Chapter 1: Silent Ships

She was gone.

In an instant, John Smith sees the love of his life on a ship in the arms of another man. But what can he do? She had made her choice, and it was John Rolf. With watery eyes, he watches the ship sail off into the horizon until it is out of sight.

The next day, Smith awakes early. He lay in bed for a while, just thinking. His apartment is small and quaint, but "big enough for two", he thinks out loud, clearly reminiscing about Pocahontas. "Get it together John", he scuffs. He knows he needs to move on with his life, even though it seems nearly impossible. After getting dressed and eating a few biscuits, he walks through the streets of London and arrives at his new ship, which was awarded to him by the King for defeating Radcliff. He boards the ship and marvels at its splendor. He walks around on deck, thinking of all the adventures he will soon have, exploring the world…alone. The longer Smith walks around, the quieter it becomes. The truth is, he's lonely. He awakes every morning to find that no one is by his side. He has no one to talk to, no one to hold. As Smith observes his ship, he continues to try to focus on the bright side. He continues to think of seeing sights he's never seen before, sailing on the open seas.

He stops walking when he comes to one of the ship's masts. He rubs his hand along side it, observing the fine oak it is made out of, and suddenly he is brought back to the time when he first met Grandmother Willow. Pocahontas was right by his side to confirm that he really was seeing a talking tree. And it was there too, that John Smith and Pocahontas shared their first kiss. It was a night he remembers fondly, yet sadly, for he knows that he can no longer hold Pocahontas, or touch her soft brown skin, or run his fingers through her long black hair the way he did then.

Smith, with closed eyes and a heavy heart, sits down on the deck, leaning against the mast. After a few minutes, he suddenly opens his piercing blue eyes. He is no longer melancholy. Instead, he is alert and focused. "It's not over yet", he mutters. With that, he jumps off deck, and dashes through the streets of London.