I'm just like... Starting a bunch of new stories here XD So this one is about Eve and Raven and their relationship and feelings towards/with themselves, each other, and the entire gang. Lots of EveRaven friendship, definitely a relationship later, and then RavenxRena and ElswordxAisha cuz it's CANNON. Or something close XD;;

Raven - Sword Taker - Blade Master

Eve - Code Exotic - Code Nemesis

Rena - Trapping Ranger - Night Watcher

Chung - Shooting Guardian - Deadly Chaser

Aisha - Battle Mage - Dimension Witch

Elsword - Sheath Knight - Infinity Sword

The title is actually the title of a song Nano showed me a while ago by Rad Whimps, it's really good, go check it out on youtube sometime. Without further ado, enjoy!

"Argh, damn it Raven, don't get so close to me!"

"You're the one backing into me!"

Elsword growled at the older man. He was such an untrustworthy, head-strong, reckless person, who couldn't work with a team for crap. It was so aggravating, and even though they had just met him, Elsword was sure he didn't like him already.

Raven on the other hand, thought exactly the same of Elsword. Maybe it was just because their personalities were too similar. He got along with Chung, Rena, and Aisha just fine, even if he didn't like them all that much, but when it came to the Ardent Boy... They hated- No, positively loathed each other.

Raven didn't mind clashing with Elsword all the time, in his opinion, it taught the brat humility. But at the same time, not connecting with Elsword made it hard for him to connect with the rest of the gang. In addition to this, he was still angry at his arm and loosing his fiance Seris, so pent up rage came out as snaps and yells. More often than not, his and Elsword's fights were verbal, making it hard on the rest of the team to sit and watch, let alone break the fight up.

"What are you doing? Move!"

Raven ducked and rolled out of Elsword's trail of furious slashes. There was an eruption as Elsword stabbed his sword into the ground for the final attck, demolishing half of the small hoard of monsters in the gang's path. Raven got off the ground, creating a small explosion in front of him and then Shadow Stepping past the hoard. He turned on his heel and made a barrage of explosions, yelling, "Seven Burst!"

Over the roar, he could hear Elsword yelling at him to watch where he was shooting. He was really tempted to yell back, but kept silent for fear he might say something he would regret. He backflipped out of the path of one of the monsters, landing next to Chung.

"Raven, watch out, okay? You might get hit by one of us." Chung said worriedly. He was a small boy, even shorter than Elsword, but he wielded a powerful canon like it was nothing. He was also a smart boy, with a kind heart.

Raven's brow crinkled slightly, but he nodded. "Whatever. I'm heading back into the fight."

He rushed back in with a powerful holler of, "Power Assault!" Monsters scattered this way and that, and Raven skid around on his heel, catching two with his Nasod Claw. There was a pop and he cringed, slashing the monsters in half quickly. He dropped to he knee, holding his arm as something in the shoulder was sparking. If he wasn't so headstrong, he would have stopped to check more, but instead, he got back up and continued fighting.

He slashed a few of the monsters in lethal points, striking down enemy after enemy. The horde that had mobbed them was almost gone, but it was getting harder and harder to fight. As he was creating a Maximum Cannon, his arm sparked again, and he let out a yelp as he dropped to the ground. One of the monsters took advantage of his inability and ran to attack him. He gasped, turning on his back and putting up his sword to block the attack, when a flurry of arrows embedded themselves in it's face and arms. It roared, turning around and bounding off.

"Raven, are you alright?"

"Rena, I'm fine. I'm going after it to make sure it doesn't bring more."

"Wait, Raven-!" Rena started, but was too late to stop him from running off. She sighed, watching his back. He was such a head-stong man, couldn't he see that his arm was breaking on him...?

Raven ignored his arm, running after the monster. With a quick step thorough the shadows, he stopped the monster dead in it's tracks. "Where do you think you're going?"

With four quick slashes and an explosion from his Nasod arm, Raven left the monster desecrated, but at the same time, blasted himself backwards. He yelped as he hit the ground and skid, before hitting a conveniently placed, very sharp rock and tumbled to the edge of the cliff. He caught the edge with his sword, but his fingers started slipping from the hilt. He grit his teeth and tried to move his other hand to catch himself, but it had decided to break down on him and fall limp.

His last finger slipped and he fell of the edge, rolling and tumbling down the steep hill. He hit the bottom with a groan, attempting to cover the gash on his lower side back. Slowly, shakily, Raven stood, his body sore and achy. His breath was ragged, and he was limping on one foot, the metal where some of his ribs would be dented, but he was fine all in all. He mustered the strength to walk forward, exploring the area around him. A large, round, tilting building arose in front of him, pieces of walls and metal debris fallen around it. The door was falling off it's hinges, but he could see there was something once written on it.

"... Ever Queen Eve... Nasods... Rests. Huh." He read out loud, stepping closer to the place. He pushed to door aside and was slightly taken aback by the lack of lights that were emitting from the dark room. There was a small grated platform, but other than that, everything was wires or panels. Spider webs long abandoned by their creators covered everything, even the panels that were barely blinking. He stepped up to one, glancing over it, when a large red button caught his eye. Something was scribbled on a piece of parchment under it, and Raven picked up the dark paper to read what it said.

Due to the light, he couldn't really read what is said, but he got enough of it. "Press the red button only in times of need."

He thought. Did he really need to press the button? It could be a million things: A flare starter, a self-destruct button, it could even summon more monsters. Curiosity got the better of him, and he pressed it.

Suddenly, all the lights and wires crackles with electricity and then flickered to life. Raven covered his eyes, temporarily blinded by the lights. When he opened his eyes again, he practically fell to the floor in surprised.

The entire back wall of the room had pulled back, revealing a large, spherical tank that was filled with green liquid, and inside, was...

"Holy shit..." He gasped.

"Raven! You moron, where the hell are you?"

Raven cursed at Elsword's yelling. He limped his way outside to see Aisha standing with her back towards him on top of one of the larger rocks. "Aisha! Down here!"

She turned and saw him, then yelled, "Guys, over here!"

The rest of the gang joined her and then ran down to Raven, jumping over rocks and rubble. Rena started fretting over his open wound, saying, "This is terrible! Did this happen when you fell? We found your sword, do you need treatment?"

Raven smiled at how worried she was. He pat her head and ruffled her hair a bit with a chuckle. "No, it'll be alright, I'll heal in no time. Anyway, you have to come see this."

When they went back inside, Elsword really did trip and fall, causing Aisha to laugh mockingly. Chung smacked her arm lightly, drawing her attention back to the tank. Her jaw dropped at the girl inside.

She was curled in a ball, wires and tubes attached to her back, shoulders, and neck. She wasn't breathing, but the tank looked as though the liquid inside was circulating to keep her warm. A few screens next to her were beeping for vitals and... Systems?

"Is she a robot?" Chung asked. "Or, what were they called... Uh, Nasods? Is she a Nasod?"

Raven nodded. "The door is inscribed with something like, 'Ever Queen Eve Nasods Rests,' or something like that, but it was so etched away I couldn't read it. We could try to get her out, or just leave her here."

Elsword was already all over it. He was examining buttons and control panels, racing around like a maniac, before stopping and sighing. "No luck. Chung, you're a mechanic, you should try to do this."

"... I-I don't know, maybe there's a manual..?" Chung replied. He didn't want to tamper with anything, what if he killed her?

While the other four bickered, Raven flipped the parchment he had found earlier over. On the back were instructions on how to activate the 'Little Queen.' He read them over, before deciding that it would be best not to tell the others and wake her up himself.

With a few key clicks and some pressed buttons, the wires detached from the girls body. Elsword's attention snapped to the tank, and both he and Aisha walked over, placing their hands on the glass. "What...?"

Suddenly, her eyes snapped open, causing Aisha and Elsword to jump back and Rena to yelp. Raven and Chung both jumped, but he quickly turned and continued the activation. The next sequence was much more complicated, but it drained all the liquid from the tank and filled it with steam. Finally, he entered the final code, completeing the activation and opening the glass doors.

The girl stepped out from the tank, surrounded by a cloud of cold steam. She had light grey, almost white hair, and piercing orange eyes, much like Raven's. There was a sparkling blue gem in the middle of her forehead, and blue markings on her pale cheeks. She wore a black cloak over a white shirt, with gloves, black shorts, and white thigh-high boots.

As the steam cleared, she looked around. "Where... Am I?"

So this story is probably going to update pretty slowly as I bust out the final leg of OtDRcHY and work on the other stories I've started, as well as rewriting Recipe for Disaster (I'm going to rename it) and then writing these other two stories. Plus, school is starting again soon, so I'm going to be pretty busy :/

I hope you don't get too annoyed with the slowness of this one. I also want to say this is probably pretty similar to TheSaphireNemesis' story, even though I've never read it and got the idea to write this before I realized she had one up. Sorry if it's too similar, I'm reading it now to make sure I make it as different as I can