Dare to Dream Chapter 1

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No One's POV:

It was a beautiful, sunny day in New York and the gang was at rehearsals with the cameras around them. Suddenly David had a call from his mother.

"Dude what did your mom say?" Thomas asked as David ended the call.

"She wants me to pick up my cousin Danna from the airport. I'll see you guys later" David said as he left the band.

"I wonder what she looks like" Rosalina said as she was tuning her bass guitar.

"Me too" Alex butted in.

Mean While at the Airport

"Cousin David!" a girl yelled.

"Danna! How are you?" David asked as they gave each other hugs and a barking sound came from her back pack. David gave her a questioning look when they finished hugging and grabbed one of her bags.

"I'm great! You remember my dog Matti!" Danna said as she got her dog out of her bag. (Pictures of Danna and Matti are on our profile already so check it them to see what Danna and Matti look like before reading on)

"Oh yeah! E.T is gonna be so excited when she sees Matti. She needed a new playmate other than Nat and Alex's dog Lucky." David exclaimed.

"So where are we heading?" Danna asked as they got into a cab, since she didn't know her way in New York.

"First, I wanna introduce you to my friends before we leave you stuff at my place and do any sight seeing" David said and Danna got nervous.

Danna's POV:

When David said I was gonna meet his friends, I got nervous. I mean, his friends are the Naked Brothers Band! So of course I got nervous! What if they think I'm a nerd or a freak and laugh in my face? That's what everyone does. I hugged Matti really tight. David noticed my nervousness and he knew what I was going through. It was our little secret.

"I don't know David" I began. "What if they don't like me?"

"Don't worry Danna, they will love you! Their not what you think they are" David assured me as we stopped in front of a building. It looked like a Production building. David grabbed my stuff as I was holding my super cute dog, Matti. He was named after my crush/best friend Mathew who is going out with the most popular girl at my old school. Anyways, we got inside and we into an elevator. I felt so nervous when we stepped in the elevator.

Don't make a fool of yourself Danna! I thought as the elevator made a stop.

"Hey David" I said before we got out.

"Huh" David responded.

"Are New Yorkers as rude like people say they are?" I asked randomly as we headed to his friends.

"Not really, but there are some people that are rude-Hey guys!"

"Hey David!" The gang said and all their eyes landed on me and Matti.

"You must be Danna! Hi I'm Rosalina" Rosalina said as she shooked my hand and gave me a smile.

"Hey" I simply said as I gave her a smile back. Then I moved on to Quassim.

"Hi there" I said as we shooked hands.

"Hi I'm Quassim!" Quassim said. Then I moved on to Thomas.

"Hi I'm Thomas and I'm the leader of the band, but you already knew that" Thomas said cockily.

"Uh...Hi?" I said as I shooked his hand and moved on to Alex.

"Hi! I'm Alex" Alex exclaimed as he gave me hug.

"What's up?" I said as we finished hugging and gave him as smile as moved on to Nat.

"Hi I'm Nat" He said as we shooked hands.

"Nice to meet you" I said giving him a smile.

"And that's our manager, Cooper" David pointed out as a boy in a tux came over to us.

"Hi!" I said giving him a smile.

"hi, I like you braces" Cooper complimented as he saw my braces.

"Thanks" I said.

Before I knew it, we were all getting along and having fun, as if I were there friends for ages. This is a good thing. Back in California, I was a loner besides my friends Mathew and his sister, Katy. Next thing I knew, we were all trading numbers and it was time for me and David to leave. Everyone was a little sad but I had promised them I would come back later on since I need to unpack. They seemed happy and each member gave me a hug. When I left the room, everyone was coming at David.

"Dude I love your cousin!"

"She is so nice!"

"Its nice to have another girl now!"

"Better unpack real fast!"

"I'm glad she's here! And since she has a dog, Lucky won't be a little lonely!"

"I knew you guys would love her!" David said, getting me a little impatient since I have to hold the elevator door.

"David are you coming?" I asked as I was tapping my foot impatiently.

"Yeah I'm coming! " David said as they all said goodbye and joined me in the elevator.

"I think they like me" I said.

"See I told you! There was nothing to worry about." David responded with a 'Told Ya so" face. I rolled my eyes and we were out of the elevator and walking home. When we arrived, I put Matti down and my aunt came and gave me a tight hug.

"Danna Honey! It's so nice to see you!" she exclaimed and then looked at Matti. "And your dog too" she added and gave him a treat.

"It's nice to see you to Aunty!" I said using the nickname I gave her, and gave her a hug before David showed me my room. It was amazing! (Picture are in our profile) I started unpacking and I had found a picture of me, Mathew and Katy at SeaWorld. I started to cry because I won't see them in a while but then I got happy when I remembered that day. It was the funnest day of my life! I saw that their were picture frames on my wall so I had put the picture on the top. I smiled again and continued to unpack. I couldn't wait to hangout with the gang! These next few months well be one heck of a ride!