This is a prologue to a new fic I'm starting at the request of Wall-E and Eve In Love. It is humanized and takes place after the return to Earth (Ereth in the D. L.-verse) It is an excuse to do a pairing that always interested me and I wanted to see what could happen with it. So, here goes. Autopilot, if you don't mind.

Auto: Why me?

D. L. : Want me to release the fangirls?

Auto: (decides he'd rather face Eve's wrath than face the fangirls) Fine. D. L. does not own Wall-E. If she did, I wouldn't have died.

- Prologue: A New History -

The year is 2810. The colony founded by the people of the Axiom, now called simply "Axar", was flourishing. The people had named the young garbage worker Wall-E as their new leader, naming him "seraph" which meant angel. Wall-E and Eve had been married and were happily living together in a new house that had been built around Wall-E's truck.

Shortly after their wedding, rumors began to spread that a humanoid figure had been seen slipping out of the Axiom at night. Security patrols set up an ambush one night and caught the person, who was revealed to be none other than Commander Autopilot Silverwing. Autopilot escaped his captors and was not seen the next night. The next time he was seen, Eve and several of her guards spotted Autopilot trying weakly to drag himself across the road. His hair was matted with blood from a wound in the back of his head. He had used a knife to cut out his neural implant software chip, which he had in his hand when he was found. Autopilot begged Eve and the guards to help him, being too delirious to recognize who he was talking to. Eve succumbed to her anger at him for almost killing Wall-E. Autopilot was banished to the edge of Axar, where he was able to heal his injury. From there, Autopilot was forced to scavenge for trash, which he used to build a large yet crude makeshift house for himself. He also scavenged for food, water, and even clothing. Because he was not allowed into Axar itself by decree of Eve, Autopilot was unable to seek medical attention, so he was almost always extremely sick. He became severely underweight and was very weak all the time.

Our story begins about six months after Seraph Wall-E leaves on a topp secret trip that no one, not even Eve knew about. He was supposed to return a month after he left, but he never did. No one knows if Wall-E is dead or alive. Eve has been grieveing ever since.

Yeah, I know, this one was kinda dull. But the next one is where the actual story begins. Btw, this was my first time writing a prologue.