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Hiding their relationship is a lot like hiding his Spiderman identity, Peter muses.

For example, he always makes lame excuses whenever he needs to sneak away, which is often since he and Ava are in that part of the relationship where they can't keep their hands off each other.

And a few select people do know his secret, except now ironically enough, MJ, Harry, and Aunt May know about him and Ava but they don't know that whenever he leaves them, he is fighting crime as Spiderman while Sam, Danny, and Luke fight alongside him all the time, they don't know that he and Ava have a regular make out sessions in secluded parts of the helicarrier and Midtown High.

It's getting a little harder and harder as time goes by though, because Sam is starting to get suspicious ("Where are you two always going off together?" asks Sam whenever he catches them coming back) and Peter knows any day now, MJ will let something slip, not knowing that she's not supposed to say anything, which is why he needs to take care of that now.

But Ava's lips feels so nice against his that he doesn't want to stop.

"We should be getting back," Ava told him, breaking their kiss. They excused themselves early from lunch to go make out in the stairwell and now it was about to end, even though Peter didn't want it to.

"We can be late," he murmured, nuzzling her neck. Ava let him but protested, "Don't do that. Last time, you gave me a hickey and I really don't think anyone bought my mosquito bite story."

"But you like it," insisted Peter as he continued. The bell rang and Ava broke away from him, permanently.

"I'll see you later," she told him before kissing him goodbye before taking off into the sea of people on their way to fifth period. Peter watched her go and then noticed an inconspicuous redhead hounding Principal Coulson. He remembered his plan and followed her.

"Principal Coulson, I just want an interview," MJ was pleading while Coulson steadfastly ignored her.

"I'm sorry Miss Watson, but I just don't have the time. I do admire your persistence though, no matter how irritating it may be," he said before making a break for his office.

"Trying to get a story?" asked Peter as he came up behind MJ.

"There have been rumors of severe budget cuts and I was trying to get a quote," she explained. She took note of Peter's slightly disheveled clothes. "Where were you? Or should I ask, who were you with?"

"About that," said Peter hastily as he looked around to make sure Danny, Sam, or Luke weren't around. "Uh, you haven't said anything to Sam or anybody else about me and Ava?"

"No," MJ said slowly. "Why? Am I the one who's supposed to put it up on a billboard or something?"

"I'd pay for it," Peter said defensively but MJ rolled her eyes.

"Honestly, Peter, what are you afraid of? It's bad enough Ava had to tell me—I haven't even been friends with her for half as long as I've known you—but now you can't even tell your other friends either?"

"Technically, Sam's not my friend," began Peter but MJ gave him a look.

"Okay, okay, I'll tell them. Just don't say anything until I'm ready."

"I don't understand why it's taking you so long. Are you ashamed or something?"

"No! Of course not!" Peter insisted. He ran his fingers through his hair nervously. "Things are just complicated, alright?"

"I don't understand," said MJ, rolling her eyes. "What, will this affect the dynamics of Sandwich Club?"

"Somewhat," he answered somewhat truthfully. "Or, I don't know."

"Peter, if they're your friends, or Ava's friends, then they'll be happy for you," said MJ. "You tell them. Today. Or I'm putting up a billboard. And I won't use a nice picture of you."

"Okay, okay!" agreed Peter. "Today."

"Today," confirmed MJ as she pointed a finger in his face before walking away.

Okay, today. We will tell them today, thought Peter. He had to go find Ava and tell her and then together they would have to come up with something.

He briefly wondered how much a billboard cost to put up.

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