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Hermione Weasley's Profile Page

Name: Hermione the Intelligent

Age: 22 years old

Home: London

Interests: Reading, studying and reading some more

In a Relationship: I am currently married to Ron Weaseley


Hermione smiled and changed her profile picture. Then she decided to go to Luna's profile page. Luna and Draco were exchanging lovey-dovey messages. Hermione nearly vomited.

Hermione the Intelligent starts, "Draco are you serious? You are my everything? Luna how can you stand this mushy freak?"

Draco the Sex King snorted, "Hermione the intelligent? What kind of lame name is that? The Intelligent what? Idiot? Git? Fool? Geek? All of the above?"

Hermione rolled her eyes, "That's rich coming from you. Sex King? Pfft. Don't make me laugh. You're about as sexy as a ferret. Oh wait, I forgot, you *are* a ferret."

Draco frowned and typed, "Shut up Mudblood. I'm a heck lot sexier then you. I bet Ron was offered a million galleons to sleep with you."

(Ron enters the conversation)

Ron smiles and types to Draco, "Actually I was offered two million galleons to sleep with her." (Draco the Sex King liked this)

Hermione's eyes pop out and she scowls, "Ron! I want a divorce!"

"What? I was just joking!"

Draco rolls his eyes, "Yeah, cool it Mudblood. You sure do jump to conclusions."

(Cato the Sexy King enters the conversation)

Cato glared at Draco's username. "How dare you! I am a lot sexier then you are!"

Draco's mouth dropped open, "You wish! Who the hell are you anyway?"

"I am sexier then you. That's who I am."

"You! What is your blood status?"

"Blood status? Well, I'm a B+."

"B+? I don't want to know your grades! I want your blood status you git!"

"Git? LOL! You're behind a few centuries. No one says git. How old are you anyway? 95?" (Hermione the Intelligent liked this)

"95?! I am 22 years old you idiot!"

"And you're also a liar. No one that young would ever say git."

Hermione decided to cut in, "Uh ferret? I think this guy is a muggle."

Realization hit Draco, "I knew it! I knew it!"

Cato frowned, "Mogul? You, woman, are mistaken. I am a sexy young hottie, not an old ruler of India who barely had muscles never mind a six pack."

Hermione shook her head. "No, no! A muggle, in other words an ordinary human being."

Cato rolled his eyes, "So what are you? A deranged guinea pig?" (Draco the Sex King liked this)

Ron's mouth dropped open. "How dare you call my wife that?"

Cato's eyes widened. "Wife? The deranged guinea pig is married?" *Dies of shock*

(Daisy Flower enters the conversation)

"Cato dear, it's not nice to make fun of people." Daisy Flower said softly.

Cato nodded quickly, "Of course love."

Draco looked at Cato's comment in disbelief, "Wait, I thought you were dead? And who is this flower person? Why are all of you commenting on Luna's wall?"

Luna Loves Nargles interrupts, "They're my friends Draco! Be nice."

Draco nearly faints, "Friends? Cato the Sexy King is your friend?!"

Cato smirked, "Ha! You just admitted that I'm sexy! Loser!"

"Loser? I didn't know we were playing a game! That's cheating! Go get your broom; I challenge you to a Quidditch match!"

"Broom? Quidditch? Man, you should be in a mental hospital! You're crazy!"

"Cato! Apologize!" Daisy scolded.

Cato sighed, "Okay okay, I'm sorry that you're mental. I hope you get better soon." (Hermione the Intelligent like this)

Daisy shook her head, "CATO!"

Cato frowned, "What? I apologized!" *Makes an innocent face*

(Daisy Flower, Cato the Sexy King and Hermione the Intelligent leave the conversation)

Luna broke the silence, "Well, that went well. Anyone want butterbeer?"