Eleven Ways to Annoy Nudge! Uh! I had most of this typed up along with Angel's and Iggy's, but my stupid laptop shut down!D: That's ok though, I can start over!

1 Say "Ermahgurd! No way!" After anything she says.

2 Tell her that the "new trend" is to wear a blindfold over her eyes. Laugh hysterically as she bumps into everything

3 Poke her and walk away. Tell her it was Maya.

4 Put red lipstick all over her eyes and eye shadow all over her mouth while she's sleeping.

5 Whenever Angel talks to her yell, "b**** fight!"

6 Try to dress exactly like her.

7 Cut off all her hair in her sleep.

8 Be her body guard. Don't let anyone talk to her or approach her.

9 When she asks to buy makeup give her Fang's instead.

10 Dye all of her clothes throw-up-orange.

11 A pick-up line to use one Nudge: "Ermahgurd, I love your dress! Can I talk you out of it?"

Sorry, this sucked terribly and I haven't updated in like forever… so yeah, sorry. Now I shall make a short story on number 8!

"Hey Nu-" Gazzy starts.

"NUDGE MUST NOT BE SPOKEN TO! IT'S TOO DANGEROUS!" I shriek, shoving Gazzy far away from us. When only Nudge can hear me I say in a singsong voice, "and she's a big babyyyy,"

Okay, I must go, I know- this was terrible, but I must ask you to forgive me!