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Instead, we're going to what they claim was episode 2 - You're Under My Skin! However, it'll start off as if it were Percy Plays Piano.

Candle Cove - Episode 1 - You're Under My Skin

Sealand was still settling in to her new home. Pirate Italy was trying to learn the piano but was failing horribly. First Mate Germany walked onto the deck. "What is that awful racket?" he asked, annoyed. The crew all pointed to Pirate Italy playing his piano.

"What are you doing, Pirate Percy?" First Mate Germany demanded.

Pirate Italy smiled. "I'm playing the piano!" he replied. "I'm trying to learn my grandpa's favorite song for him!"

First Mate Germany raised an eyebrow. "Hasn't your grandfather passed?" he asked.

Pirate Italy nodded. "Yeah, he passed a few years ago. I know he's up in Pirate Heaven but I also know he'll hear it!" he said, starting to play his piano again as everyone cringed.

America Horrible's laugh rang out from an unknown area, making Pirate Italy jump. "O-Oh! Horace Horrible is near again!" Another laugh rang out but this one was different. It was something that surely came from true evil. Italy jumped again before darting under his piano. "Oh no, oh no, oh no, OH NO-"

"Calm down! It can't be him! He's dead, remember?" First Mate Germany said, trying to reassure Pirate Italy.

"But he's came back before!" Hungary said.

Once again these people had confused Sealand. "Who are you so afraid of?" she asked.

Pirate Italy looked at Sealand. "You don't remember?" he asked.

Sealand sighed. "No, I don't, because-"

"It's Skin Taker!" Pirate Italy burst out. "He's the most evil pirate EVER! He's even worse than Horace Horrible!"

Sealand snorted. "Well, America was a huge pushover, so I don't think this Skin Taker guy will be any worse." she said.

"Who's America? It's Skin Taker and Horace Horrible we're talking about!" Pirate Italy said. She sighed and decided to ignore the horrified faces of the crew.

"It seems like our only option is to go looking for Horace Horrible-san and Skin Taker-sama." The Laughing-Japan said.

First Mate Germany sighed. "It's true. We have to face them."

Pirate Italy still cowered beneath his piano. "No no no no no no no no!" he shrieked, shaking his head violently.

"We have no choice!" First Mate Germany said. "Stop being a baby and act like a real pirate!"

Pirate Italy sniffled before nodding. "F-Fine. I guess we'd have to face them sometime." Germany smiled before Italy added, "But I'm not getting out from under this piano."

Germany sighed, knowing he wouldn't get anything better from the captain. "All right. Now it sounds like they are on the other side of Candle Cove. We'll have to go around."

"Ah, so I can get you all away just in case." the ship with the voice of Japan said. First Mate Germany nodded. "Then we shall set sail for the other end of Candle Cove."

Sealand glanced at the ship's crew. "So, can any of you tell me more about Skin Taker?" she asked.

First Mate Germany sat on the piano bench. "Well, Skin Taker is a very mean pirate."

"I know that already."

"So you do. He... as you probably tell from his name, takes peoples' skin."

Sealand's eyes widened for a moment. "Oh my."

"But he doesn't like any of our skin. He prefers the skin of children like you. That's why whenever you were here in the past he always tried to skin you alive" he said.

She looked down for a moment. "Oh my," she muttered. "So, uh, tell me about my apparent adventures with you all before I came back here."

Germany's expression brightened. "Okay! One day we were just sailing along when we saw you thrashing about the water. Of course we had you come up so you couldn't drown. We went on many adventures and fought against Horace Horrible and Skin Taker-" -Pirate Italy whimpered at the mention of Skin Taker- "-and it was all a good time. But you know what's odd?"

"What?" As if anything to be odder.

"I know we just picked up yesterday, but this already seems familiar to me. I remember when you first came to Candle Cove Horace Horrible showed up and we had to fend him off. Then you fired a cannonball into his ship. And then that happened this time around too, except Percy had a staring contest with Horace this time. Then a day after that happened, Percy started trying to play the piano to learn his grandfather's favorite song. He's started trying again. Then Skin Taker came back after Percy gave up on the piano. And here we are again. I don't know why, but our adventures seem to be repeating." he said.

Sealand stayed silent for a moment. For whatever reason, all that did seem familiar. Not because it had just happened, but as if she had seen something like a show that used to air a while back with this premise. "Well, I've only been here for a day. We'll see what happens later. Maybe the adventures we had together would happen again." she said, a little creeped out by it.

"I suppose." he said.

Soon, the ship stopped at a cave on the shore. "We're here," said The Laughing-Japan. "Good luck."

They all nodded. The crew got out of the ship by the rope ladder. First Mate Germany pried Pirate Italy off the piano. "We have to face whatever's in that cave!" he hissed.

"But I don't wannaaaa!" Pirate Italy whined.

The Laughing-Japan spoke up. "Pirate Percy, you have... to go... INSIDE! Please?" he said again.

"NO!" Italy shrieked.

"Too bad!" Germany said, picking up Pirate Italy and walking off with him while the captain thrashed.

Sealand began to follow them until Germany stopped her. "You're not coming," he said. "It's far too dangerous for you, Janice."

She rolled her eyes. "Can't be anymore risky than being accepted as a nation."

"Stay here," he said. "We'll be back a little later."

He climbed down somehow as Italy continued to hit and kick him, begging Germany to put him down.

As soon was they had entered the cave, Sealand began climbing down the rope ladder. "You're not thinking of going in the cave, are you, Janice-chan?" asked The Laughing-Japan.

"Please, Japan, don't tell Italy or Germany or any of the crew. I want to go with them. I want to face whoever this Skin Taker is. I'm part of their crew now." Sealand said.

Japan was silent for a moment. "Well... I suppose... but don't let Skin Taker-sama see you or he'll skin you alive." he said.

"I won't," she said. "Thanks Japan!"

"My name's The Laughingstock." he said, though she had already run into the cave by then.

As Sealand entered the cave, he heard First Mate Germany shouting "You keep away from our Janice! We'll kill you again, Skin Taker!" She quickly hid behind a large rock.

She imagined that Skin Taker was grinning. He began to laugh (or it sounded like laughing to her) in a very familiar way. "Kolkolkolkolkolkol..."

"Russia?" she said a little too loud.

Skin Taker must've looked her way. "Janice is here..." he said in a Russian accent. "How lovely."

"Janice! I told you not to come!" Germany said to her general direction.

Sealand slowly stood up from behind her rocky hiding place. "Sorry, Germany. I wanted to see Skin Taker." she looked at Russia the Skin Taker. He was just a tall skeleton with a cape and top hat that were different shades of tan and brown, as if someone had cheaply stitched together random cloths. He had eyes that seemed too large for his head. They were purple, just like Russia's. "Russia." she repeated again.

"I do not know who or what this 'Russia' is, but I'm glad to see you again." Russia the Skin Taker said. His jaw moved back and forth, not up and down like a normal person. His jaw appeared to be on wired hinges.

Sealand stared for a moment. "Why does you jaw move like that?"

Russia the Skin Taker slowly answered. "To grind your skin." he replied.

Sealand's eyes widened as he began to walk towards her. The crew of The Laughingstock drew their weapons, which were just plastic swords. "You can't have her, Skin Taker!" First Mate Germany hissed.

Russia the Skin Taker said an oddly familiar phrase that Russia had said many times before. "Your skin will become one with my cape, da?"

She shook her head. "N-No," she whispered, now realizing that his top hat and cape were not made of fabric, but children's skin.

The crew began to run towards Skin Taker. As they began attacking them, Russia pulled a real dagger from his childrens' skin top hat and began hacking at them. "Back! I must have her skin for my cape!" She saw him put large wounds in their chest and stomachs. She looked away, not wanting to see her friends hurt. She felt someone take her arm. She looked and saw Pirate Italy. "I'm scared! Hold me!" he cried.

"Yeah, go boss!" America Horrible said, sitting beside Janice. He looked at her. "I can't wait until I see him skin you alive." Sealand gasped and pushed America Horrible away.

"S-Stay away from her, fiend!" Pirate Italy squeaked out.

America Horrible grinned, his piano key teeth showing completely until they heard Russia the Skin Taker scream. They all looked back and saw that he had become a pile of bones. "Curses!" Russia's head growled. "You've won this time, Laughingstock jerks! But don't think you're safe! Don't think Janice is safe! I will get you all!"

The crew looked tired and worn out. "Janice, go. We'll catch up with you in a moment." First Mate Germany said.

Still having not looked at her friends since the battle began she darted out of the cave and on to the rope ladder, quickly climbing up. "Who won?" The Laughing-Japan asked.

"We did," she said. "For now."

"Good, good. Is everyone all right?"

She shrugged. "I don't know. I couldn't look at them because they sounded like they were all badly injured." Sealand said. "Now we're waiting for them to come back from the cave."

"I see. Let's hope none of them are too harshly injured." he said.

Sealand nodded. "Yeah,"

After a few minutes of waiting, the crew finally climbed back up. "Janice, get the first aid kit. Most of the crew's badly injured!" Pirate Italy said. She nodded and found the first aid kit sitting under the piano. She turned back and handed it to Pirate Italy. As the crew climbed up, she noticed something very odd. None of them were bleeding. All that was coming out their wounds was... stuffing. The kind for stuffed animals and puppets.

"Are you bleeding... stuffing?" she asked, extremely disturbed.

First Mate Germany nodded, holding one of his sides, which was bleeding stuffing. "Yes. We're all made of stuffing and cloth." he replied.

She stared at them. "What kind of place is this? Where I come from, people are made of skin and bleed blood."

"What's blood?" Pirate Italy asked.

"Red liquid that comes out when you get a cut or some kind of wound in my world. It's what we bleed instead of stuffing."

Italy tilted his head. "That's weird."

First Mate Germany looked at her. "The reason why Skin Taker wants your skin so badly is because he says it's actual skin. Whatever that means. He said he used to have skin like that, but after dying he lost all his skin."

"Weird!" Hungary said. "When we die, we just stop moving and that's it!"

"Yeah. Now for whatever reason, he's come back and know he just wants to collect skin from the children that come from a strange world. That skin his cape and top hat's made out of? Those are all the kids who've come to this world but have been killed by Skin Taker." Germany said.

Sealand was in shock. "Oh my bloody God..." she muttered. "I'm not safe here."

Germany nodded. "Yeah, but there's nothing you can do." he said.

"No, I have to go home... I have to see my brother again... even if he was being mean to me last time we talked..." she murmured. "Please, Germany, don't you know a way back to my world?"

First Mate Germany blinked. "I don't know, Janice. The only person who could possibly know would be Skin Taker, but he'd never tell you. You're stuck here unless you either figure it out yourself or Skin Taker for some reason tells you how to get home." Germany said. "But I doubt it. Not to mention I don't think that world you mention is even real."

She sighed. "I... I guess I have no choice but to stay here..." she said.

First Mate Germany smiled. "Don't worry. We'll make sure your stay here is the best time of your life!" he assured her.

"I hope so..."

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