Luna Lovegood's Profile Page

Name: Luna Loves Nargles. After all, they are interesting creatures.

Age: I believe I'm 21 years old; yes I'm quite sure I am.

Home: A beautiful round cottage. I have elves in my garden and I must say, they're really sweet

Interests: Well, I like to try new things. Adventure is in my blood!

In a Relationship: Yes, I think so. I'm sure Draco believes so too but I shall have to check.

Luna bit her lip. Daisy hadn't been on for almost a week. She was worried for her FB friend. She decided to go on Cato's wall to ask him. He would know. She quickly typed up a comment.

"Cato, has something happened to Daisy? Why isn't she online?"

A smile spread across Cato's face. "She's expecting!" He replied.

Ron decided to join the conversation. "Expecting? Who is she expecting? Is her mother coming over? Oh tell her to say hello for me. She is such a delightful person."

Draco groaned. "No you idiot! She's expecting as in she's pregnant!"

"Oh. Well, then, tell her to say hello to the baby for me!"

*sigh* "Weaselbee, when will you grow up?"

"A Weaselbee? Where?! I've been looking for one for ages! They're quite shy creatures actually however they're fat with red fur all of their bodies." Luna explained.

"Luna I was talking about Weasley." Draco replied.

"Oh my mistake! I shall have to go now, to find a Weaselbee for I believe I saw one a while ago. It was standing at my very front door!"

"Luna that was me." Ginny commented.

Cato groaned. "What is up with all these weird names? I mean 'Ginny', come on people! Are you a dwarf or something?"

Ginny gasped. He had not just called her a dwarf! "And who the hell are you? Cato, now what kind of name is that?"

"Do not insult me, woman!" A moment later another comment appeared. "Wait, you are a woman, right?"

"I will use my special hex you!"

"Whoa what? You're going to use what on me?"

"Don't you narrow-minded freak know what a hex is?"

"No sorry, I don't speak those foreign languages. Where are you from anyways? Mars?"

"ROWR!" Ginny commented angrily.

Draco's eyes widened. "RUN FOR COVER! SHE'S ABOUT TO BLOW!"


"Well, aren't we a bundle of joy?" Draco answered.

"Speaking of bundles of joy, tell Daisy congrats from me." Hermione typed up.

Cato rolled his eyes. "What about me? I had a little something to do with her getting pregnant!"

"We do not need to know this!" Draco wrote.

Hermione snorted. "Isn't that rich coming from you ferret? After all the one night stands you've had."

"Haha. You're so funny Mudblood."

"Is it a girl or a boy?" Luna asked.

"Dude, we just found out. She's like only a month pregnant." Cato replied.

"What is this dude thing?" Ron wondered.

"According to the dictionary, it's believed to be an infected hair on a female elephant's *cough* behind." Hermione answered.

*sigh* "Someone just kill me now." Cato wrote.

"Gladly!" Draco commented.

Just then a person named President Snowflakes wrote a comment. "Uh Cato, my boy! What's up bud?"

Cato frowned at the screen. "Bud? Did you just call me a bud? Who the hell are you?"

"Psht, Cato I expected better from you! I mean buddy! *sigh* Seems you're just not modern enough to understand young people."

"Young people? Mind explaining who exactly I'm talking to here?"

"It's me my little kitty cat! The one and only, awesome, amazing… President Snow of Panem!"

Cato read President Snow's name again. "Oh God, someone really just kill me now."

Draco grinned. "I volunteer!"

Snow clapped his hands. "Wonderful! Which district are you from?"

"I live in London. What do you mean by district?"

"My my, London, what a peculiarly amazing name! Well, it seems we have our first volunteer from London!"

Cato groaned. "Oh good Lord have mercy on us all."