string force against my chest and nearly sent me to the floor. The king was…dying? What?

"Then who will rule?" He smiled again.

"I think you know that. Iggy can't take over because of the lack of royal blood he has. I would never let Gazzy take the throne now because of age and blood. With that in mind, who else do you know is royal and is able to take on the throne?"

"Fang." He nods. "What?"

"He didn't tell you? I can understand. He was very happy to see you after such a dangerous mission. I'm sure the news was something of the past for the moment."

"Fang is going to be king?" And the time is limited. Who knows when the king will pass and Fang has to move in to take control? Why has so much happened and I am so late to know? Why? I want Fang to become king but what does that mean for me and him? Will he still want me after he is sure to probably run into much more beautiful, and fair women?

"Is that all you needed to ask me, Max?" The king had surely seen the conflict in my face and probably assumed that the news has taken more out of me than I would've wanted it to. This would have to wait. I didn't have time for this now.

"Yes. In fact, I have more questions. Like the oath. I heard the other soldiers talking about it while we were on the mission. I wasn't sure what to say about it, but I want to know why I didn't take it."

"Well, Maximum, there is excuse for why I didn't give the oath that would satisfy the confusion you probably feel towards me not making you take it. But if you want to know, it was because I really didn't think you would stay a soldier for long because of the dangers and-"

"What? Your Highness, you clearly don't know everything there six know about me. I mean, you have seen me fight and I'm sure you know that I am very strong. I am Maximum Ride. Skilled warrior in and out of the Arena. Why would you possibly be worried?" I put my hands on my hips to try to make my point even more.

"Maximum, if you let me finish, you would know that that wasn't the only reason." My eyes widen. Oops. "The other reason was one that you might actually like. It was Fang. I was unsure of you being there because I knew that Fang was aware of the dangers that came with the Royal Army. And I was worried that something might happen to out there. If Fang were to find out he would be crushed. To be honest, Fang has never showed the amount of emotion he shows to you to any other woman. I'm not sure if he told you yet, but he loves you, Maximum. He really cares for you very much. That is the main reason for why I didn't give the oath. That oath makes an official warrior for my army. I was still confused on whether to do so. You are ready to be on the Army, but with the dangers and you and Fang's close relationship, it was still had whether to choose. Especially with my passing coming soon. With you on the Army and Fang being in charge, he would choose who to put who out to fight. He wouldn't put you out for something dangerous. If I know him, he probably wouldn't even let you leave the kingdom. And if he does, it won't be far. The circumstances would be all wrong. There would be no point in you being a warrior if all you'll end up doing is being a courier for us."

That's why. I was standing there, and let the words sink in. The reason that I can't be a warrior is because of my relationship with Fang. What? That can't be right. Would he really devastate my dream if he became king? He wouldn't. He cares about me too much. But is it because he cares so much that he wouldn't send me out there?

"Maximum, I understand that this is a lot to take in at one point. If you need some time to rest here, you have my approval." His words were nothing to me right now. I just stood there with my thoguhts until these words broke through.

"Excuse me, Your Highness? May I come in?" No. That voice. The king looked to the door.

"Yes, come in." I looked back to see the door open slowly. When I saw who was behind the door, I gasped. Then I had the sudden urge to run away. "Ahhh. Dylan! Hello!" Those beautiful, white teeth came from behind the very lips that tried to meet mine.

"Hello, Your Highness." Then blue eyes moved from the king to me. "Hello Max! Long time no see!"

"Oh no." The looks at me and to Dylan, then back again.

"You two have already met?" Dylan nods and his smile gets bigger.

"We did." I was still speechless. What the hell was he doing here?

"Well, Dylan, what brings you here? Does your father know you're here?" Dylan turns away from me to face the king.

"He does. I told him I wanted to revisit my childhood friend, Fang. I figured it was time to clean the bad blood between us. I mean, why let it sit any longer?" That was a bunch of crap. Who would even believe that? "And I also heard about your condition. I came to see you and give Fang his congratulations for when he becomes king." That's when he looks to me again. "I also came to see the beautiful sights here. This place has changed since I was a child."

"Yes. It has. Well, Dylan you may stay here if you like, my home is open to anyone." Well, that was kind of true.

"That won't be needed, Your Highness. I'll just stay in one of the homes my father bought when he was here for one of his trips."

"Well then. It's good to see you. Although I wish it was under happier circumstances." Dylan looks at the king and nods.

"As do I." He starts to back away to the door. "Well, good bye Your Highness. And good bye to you, Max." He closes the door behind himself and leaves.

"Well, look at this. I am dying and I only bring people into my home. This is terrible." I look at the king and shake my head.

"If only you knew." That's when I back away and try my best not to touch the door more then I need too for my less than formal exit.

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