How to annoy Maximum Ride- Part One (There may be more if you review!)

Tell her Dylan and Fang are gay and dating each other.

Give her a hug whenever you see her and squeal "MAXI!" in your most girly voice.

Make her watch Twlight (No hate, she just isn't a Twilight person) then tell her you're a vampire and chase her while trying to suck her blood.

When she's in the shower replace her clothes with Nudge's and take her towel too.

Fall down while flying and tell everyone that she tripped you.

Put up her baby pictures throughout the house and coo over all of them.

Tell her that Maya is prettier than her.

Punch her in the face and then tell her that Angel was controlling your mind just then.

Talk to her really slowly and make sure to explain everything multiple times.

Give her cheesy pick-up lines and make her use them on Jeb. "I have Skittles in my mouth- wanna taste the rainbow?"

Or make Jeb use them on her. "Your mom was pretty good last night, so I figured you'd be good too,"

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Oh someone reviewed saying that this wasn't allowed in fanfic- so I added a little story part for number 7. I will be myself, Sophie. Also, if you haven't read "Fang" Don't read this part. If you have, you're good!

"And her eyes! Her eyes are dazzling!" I say in awe.

"I totally agree," Nudge said dreamily.

"We're the same person! Why don't you guys ever say that about me?" Max shouts. Nudge and I have been at it for hours- naming all of the beautiful qualities Maya has. Max's short temper was almost gone.

"I just- just, LOVE her skin tone too!" I say. Max looks at my sympathetically.

"I wish I could look just like her," Nudge coos.

"I wish I was her clone!" That does it. Max snaps. Her face is red as she yells,

"I am her clone! I mean she's MY clone! We're exactly alike! What's the difference?"

"For one thing, she's nicer than you," I say, smirking at the furious Maximum Ride.

"Yeah, sorry Max," Nudge nods.


"Why did Fang choose Maya then? She's definitely prettier,"

"For deff man," Nudge tries to keep up with the new and trendy phrases.


"Ask Fang," Nudge says smoothly.

"YOU'RE IN BIG TROUBLE!" She screams.

"Whatever Max, I'm going to go visit Maya, I need a leader to guide me right now since you made me feel so terrible," I say glumly. Nudge and I get up.