"Mary Ann Darling, get your butt in my car right now or you will be late for your archery lessons!"

"Ugh, yes mom I know I just need to find my lucky arrow! We are having a competition to see who's in what class." I scolded myself. My arrows were in the attic were I left them last time. I bounded up the stairs.

"Honey, let's go. We don't have all day." She yelled from the front door ready to leave the word I said 'Found them!'. Can that woman ever stop worrying!? We have 15 minutes and it only takes us 7 minutes exactly to get there. We are most certainly not late.

"Mom my arrows are in the attic I'll just be a second. Oh and we won't be late!"

"Sigh okay."

"Now," I said to myself," where are my arrows. I know I put them somewhere… ouch! Stupid book fell on my head!" Hmm… Peter Pan. My mom used to read this to me as a child before I would go to bed. Peter Pan and Captain Hook, worlds' greatest enemies. I shook my head. I need to focus on finding my arrows otherwise mom will have a fit in the car. So I kept searching. Sure enough I found them under the old lamp cover from my grandma.

"Mom, I found them, I'll meet you in the..." Slam! in just a second my mom will honk the horn... or not. Beep Beep! I'm never wrong on that one!