Lolz, okay, so this entire plot came from the sole reason of me wanting to write me some Insane!IS XD Basically, it's post apocalyptic Elrios, where the demons, Nasods, and Dark Elves have partnered and desecrated/taken it over. They've also managed to claim Hamel and are now spreading into the Elven lands, where our story begins...

There are ages to give you an idea of how old they were when the war started. Their ages are pretty wonky though, I'll cross-check for correctness later, but for now, this is where they stand :/ The gang is also listed in order of appearance.

Rena - Night Watcher (Age Unknown)

Elsword - Infinity Sword (Age 24)

Raven - Veteran Commander (Age 32)

Aisha - Dimension Witch (Age 26)

Chung - Tactical Trooper (Age 24)

Eve - Code Battle Seraph (Age Unknown)



There's a voice, calling out to me. It's distinct, I know it, but I can't place who's...


Wake up... Get moving... The clock is ticking, get up.

It's getting louder now, closer... It's female, I know that, medium pitch... I can't place a face, but there's a name...

Your final days are approaching, Rena, get up, get up, seize the day!

It's now yelling at me. I want to yell back, but I find that I can't move, I can't even speak.




I woke up with a jolt, hot and sweaty. It smelled terrible, like gun powder and smoke. At first I thought I smelled blood, but realized it was only from the meat the Elder kept in the store house. She must have been cooking some. Of course, that was it. That was the burning smell, it wasn't me being jittery from the war or anything. "RENA!"

The Elder was standing at my door, two children by her sides. "What are you doing, get up! The house is on fire!"

I gaped at her, before looking around and gasping. I jumped up, rushing to my wardrobe and grabbing some random clothing, and then sprinted to the door with the Elder, grabbing my bow and Erendil as I ran. We reached the front of the house and I made a mad dash down the stairs, only pausing to avoid some falling wood. I coughed as dust and smoke started licking at my face, and I covered my face with the sleeve of my nightshirt and the pile of clothes I had grabbed.

"Rena, are you alright?" The Elder yelled down at me. I ran back up the stairs, picking up one of the children. "Yes, I'm fine. We need to get out of here."

"Rena, summon some nature spirits to help us." She commanded, picking up the other child. I nodded, and then focused my energy. I didn't chant or prey, I just waited, and waited...

There were some crashing sounds as the wooden beams above me splintered and fell, and I quickly stomped on the floor, a green aura suspending the wood. With a shout, I kicked it, sending it flying across the room and into another, already burning beam.

I could feel the spirit's energy filling my body, the fire was starting to not bother me anymore. I turned to the Elder and took her hand, leading her down the stairs and to the back door, where we sprinted out into the cool, moist morning air.

It had just rained, and it was already starting to drizzle again, the two girls shivering at the cold. If it weren't for the spirits floating around and flowing into my body, I would have frozen as well, in just my night shirt and underwear.

"So what happened?" I asked, watching the house as it continued burning. I would have been afraid, if it weren't for the fact this happened way to often. "Was it Reala again?"

"No, we think it was Nico trying to set off some fireworks." The Elder replied, sighing. "I need to go and have a good chat with the boy, he gets in too much trouble for someone so young. Gives his mother heart attacks!"

I chuckled, placing the girl I was carrying back down on the floor, and she went and joined the other girl at the Elder's side. This was a regular occurance, weather it was an accident or on purpose. This was obviously an accident, and thankfully, no one was hurt. I pulled my jeans on, and wrinkled my nose at the one ratty leg. It had a large tear in the knee and the leg from the calf down was so ragged, I just wore it over my boots. I tucked the other leg into my boot as I pulled them on, sighing to myself as I thought about how sad it would have been if I had left them by the door.

I slipped out of the ash-covered night shirt and into something much more clean, a simple white dress shirt and a faded, old leather vest, and then I pulled on my green jacket. It had a large hole at the end of one sleeve, the other cut so I could fit my thumb through, and the bottom was ratty and torn, rendering the pockets useless.

Quickly strapping Erendil and it's sheath around my waist, I turned to the Elder. "What can I do today, ma'am?"

"Well, I was going to talk about that after breakfast, I'm afraid it will be no easy task." She replied with a little bit of a morbid tone. "Let's get some food, first, I bet everyone is staving, hm?"

After eating, I followed the Elder to the temple, where she sat down in her chair. A few members of the Holy Guard, including my parents, flanked her from all sides. I caught the eye of my mother, and we smiled and waved at each other, before turning our attention back to the Elder.

"Rena, I understand that you have once been to the human world before." She said, crossing her legs. I nodded. "Yes, ma'am."

"You were also the one who brought what was left of the human race back here to live among us, correct?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"How long has it been since the Demon's Invasion? Four, five years?"

"Six, ma'am."

"Yes, six years. In these past six years, we've lived peacefully along side the humans, but the time of peace is coming to an end. We are getting ready to abandon this village and move to a different location, somewhere far away from the Portal. But in order to do that, we are going to seal off the Portal forever." She explained. I understood her reasoning, but I still felt angry. My friends... My family was still out there somewhere, and I needed to go back and find them, and I couldn't do that if the portal just closed. But then I thought about it for a second. I was never allowed to go much farther than the outskirts of Velder before, maybe this would be the perfect time to find them and bring them back.

I took a deep breath, before kneeling. "I await your orders, Elder."

"You are to go to Elrios and activate the three seals there, before returning and activating the four here. Only an Elf can do this, but you may take as many of the Guard and Militia as you need." The Elder instructed, her finest troops standing in a line next to her. I glanced over all of them, but none of them were what I needed in a battle. I needed a mage, Aisha's magic. And I needed a tactician, Eve's intellect. I needed a ranged ally, Chung fit perfectly. And swordsmen... Raven and Elsword, plus Elsword had some crazy sharp instincts. None of the men or women presented to me fit any of the qualifications I needed, sadly. "I will go alone." I finally decided.

She looked a bit surprised, but nodded anyway. "Good luck, Rena, may the sprits guide your way and protect you."

I summersaulted into a crouch upon exiting the portal, listening for any signs of someone watching me. I didn't hear anything, so I gave my nose a try, but grimaced at the smell of sulfur and iron that hit my nostrils. I stepped out, past the cover of trees, and to the edge of the cliff, where I could see all of the Velder area spread out before me.

I gasped. Fires were creating huge, billowing, black clouds, covering the sky in an eternal darkness. There were Dark Elves, Demons, and Nasods, roaming freely and wreaking havoc, fighting each other and pillaging whatever was left of the town. Velder Castle's main wall was nothing but rubble, and ripped and torn black and red flags waved freely in the wind.

What had happened in the time I was gone? I knew that when I left, Elrios was in a terrible state, but to come back to this...

The only thought that crossed my mind as I slid down the side of the cliff was, I can only hope my friends are alright.

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