Elsword led the way, the rest of the gang following him. As they got farther and father onto the plains, he finally sighed. "Now would be a good time to split up, I didn't think they could have gotten this far."

Aisha paused to breathe, resting her hand on her knee. "I didn't think WE could have gotten this far... I'll go with Chung to find the white haired girl, Eve, right?"

"Yeah, her. She's a Nasod, so maybe she went to explore the town or started heading back to where we met her." Chung started, putting his finger up in a matter-of-fact way. "She might be gathering data or something like that. I don't know where else she would have gone..."

"Well I know for a fact Raven ran to the plains... We'll head that way and look for him." Rena explained. "You guys go to town, we'll check at the place we first met, and we'll regroup at the inn in a few hours."

"Got it." Aisha and Chung replied in unison. Elsword brushed a hand through his hair, and then hissed quietly, brushing it back into a high ponytail. Aisha blushed lightly, almost yelling, "no, take your hair back down, it looks really good on you!"

Just then, a cough caught their attention, and Rena turned to meet Eve, face to face. "Hello. I returned your lost puppy."

"What? Raven is with you?"

Eve motioned to the arm slung over her shoulder and smirked slightly as Raven stormed up next to her. "I suppose I was too harsh on him earlier, for it isn't his fault he is a half-Nasod. Perhaps I can repay you by fixing as much of his body as I can. Would you like that, Miss Elf?"

Rena glanced between the white-haired girl and the noirette, blushing lightly. "U-uhm, I guess it would be nice. Thank you, Eve."

"No need for thanks. Here, come with me, I think I might have found some components to create a new, improved arm." She said, turning around. "We'll need to go back to the room we all met in though, for some more components and tools. Come, it should be worth it."

The gang waited in the room while Eve bustled around to find components and tools. Aisha could see the arm that was coming into place, it was sleek and perfect, with a slim wrist and long fingers. They almost mirrored her own hands, the skin tone was even very light. "Raven! Come here, let me check if this fits!"

The man wandered over to her, standing while she sized the arm to his shoulder and the stump. Aisha watched intently, moving around and straightening her back to see better. Elsword thwacked her in the arm, leaning his head on his hand. "Aisha, calm down, it's just an arm. What's so fascinating about that?"

"Um, Elsword, Hello!" She drew out the vowels, and continued, "It's a Nasodic arm, not 'just' an arm! The technology Nasods had was amazing! Their technological advances were so sophisticated and advanced that even some of us mages used them and-"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." He waved his hand, dismissing Aisha. She huffed at his boredom, there had to be something to cure his it, some way he would talk to her... Maybe a friendly game or a spar...

"Oh! Elsword, I just remembered something important I was going to tell you!" Aisha exclaimed, her hands rushing to her bag. She pulled out a book filled with paper sticking out from between the pages, and colored strips acting as bookmarks. "I found this book back in the library, and as I was reading through it, I realized it might be beneficial for you! Do you want to take a look?"

"No thanks." He said quickly, turning away from her. "I hate reading."

"No, no, no, come on, you have to see this: Look, here!" She flipped to a page that was bookmarked in pink, and read him the paragraph on the page:

"The Cornwell Stone: A legendary power once possessed by Gods. It is said that the stone resides somewhere in Elrios, and some people are compatible enough with the stone to use it. Those who use the Cornwell must be able to exert more energy willingly into the stone, and the type and quality of the blade depends on the will and energy of the user which can be potentially infinite. It is said that some people are able to form multiple swords, and some can even create whips."

"What? Let me see that!" Elsword yelped, snatching the book. He skimmed the page, his back straightening as he read further, before he finally snapped the book shut and looked up at Eve. "When will you be done?"

"Probably very soon, let me just attach these last few wires, and..." Eve connected two wires in place, then pressed a few buttons on the inside and pushed it to Raven's arm. It connected with no difficulty, and he flexed his fingers. "I... I have a hand."

"Yes, you do. How does it feel?" Eve asked. He smiled brightly, catching her off guard. "It feels normal... It feels great."

"That's all well and good, guys, but I need to go back to Elder." Elsword insisted, showing the two the book. "This sword... I think I might be able to use it!"

"... Wait, I think I've heard of that sword before." Eve stated, pulling the book away from him. She flipped through the pages and nodded, handing it back. "Yes, I have. We should head back to the main continent immediately-"

"Wait, what about this arm?" Raven asked. The two stared at it, and Eve shrugged, saying, "Throw it away. It's useless now."

"Wait, no! You should hold on to it, it might come in handy for someone!" Rena exclaimed. "Besides, if you make some adjustments, I'm sure it could be a very hand weapon or shield as well."

"That is a very good point, Rena. We'll hold on to it." Eve said, grabbing the arm and slinging it back over her shoulder.

"Wait, you... You address us as 'we...' Are you saying you're going to stay with us?" Chung asked, smiling at her sheepishly. She nodded, with a smile, replying, "Well, I have no where else to go, do I? Besides, you all have welcomed me with open arms, even if I have been stubborn and a bit of a... Well, bitch, as some people would say..."

The other five occupants of the room stared at her, before bursting out laughing. Aisha snorted, causing more laughs among the group, and even Eve cracked a smile. Elsword was the first to quiet, where he turned to the door and started walking outside. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going back to the inn to pack. I'm gonna take a night flight to Elder, and then I'm gonna leave you guys there, mmk? I'll probably meet back up with you in Bethma, so, catch you later!" With that statement, he took off running. Both Aisha and Chung ran to the door, the girl yelling, "Elsword, wait...!" but he was already long gone. Chung sighed, his shoulders sagging. "I didn't even get to tell him good luck..."

"Me neither... Stupid jerk!" Aisha screamed across the plains. "You better come back safely, got it?! Or I swear I'll kill you the next time we meet!"

Rena stepped over and patted her shoulder lightly, earning a distraught look. "He'll come back safe, right?"

"Of course he will. You might not be there with him, but he knows you're cheering him along every step of the way. He'll keep that in mind, and come back safely with the sword." She assured, resting her hand on her chest. "We all have faith in him. It will be fine."

Behind her, Raven snickered lightly. She turned to him with a slightly angry looked, but he merely smiled at her. "You're such a mom, Rena. It's kind of endearing."

She blushed at his comment, and he snickered again, his arms across his chest. Eve smiled at the interaction between them, it was so obvious they were going to be together, if they weren't already. But for some reason, as she gave one last look to the room as they left, a pang of emotion stung her heart. It was dark, saddening, with a slight jitter of electricity, and she wondered what it was. If it was longing for her old home and her old culture, or jealousy of Raven and Rena's relationship, or perhaps she was even... Excited and happy to be with the gang?

She took one final look at the door as she left, forming the words in her head. "Forever Rests Queen Eve, Little Queen of Nasods."

And unseen smirk formed on her lips as Chung called, "Eve, what are you doing there? Come on, we won't make it back in time for dinner!"

"No, the Queen doesn't rest forever. She's carving her own path forward. I will meet you again one day, my King, and you will bow down at my feet in submission."

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