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Chapter 4 – END:

As Ib made her way towards the house, several thoughts went through her head at once. She knew she would find the remains of the rose on the inside, but would it be dead? That would be a nightmare.. But then, how did she manage to find this petal earlier in the other room? Nothing made sense! But nothing did in this world, especially not this world.. And it smelled like crayons..

As Ib finally got to the white house, she placed her hand on the knob and took a deep breath, hoping this would work. She tried to twist it and pull the door, but no. It would not move at all. It was stuck. Why would it be locked!? No one had been here! Well, this world was kind of big, so she had to search for the key. If not. She would just go get a huge rubber and erase the door.. (Which was probably not even possible.)

Ib ran along the pink road and found the blue house that once was covered in ice. She ran inside, only to see the weird button-puzzle on the floor. Did it work now? She ran over to one and pressed it, letting out a painful yell as she got hurt by it. She pulled her rose out.. Eight petals! This was going to be hard, but if it gave her the key, it was worth it. She started to press the buttons, some of them were right, some were wrong, but she continued until she had two petals left. Her body was now wounded with small cuts and bruises, and she was terribly weak. Panting, she finally managed to get the right order and the small, brown key appeared in the middle. She grabbed it, and then she started to run. Out of the blue house and towards the white one. She was exhausted, but had to continue.. Two petals left on her own rose.. She would be safe soon.. With Garry.

As she got to the white house she stuck the key into the hole and managed to open the door. Then she opened the door and saw the stalk on the floor and it was not dead.. No. It was just as fine as it had been earlier. She ran over to it and picked it up, then she realized the blue petals that used to be around here was gone as well, but she took out the one she had and tried to hold it against the stalk. Her eyes widened when it got stuck to the stalk and some sort of blue light filled the room. So it was right.. Then she remembered the flower pots. There had to be one somewhere! As she got up she ran around in the poorly drawn, pink room and searched in the dark, but found nothing.. She only had one petal, and she found no pot. Maybe it would work anyways..? She walked to the stairs where she knew was going down to where Garry was, and she slowly walked a few steps. Her heart was beating so fast. What is he was not there? What if he was gone? What if his body was rotten!? … She had to shake the thoughts off her head and she continued to wander down until she reached the hall she left Garry in. Now she just had to turn around the corner to discover the truth and she had to take another deep breath and she had to gulp.. With her eyes closed, she twirled around the corner and clenched her fists. Her eyes opened and they started to search along the way for Garry. Then..

There. Against the wall.. The same position as before.. Garry was there. His chest did not move. He was not breathing. He was not.. Sleeping.. She ran over to him with tears of both joy and sadness filling her eyes. She kneeled down and immediately placed the blue rose with one petal in his hands, making them lie on the stalk so the petal rested against him. Then she waited, sobbing with her body trembling. Nothing happened.. She sobbed louder, the tears now rolling down her cheeks and onto the floor as she tried her best not to break from this. "Garry, please.. Come on.." Her sobs echoed in the silence and she waited and waited, but nothing happened.. Then she slowly rested her head against the other one. His body was still warm.. Ib managed to get into his jacket, lying next to him as she continued to sob. He was not going to wake up.. It made her so sad..

"I am here now, Garry.. Were together," she whimpered and curled up against him. She was not going to leave him here. She would stay here forever, no matter what. She made a promise to herself and Garry that they would be together again. Together forever.. And she would keep that promise.

"I want to help, Ib," a voice suddenly said and Ib opened her teary eyes. She peeked out from Garrys coat only to see the doll sit in front of them. "Y-You want to help?" Ib asked and crawled out of the coat again, now sitting in front of the doll. The doll nodded. "I don't know if it will help, but I know where the remain petals of the blue rose are," it said and started to hover over the ground. Ib got up and followed it silently, looking behind her to look at Garry again. "Don't worry.. There's still hope," he muttered before she ran after the doll. She had her bag and rose with her, and she was still weak, but she had to do this for Garry..

As they both headed down the pink road she glanced at the doll hovering. "E-Excuse me," she said and the doll turned its head to look at her. "I was just wondering.. Why do you want to help me?"
"That's quite simple," the doll answered and turned its attention to the road again. "Purple haired boy was nice to us. Even though we tried to stop him, he was nice and did not hurt us. We want to help you save him."
"All of us are your friends," it said. It made Ib make a grimace, but she accepted it. They soon got to the poorly drawn gallery and they walked inside to see the same sketchbook drawings that Mary once had made years ago.. Then. Ib spotted them. The petals were on the ground in front of the drawing of Garry. She gathered them all and was about to run out to get to Garry, then she stopped and looked at the doll. ".. Come with us!" she said. The doll looked surprised up on her. "Do Ib really want me to join you?" it asked and Ib nodded with a smile. "I can take care of you!"
"But if I enter your world, I will be lifeless," it said.
"I can still love you and take care of you!"
The doll looked surprised, but then it smiled. It was unusual to see a normal smile on it, but she smiled brightly back. Then they both headed back to Garry. Ib ran as fast as she could while the doll hovered next to her. The petals were gathered in Ib's bag and as she got to Garry, she started to put on the petals. All of them got stuck to it with a bright light every time like the first one, and in the end the rose was fully healed. She glanced up at Garry's face to see if something happened, but not a move or a twitch could be seen. The hope she had started to sink and she reached out to shake him carefully.. Still no answer.. She even slapped him hard and started to shout his name. "Garry! Please, wake up! GARRY!"

Curled up against the wall on the other side of Garry, Ib was sobbing loudly. He was still not moving.. She failed to save him. The doll was next to her and tried to comfort Ib, but she rejected everything. All she wanted was for Garry to open his eyes, say her name.. She just wanted to hear his voice.. Her crying continued and soon she actually fell asleep against the wall. In her dream she was back in her world, with Garry and the doll. Everything was perfect. Everyone was happy, but all dreams had to come to an end, right? She opened her eyes slowly and saw that she was still there. In the hallway. She turned her attention to Garry who still had not moved, and the doll seemed to be asleep as well. Ib sobbed and crawled over to Garry. Her whole body was in pain and she was trembling, but she reached into her bag and took her rose out, placing it next to Garry's. Another sob escaped her lips and she stood up, then she picked the doll up in her arms without waking it and she started to head for the way she came from. She wanted to stay with Garry, but she also knew that she would not get anything good out of it.. She had to go back to her family and stay with them.. Live out her miserable life..

"Look on the bright side," she muttered to herself. "I have you." She looked down on the doll in her arms and smiled weakly, even though her tears still fell.

"Where are you going?" a voice behind her suddenly said. That familiar voice.. Her eyes widened, the doll woke up and Ib turned around to meet the gaze of Garry. He was standing there, looking at her as he blinked. He seemed to widen his eyes when he recognized her even though she was older and they both stared for a while. The doll jumped down from Ib's arms and looked up at her, then it looked at Garry. The roses was on the ground and they glowed, lighting up the small part they were in. Ib felt more tears in her eyes, then she ran. She ran towards the purple haired man and wrapped her arms around him tightly. "Garry, oh, Garry!" she whimpered. Garry looked down at her and then he softly placed his arms around her, hugging her tightly. "Ib," he said gently and rested his head on hers softly. They remained that way for a while before they finally pulled away to talk. Ib was looking up at him and he was still looking down at her.
"You've grown up," he said silently and chuckled. Ib giggled to herself and nodded. "And you haven't aged at all!"
"Must be because I have been sleeping or something," he muttered and rubbed the back of his neck. Then he saw her leg and how wounded she was. "Oh my- Look at you! You must be in pain!" Ib couldn't even move before she was scooped up in his strong arms and she glanced up at him. "I-Im fine," she said, but Garry did not accept what she said and he started to walk towards the stairs. "W-Wait, our roses!" she said, but then she saw the doll take them and bring them to her, along with her bag. She took it and placed it on her belly, also putting the roses in the bag. Garry looked at the doll and made a grimace, obviously still kind of freaked out by it..

"Why do we have to bring it with us?" he whispered to Ib and she laughed at him, making him look puzzled. "The doll was the one who actually saved you. It's a nice doll!" she said. Garry did not seem to believe her at all, but he let out a sigh in defeat. "So you're bringing it with you back to our world?" he asked and Ib nodded, making Garry sigh again, more frustrated this time.

As they walked, Ib told him where to go and she pointed the directions for Garry, telling him to go to the darker gallery and find the painting. It did not take them a lot of time before they were standing in front of it.

"Garry," she said silently and looked at him. "Yes?" he answered as he put her back down on the ground.

"When we get back to our world, you won't remember this.. You won't remember me, but I think I will remember you since I already did before I got here. Somehow the painting of you – Don't ask why it was there – Helped me remember," she said and placed her bag on her shoulder before she started to search through it, taking out a handkerchief. "This. I want you to have this so you can remember.. I will find you, and we will see what happens, okay?" she said and smiled to him. Garry nodded and took the handkerchief in his hands, sighing. "I hope this will work.."
"It will."
She picked up the doll in her arms again and looked at the painting. "Let's jump together.."

Ib opened her eyes, finding herself stand alone on the other side of the painting. She still had the doll in her arms, but she couldn't remember it from her journey. But as soon as she looked at it, the memories came back. She remembered rescuing Garry, and she remembered she gave him her handkerchief. He came with her back! The doll was lifeless now, and it was smiling peacefully. Ib even thought it was cute..

Then she started to run through the gallery, hoping she would see Garry somewhere. She ran past new and old paintings, panting as she continued. Then she saw it. She saw the purple hair and widened her eyes as she recognized him immediately. It was Garry!

She had to hold herself back from screaming his name and run to him. Instead she walked up behind him and glanced at the rose statue he was looking at. Soon enough, Garry turned to look at her and blinked. "Oh, hello young lady," he said with a smile. "I see you are interested in this statue too.. I don't know what made it catch my attention like this," he mumbled and looked at the rose again. "It's just.. It makes me feel weird.. Like.. Almost sad in some kind of way.." Ib looked up at him and hoped he soon would remember.. The handkerchief was in his pocket. He just had to reach in it to find it!
"Ah, what am I doing, standing here and rambling about myself. I am quite sorry if I bothered you in any kind of way, Ib!" he said. Suddenly his eyes widened and he stared at her. "A-Ah sorry.. I did not mean to.. I mean.."
"Don't worry, Ib is my name," Ib said and smiled at him. He looked even more confused now and he shook his head. "I have no idea where that came from, anyways.. I have to go now.. So.. Yeah.. Goodbye.. Ib," he said and turned to leave, burying his hands in his pockets. Ib waited hopefully and watched him. Then he stopped. He pulled the handkerchief with her name on and looked at it for a while.
"I-Ib.. T-This is y- Ah!"
He stood completely still for a while, staring into nothing before he slowly turned around and smiled brightly. "Ib! I remember!" he said and walked back to her to hand her the handkerchief back. "We made it. You saved me from that place.. T-Thank you.."
"Keep it," Ib said.
"The handkerchief! Please keep it."
"Really? But.. But it's-"
"It's fine. Mum won't notice," she said and smiled.
".. Ib," Garry mumbled to himself before he smiled as well. Then he wrapped his arms around her suddenly and held her close, placing one hand on her head. The embrace made Ib widen her eyes and blush deeply of some reason. She had no idea why, but she felt like there were butterflies in her stomach. The only thing separating them from being in full body contact was the doll in her arms.
"Ib," Garry said again and pulled away from her, smiling at her. Then.. He leaned closer to her and before Ib could react, his lips were on hers. Her eyes widened once again and she felt like she was going to explode. Garry was kissing her! She did not pull away.. She did not do anything to stop him.. She simply let her eyes close and then she kissed him back shyly. This moment was big to her. She wanted to remember it forever. The kiss lasted for a while, but Garry soon pulled away, having a light blush across his own cheeks. He then chuckled nervously.
"S-Sorry about that.. I.. I don't know wha-"
Ib couldn't stop herself. She held the doll in one of her hands and wrapped her arms around Garry's neck, kissing him again. This time it was Garry's time to get shocked, but he kissed her back. They stood there, in front of the rose sculpture.. Together. They were together now. Ib and Garry.

END: Together forever.