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New Moons Eye Part 1

It was normal summer day in gold coast Australia and a lone girl was walking down the beach. "It really hasn't changed much in a year." Emma said as she looked out at the ocean in front of her. "Yet almost nothing is the same" She said thinking of all the things Cleo had informed her of while she was away. Such as Bella the new mermaid. The juicenet being shut down and being renamed Rikki's. Then there was the other thing, the moonpool. She wasn't quite sure what to think the night she got that email. Although she wasn't shocked Zane was partially responsible. " Well I think it may be a good time to hit the ocean it's been to long." Emma said and ran into the ocean.

Emma swam through the ocean. The reef was lively with all sorts of fish and other creatures of the sea. Some dolphins began circling Emma playfully. The mermaid stopped and smiled as the dolphins played in the water.

It was this that made her feel at peace that she was finally home. Then one of the dolphins stopped in front of Emma and touched her with its beak. The mermaid then left and headed off into the open ocean. She reached the island the one that only her and her friends ever went to that was part of the reason it was so special.

"So wait they went to Canberra and are getting married in a month." A blonde mermaid said talking to the girl beside her as they floated in the moonpool. "Yeah, Will got the invitation yesterday. Amazingly enough neither of us were invited." The other mermaid said "For some reason that doesn't bother me." The other replied. Suddenly from the back of the cave " Hello girls how are you."

Cleo sat in the lobby of Brisbane airport. She had been there for an hour waiting for one particular flight. She had got the call a week ago.

Lewis had told her he was coming home. She was happy yet she just knew something bad was going to happen. He had mentioned some guy he met in america. He was apparently studying marine biology too when they met. Lewis had said that they would be working together. She already knew this wouldn't go over well with the others so she didn't mention it. Then she felt a hand on her shoulder.

Cleo looked over her shoulder and smiled. She stood up and hugged him.

"I've missed you so much" She said " I missed you too." Then she kissed him and they just sat and talked."so how is America." Cleo asked " Great, it's a beautiful country just it doesn't have you." Lewis answered "Hey um Cleo I have a question for you." "Sure Lewis what is it"

Lewis looked over and saw the dark haired guy coming down the lobby towards where him and Cleo were. Lewis stood up and greeted him " Oh Justin this is my girlfriend Cleo, Cleo this is Justin." "Nice to meet you cleo." Justin said extending his hand. Cleo shook it and said "nice to meet you too." "Well Its been months since I've seen home so lets get moving." Lewis said.

Cleo Walked off leaving the boys there for just a second. "Did you pop the question yet?" Justin asked "No I got nervous." Lewis answered "Well when are you?" Justin asked "sometime" Lewis answered and then walked off.

"So you were coming home today and you didn't think to tell anybody." Rikki said to Emma in the cave around the moonpool. "I wanted it to be a surprise" Emma Replied

She then turned to Bella. "So you must be Bella, Cleo has told me so much about you." She asked "Well they have certainly mention you. I heard you've been traveling the world, what was your favorite place?" Bella asked "probably Paris its such a beautiful city" Emma answered "Yeah I once went there when I was little." Bella replied "So where's Cleo today." Emma asked. "She went to get From the airport today, although I'm pretty sure there is something she knows we'll be mad about so she didn't tell us." Rikki said "Well anyway you all want to get something to eat, I haven't ate yet and I want to see the café."

The three girls were just walking up to rikki's café when they saw Lewis and Cleo talking to a guy. "Well anyway I've got to go get my place from that family friend so see you later." The guy said and walked off just as the girls walked up. "Who was that Rikki" asked "That was my friend from America we are going to be working together as marine biologists. "What!" The three girls said obviously not happy " We need to talk, Moonpool now." Rikki said

"Well Why didn't you tell us about this" Rikki said in the moonpool cavern

"Cause I Knew you'd be mad" Cleo answered "Well what if he finds out about us" Emma said "Well there's nothing we can do now" Cleo said " Cleo's right" Bella said " Plus I can keep him away from mako so you'll be fine. "Okay, but he better not find out." Rikki said

Emma looked at the ground and saw something sparkle in the sand. "Hey whats this she picked It uop but, slipprd and dropped it in the pool.

Then suddenly a large black circle appeared on the wall behind them. "What does that mean?" Cleo asked "its just a black circle." Hang on a second the black moon. Its referring to the new moon which is tonight." Lewis said " So Why don't we come back tonight and just get some food right now" Emma said ok. Her Rikki and bella jumped into the water and swam off. Just as Cleo was about to get into the water. "Hey cleo wait." Lewis said " Remember how at the airport I wanted to ask you something. Well I think now's a good time." "What is it Lewis?" Cleo asked. Lewis reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box. "Cleo Setori Will you marry me?"

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