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"There is no way we can trust you, not after all that you have done." Aang's voice was one of finality. He turned his back from the banished prince refusing his assistance. From what Toph could tell the prince had been disheartened by the young avatar's words. He knelt down with his head bowed.

"If you won't take me as a friend then keep me as a prisoner." he said defeated.

Katara's heart beat quickened with rage and she moved swiftly "GET OUT OF HERE." she yelled bending water at him. Toph felt his body being shoved back, he laid there slumped for a moment before moving to leave. His feet dragged across the floor slowly. The rest of the group continued to discuss the issue, but from what Toph could tell every word the banished prince had said was sincere. She mulled over that fact for a long time before making her decision. Quietly she sneaked away to where the Prince had set up camp. It took a few moments to pin point where he was located, but eventually she found him sleeping in a small clearing. But her foot caught on a twig, and snapped it. Immediately he was awake and alert, swiftly out of paranoia or habit he blasted fire at who ever moved.

"WAIT It's ME!" Toph quickly screamed and threw her hands up to bend a rock to guard her. The flames snaked around the rock and behind her. Without knowing Toph stepped back right into the flames, they licked at her feet burning her.

"AAARGH" she fell down and felt searing pain it was unbearable and in need of cool water for relief. "You- YOU burned my feet!" She screamed half because of the pain but more because of the fear of being completely in the dark. She scrambled around on her hands and knees frantically, she was confused and the images where fuzzy. She felt Prince Zuko coming near her. "Sta-STAY AWAY FROM ME!" she felt the tears in her eyes and shot rocks at him in fear. She was disoriented and could only focus on running away. Her heart hammered more as she felt him still coming closer.

"I'm SORRY! I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS YOU! PLEASE! COME BACK!" he screamed helplessly after her. Rocks flew past his face but he trudged on.

She stumbled a bit and when she felt strong hands around her she was alarmed, like a fish out of water.

"Calm down I'm trying to help you."He said gently, and for a moment she was calm his body was warm and relaxing. His chest was wide and comfortable. She then found herself back at his small camp. She was put down on soft earth and quickly felt a coolness at her feet. Relieved from the pain she closed her eyes and drifted.

Zuko acted quickly, ironically he knew how to take care of burns incredibly well. He shifted through his belongings and found the prize plant for cuts or burns. Aloevera. He bit into the stem letting the juice gush out before quickly transferring it to the young earth bender's wound. He spread it evenly over both

wounds. Following the emergency treatment, he sat down and ripped the bottom of his tunic and laid the pieces down. He only had a small amount of Aloe plant left but he used it up as best he could and spread it around the cloth. When he was finished he picked them up and carefully placed them to soak on Toph's feet. The relief was evident in the small girls features and her body became relaxed. He sighed in relief and sat there calming down. He rushed so much that he barley realized what had happened. He looked over the young girl's features, her skin was milky white and perfect, she had a doll like face her lashes were long and her lips a perfect pink formed in a slight pout. He unconsciously moved to her hair and undid her bun. The black strands cascaded around her. Her hair was soft and shiny, perfect. He snapped out of his trance and quickly retracted his hand away What am I doing! he thought distracted. He then continued to watch over her quietly. After ten minutes of watching over the earth bender his eyes began to close. He was drifting off to sleep but caught himself a few times before giving in. He closed his eyes and went back to a deep slumber.

Toph opened her eyes to the morning light, her feet burned much less than before but non the less it was still painful. She shifted slightly groaning, she slowly sat up. She moved her hands over the ground trying to see where she was. She felt a figure beside her she gasped in surprise before remembering letting Zuko carry her back to where he had been sleeping. She felt something fall off her feet as she moved. She bent forward and felt a blanket was draped of her. She moved forward some more and smelled... Medicine? The young earth bender smiled softly to herself. IT was clear that little prince Zuko had taken care of her in the night. Tenderly she got up on her knees and shifted forwards she felt the fire bender shiver beside her and thought that maybe the blanket had been his only one. Going behind her she grabbed for the cloth, when she finally took hold of it she focused on his position with great threw the blanket over him brushing his soft hair in the process. For a moment she sat there listening to his breathing, she placed her hands on his chest feeling his heart beat. Leaning forward she touched her forehead with his and whispered ever so slightly "Thank You, Prince." She then moved away now out of her trance. Giving out a heavy sigh she began the slow trip back to the Gaang. Crawling at a very slow pace she had made it back to the camp mostly safe. When she came in Kataara rushed over to her.

"Toph! What happened."

"My feet got burned." she replied sadly.

"That's awful! What happened!" Kataara said worry strong in her voice.

"I just told you, my feet got burned." Toph replied sarcastically

"HA HA, I meant how." Kataara replied.

"Well, I...kind of went to go see Zuko last night." Toph said back biting her lip.

"WHAT! After all the things we told you! WHY would you do that?!" Aang yelled.

"Back off twinkle toes!" She snapped. Shock shown in Kataara's eyes at Toph's sudden edgy attitude. Toph continued "I surprised him he firebended. It was an accident." She finished defending him.

There was silence until Sokka spoke "OH NO TOPH'S BEEN BRAIN WASHED!" he screamed holding Momo.

"Sokka! put the lemur down!" Katara yelled back at him as she tried healing Toph's burns. "I wish I had gotten to them sooner." Katara said refocusing her attention back at the injury.

"Yeah..." Toph muttered distractedly.

Zuko was in the clearing slowly opening his eyes feeling something warm sink through his cold body. He moved stretching his stiff neck and opened his golden eyes. He looked around he saw that Toph was not there. He stood alarmed and looked around, he looked down at the blanket at his feet. Then he realized what had happened. The earth bender must have left him in the middle of the night. Feeling a little disappointed he sat back down and looked up towards the sky feeling completely relaxed.

So Toph kind of got OC but its alright.

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