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Chapter V

The Dream Comes True


"That's... that's..."



Robin and Cyborg were staring at the sight before them. Spider-Man and Raven were sitting on the couch, watching a movie, and Beast Boy and Starfire were serving them drinks and popcorn. Except not only were BB and Star's uniforms switched, they were wearing maids uniforms on top. So BB looked like Star in a maids dress, and Star looked like BB in a maids dress.


"What, about BB and Star?"

"No, about Spidey and Raven."

Robin considered this for a moment. It hadn't really come as a big surprise to him. He did, however, feel that BB and Starfire had justly earned their punishment.

"Well, better than getting toilet duty for a week," he mused. Cyborg snorted.

"I'd have given them toilet duty for a month," he said. "And have 'em do the dishes."

"That's just your sadistic mind," Robin said, going over to his radio. He tuned the dial, then stopped when he and the rest of the Titans heard the alarm klaxons go off.

"Titans, trouble!"

The onscreen city camera came up, showing Plasmus awake and angry once again. BB looked hesitantly at Spider-Man.

"No," he said firmly. "You have to wear everything... even in the fight."

"Got to be kidding me..." BB grumbled.

"Titans, GO!"

As they left the Tower, Spidey and Raven shared a kiss before he put on his mask, and she put up her hood.

Things were no longer awkward... except for BB and Starfire.

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