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Rain was pouring coldly and harshly onto his skin. He didn't care. The only thing on his mind was one thing: run. He ran as fast as his legs could go. His heart thundered in his chest. His breath was coming out in short pants, causing his lungs to burn. He didn't care, he couldn't. He ran and ran with no destination in mind. All he knew is that he had to get away and fast. It was dark out, so dark. He could barely see where he was running. He almost tripped a few times, but quickly resumed his running. He jumped over bushes that were in his way, used his hand to redirect him when he almost slammed into a tree. He found feel the cuts on his body, the ones that bled, and he couldn't help but wonder how many cracked ribs he had. His legs were almost giving out on him, but he fought the pain. He wasn't safe. Not yet. He didn't know if he ever would be.

He didn't even stop to catch his breath; he didn't think he would get the chance. He wasn't far enough! He had to go farther! He picked up speed; ignoring the cries of protest from his legs. What did it matter if his body ached, he wondered? When hadn't it? He couldn't remember. All he knew was that he had to keep going until he could be safe for at least ten minutes. All he needed was ten minutes so he could examine his injuries and determine how much farther he could get before his body gave out on him. He felt dizzy and nauseous, but what did that matter? He kept going.

He climbed over a fence and continued his sprint. From the corner of his eyes he could see a blinding light heading towards him and fast. Before he could react, a solid object coming from the light hit his body with a force that knocked the very wind out of him. He rolled in pain and skidded to a halt. His mind swam as he tried to move. He groaned in pain, lights flickering in his vision when he forced his eyes open. Suddenly, he felt warm hands on his body, rolling him onto his back and a voice he did not recognize.

"I'm so sorry! Are you alright? My driver didn't see you. What's your name, son?"

He glanced up to see a man hovering over him. He couldn't make out any features, his vision was still blurry. His eyes widened in fear. Struggling, he tried to stand up, but the man kept a firm and tender grip on him.

"Stop struggling. You look seriously injured; come with me. There is a hospital close by. Let me help you."

He cried out in pain as the man touched a tender spot on his side. The man immediately apologized and tried to help him up. No. He had to break free. There wasn't much strength left within his body, but he didn't care. He mustered up all he could and shoved himself away from the man, who cried out after him as he ran for his life. He needed to get away, away, away, away…

The floor beneath him was muddy, his feet digging in deeply as he ran. He scowled; hating whatever it was that hit him. It seemed to have caused him to slow down. He once again saw spots before his eyes, causing him to unexpectedly trip. He fell onto the muddy track. He spat out the mud that was in his mouth and groaned. He tried to stand up once more, but lost consciousness as he heard a horn honk.

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