Title: liar liar, heart on fire

Summary: "i don't believe in love." you say, and oh lily luna, you're a lying fool. \ Lily/OC \ freeverse

Rating: K+

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter.

Author's Note: The fact that there are no capitals is purposeful.


liar liar, heart on fire

"i've never been in love."

you swear

and oh lily luna, that is a lie if i ever heard one

"i'll never fall in love."

you claim

and oh lily luna, your slytherin is showing

"i don't believe in love."

you say

and oh lily luna, you're a lying fool

cuz lily luna love, you've been in love

{gavin wood}

you are in love

{teddy lupin}

and lily luna, you'll fall in love again

{i'll give you a hint: your eldest brother's rival}

little lily luna, you're practically made to love

you give your heart away just a little too easily

but be careful who you let play with matches, lily lu

because one of these days, your heart will catch fire

don't be silly, you think

because you think you are fire

your hair is the color of flames

your brown eyes burn with intensity

your tongue is hot and quick, your words, they burn like molten lava

your touch is quick and lingers like a burn

some days, you feel like you breathe fire

as you knock back shot after shot of firewhiskey

[but honey, even dragons burn]

and so you skip along through life,

tossing around lies like they're petals and you're a flower girl

you play with fire cause it's fun and you like to watch it burn

[but honey, if you play with fire you're gonna get burned]

and then you meet him

a boy to match you

a boy made of fire

(now available: the complete set; fire girl and fire boy)

he's your older brother's school rival

but that's just fuel for the fire

and aaric zabini is making you burn hotter

and merlin, you love burning

but then he says it

he tells you he loves you

and then the dragon burns

you're engulfed in flame

and it burnsburnsburns

for the first time in your life you hate the fire

it's burning you away

leaving a frail, weak girl behind

a girl who wants his love but can't return it

because apparently, you don't believe in love

{liar liar, heart on fire}

so you leave him

you flee the flames you used to love

runrunrun for the hills, run from the valley that burns

he comes after you though

he loves you and so he braves the flames that consume you

and they flicker away from him because his love for you protects him

"lily, i love you."

"aaric, i can't."

"why not lily?" he asks you

"i don't believe in love."

you whisper, ashamed

the words burn through your mind as you say them

[liarliarlover girl]

"then believe in us."

he whispers back, breath hot on your neck

you take a deep breath and close your eyes and decide

you'll believe

you'll believe in him

you'll believe in his love

you'll believe in the two of you

{love? yeah, maybe you'll believe in that too.}

[but sh, don't tell!]

(lily luna, girl on fire, she can't believe in love)

and the flames, they stop burning you

they don't leave you alone, no

you become one with the flame

maybe you warm up, maybe it cools down

but the flame, it just doesn't burn you

and then you fall in love with him

you fall in love with him and you don't mind

you fall in love with him and it works

you fall in love with him and you're happy

so you marry him

you become mrs. zabini

you turn to flame, a burning golden glory

and the two of you burn down all the opposition

because you're the girl and boy on fire

and you're unstoppable