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Chapter 7
Garry shivered as his face gained ITS colour back but his hand, it was pure white and not completely intact. I stepped back from Garry.
"Garry... Your... Your fading" I stammered. He looked up at me with a worried look in his eye.
"Like a painting's colour would. Oh, Ib, what have they done to me!" Garry said, letting out a shaky breath, he bit his lip as if to hold back tears.
"But your not... One of them. Right, Garry?" I said carefully. Garry looked almost offended.
"I certainly am not!" he scoffed.
"Ok, ok" I murmured. Garry got up slowly.
"This is terrible..." he mumbled to himself. I was still in disbelief. What was happening to Garry? If it was the real Garry then why was he basically still in the painting? Garry shook his head.
"We need to get out, Ib. Even if it's... Just you-" He started but I cut him off.
"Garry, we are both getting out. Together." I said firmly. I slipped my hand in his and he smiled, he looked relieved that I hadn't lost my confidence and so was I.

We walked forward until we reached, a similar pair of lips. It was huge, and was made of wood- pinned to the wall. It also had long, jagged teeth and it seemed like- a bad attitude. It was talking to us:
"WHAT DO YOU WANT!" It shouted. I jumped with fright and Garry's grip around my hand tightened.
"A way OUT!" Garry snapped back. The lips let out a rumbling laugh that shook the room.
"Out of this place? NO CHANCE!" it shouted. "GO AWAY!"
I scoffed at it. Garry shook his head.
"Good day to you too!" he sighed and we walked past the lips. Suddenly something made me realise what we had to do.
"Garry! We need to feed it! Like last time" I said. He nodded and then his face brightened a little.
"Oh, yes! So we do, Ib!" and with that we took off.

We looked around for flowers but there was none. I started to panic, the possibilities of dying here, forever going through my mind. We could starve, the statues could get us, or... Maybe... Mary would come back! I shivered. Garry kicked the wall beside him and crouched down with his hands over his face. I crouched down with him.
"We'll find a way out, like last time. Right Ib?" He mumbled.
"Sure." I said with an uncertain tone.
"Haha." he chuckled quietly. "Your a strong kid you know, Ib."
"No I'm not! I cant even lift a brick for 10 seconds!" I said.
He raised his head to look at me, he was smiling but it was a sad smile. "I mean... At heart" he put a hand on his chest indicating where his heart was. "Also, your rose. It is the most beautiful. It's an original red rose, Ib. Like your eyes." He pointed to the rose in my hair. His smile weakened. "Even with a few petals torn off, it still is beautiful."
I smiled. "No, I like the colour of yours, blue is a nice colour."
"Do you remember when we first met?" he said. I nodded.
"I saved YOU!" I said, grinning. He rested his head back against the wall.
"Yes! I would've been dead. Oh, it was terrifying Ib. The lady was chasing me and... You know what I'd rather not remember." He said. I looked at Garry's hands. They hadn't gained back all of their colour, but there was some. It was the same for his face.
"Yeah.." I said. Garry jumped up.
"Lets get going." He said.
I nodded and slowly got up. I didn't want to leave, I liked talking to Garry.