1. Careful What You Wish For

Jade hurumphed to herself outside the museum. "Come on Jackie," she said at last. "PLEASE tell me you dragged us all the way to London for more then just a museum opening! Tell me there's more demons...or a magical relic...a dig site...ANYTHING!"

"Aw, Jade," Jackie said in a conciliatory manner. "I'd think you'd have gotten all the adventure out of your system after we sealed Bai Tsa. I'd think the trip to the Demon Netherworld would have gotten you calmed down."

"Psh! As if! Sure, it was scary while it was happening, but I made it out just fine. When's the next adventure?"

"Jade," Tohru said kindly, resting his hand on her shoulders, "not everything can be all about magic."

"Says the Chi Wizard's Apprentice," Jade grumbled to herself. "I want some action! Adventure! Magic! Heck, I'd LIKE it if my life were all about magic!"

"Be careful what you wish for, Jade," Uncle said, smiling, as Tohru went to help Jackie. "You just might get it."

"Psh! I should be so lucky." Jade blew her hair up a bit, sulking. Right at that moment, an owl fluttered down and alighted on her shoulder. Surprised, she turned to stare...and saw an envelope clutched in his beak, with a red wax seal in the form of a capital H. "Uncle?"

Uncle took one look at the letter held by the owl, and his shout was audible in France. "AIYAH!"

Jade stepped back in shock. "Uncle! What is it?" The owl on her shoulder fluttered his wings breifly. "What's going on?"

Uncle managed to get himself calmed down. "Jackie!" he called. "We are going to miss museum opening! We have other things to do. Tohru! Come."

Jackie looked over at them. "But Uncle..."

"Do not question Uncle!" Uncle said, then turned. "Tohru, Jade! Come, we have long way to go."

Tohru followed, obeying his sensei's directives. Jade followed, looking very confused, as the owl dropped the envelope into her hand before fluttering off. "Uncle, what is this all about?"

"Read letter!" Uncle called over his shoulder, as he continued to lead them to another part of the city.

Confused, Jade opened the letter and read it. "Dear Ms. Chan, we are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Withcraft and Wizardry." Jade looked up. "Uncle, is this for real?" she asked excitedly.

"Keep reading!" Uncle led them into an alleyway.

Jade looked back at the letter, reading on excitedly. "Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31. Yours sincerely, Minerva McGonagall, Deputy Headmistress." Jade looked up as they reached a blank wall at the back of the alley. "I'm really going to get to attend a Magic School?"

"Yes Jade," Uncle said happily, tapping out a sequence on the wall's bricks. "The BEST magic school, Hogwarts. Welcome to the world of magic, Jade." The bricks shifted aside, revealing a long alley filled with shops...all selling magical items. "Come! We must go shopping!"

Jade eagerly ran after Uncle, up until Tohru picked her up and placed her on his shoulder. Tohru continued walking along, carrying Jade, following Uncle's lead. Their first stop was the post office, where Uncle sent Jade's confirmation of attendance. Before sending, though, he turned to Jade. "Jade, something you must know. Hogwarts is a boarding school. If you go, it will be for whole term, only to visit with us during breaks. You must choose if this is what you want."

Jade paused, lost in thought. "You mean...it's choosing between learning magic and...being with all of you?"

Uncle nodded sadly. "That is so."

Jade sat back, lost in thought. "Uncle...as much as I love you, and Jackie...and even you, T," she said, hugging Tohru's head, "I know I'd regret not taking this opportunity now that it's here. I'm going."

Uncle smiled. "I am happy for you, Jade." Uncle sent the letter. "Come now, there are things we must get you now." Turning, Uncle made his first stop at a place called 'Ollivander's'.

"What's this place, Uncle?"

"For the style of magic you will be learning, the most important thing is a wand. This is the best place to get one!"

Tohru set Jade down, and she went in. Uncle and Tohru waited outside.

"Good afternoon," a soft voice said behind her.

"WAH!" Jade shouted, jumping back and patting her chest. Looking up, she saw an old man standing before her. "Umm...Ollivander, I presume?"

"Yes. May I help you?"

"Umm..." Jade pulled out her Hogwarts letter. "I'm here for my wand..."

"Ah! A new Hogwarts student!" Ollivander turned to guide Jade into the back. Jade noticed Uncle entering discretely through the front door as she was hustled into the back. "Come, we'll see which wand suits you. The wand chooses the wizard, after all..."

As they entered, Jade stared in awe at the stacks and shelves full of boxes. She stood as Ollivander made the measurements he needed to judge which wand might be good for her...but her eyes were drawn to one particular box. She wasn't sure what it was about that box...but no matter where she looked in the shop, her eyes were drawn to it. As Ollivander came back with a few boxes, she pointed. "Can I try that one?"

Ollivander looked at her in shock, then turned to the box in question. "Ah, an unusual one. The wood is Cypress from a sacred tree, and the core...the core is powdered dragon's teeth. Especially good for combat spells, a duelist's wand." He handed the wand - polished to a lustrous black - to Jade. "Give it a swing."

When Jade took the wand in her hand, she felt a strange warmth pass over her. She wasn't sure how to describe the sensation...it was like having grown up with only one arm, only to discover the missing limb one morning, or to suddenly gain the gift of sight after a life time of blindness. It was...like she had been incomplete her entire life, only to find her missing piece. Suddenly eager, she gave it a quick swing. Rainbow colored sparks flew from the tip of the wand, forming star pictures in the air.

"How curious," Ollivander said. "I've never encountered someone who could sense which wand they were meant for..." Leading Jade back to the front, his eyes lit up suddenly. "But if you are involved, it makes more sense. How are you, Uncle?"

"Ollivander! Good to see you, old friend." Uncle and Ollivander exchanged a warm embrace of old friends.

Jade blinked. "Is Uncle EVERYONE'S Uncle?"

Ollivander laughed. "When she could sense which wand she was meant for, I should have known she was one of yours! How does it feel to have one of your family finally be born with the magic to get into Hogwarts?"

"It is wonderful!" Uncle said happily. "I am so proud of Jade!" Uncle and Ollivander exchanged a few more pleasentries as Uncle paid for the wand, and then they waved goodbye.

Back outside, they rejoined Tohru and headed out for the other things Jade needed. Part way down the road, Jade looked up. "Wow, Tohru, somebody bigger than you!" she said, pointing.

Following her direction, Uncle looked up and smiled. "Hagrid!" he called, waving. "Good to see you again!"

"Uncle, you old scoundrel you!" the large man shouted, striding forward. The crowd parted before him as he approached to seize Uncle and pull him into a fierce bear hug. "What brings you to Diagon Alley?"

"My neice Jade is going to Hogwarts!" Uncle cried happily.

"You, too?"

Jade turned towards the younger voice as Uncle and Hagrid reminisced. She saw a boy about her age with black hair, green eyes, glasses, and a strange scar on his forehead. She smiled shyly. "Yeah, I'm going to learn magic! Isn't it awesome? All this is so new to me!"

"Yeah, me too." The boy smiled at her. "Until my birthday yesterday, I didn't even know magic existed. Now, I find out I'm going to learn to be a wizard."

"I know! It's so exciting! I'm going to learn how to use magic, it's so awesome!" Jade paused. "Oh, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself." She extended her hand. "Jade Chan."

The boy extended his hand. "Harry Potter."

Jade smiled. "Good to meet you, Harry." Uncle started to pull her away. "Guess I'll see you at Hogwarts!"

"Looking forward to it!" Harry called out to her.

Jade smiled to herself as they continued shopping. It looked like she'd have a friend at school, and that was always nice. Maybe once she got to know him better, maybe she could ask him about the scar...