Tokyo Mew Mew fanfiction!

Hi everyone! I love the mews and I wanted to give you guys a totally cool new Ichigo x Kish and Ichigo x Ryo/ Ryou/ Eliot! This fanfiction will be of Ichigo and Kish. I do not like Masaya, I don't necessarily hate him with a passion of a thousand flames (anymore) but I don't love him either. I suggest Masaya lovers keep reading on because I'm not going to kill him off or something, I like to make him learn he isn't all that and he can be ignored. Now, it's for some Mew Mew!

Ichigo P.O.V

"Oh look it's the new girl I heard sensei mention!"

"Oh my gosh, she's so pretty; I bet the boys are going to be all over her!"

"I know, I bet she's going to steal our Aoyama-sama from us! I think she'll seduce him! Damn that redheaded harlot!" I heard a threesome of girls my age talking about me. I stopped walking through the cluttered hallway and turned to them. I gave them a glare and spoke to them in a monotone voice.

"You don't even know me, so don't make assumptions." I walked away from them, but saw them freeze in the corner of my eye. The bell rang and I saw all three jump at least three feet in the air. I let a glint of amusement shine through my usually emotionless brown eyes. I began to look for my new homeroom in my new school for about a half hour; this school is huge! At least I walked around the whole school and had it perfectly etched in my memory.

When I arrived to the room I knocked and I heard a faint 'come in'. I walked in the classroom and all eyes were on me.

"Hello, young lady, I'm assuming you're the new student." A woman said as I entered the classroom. I saw a woman around thirty with dark brown hair who I assume to be the teacher "I'm your teacher, Mrs. Jericho. If you would, can you introduce yourself to the class?" She asked

"I'm Ichigo Momomiya; that's all you need to know." I said to the class. I gave the teacher a polite bow for two seconds and asked where I should be sitting.

She gave me a shocked look then recomposed herself "You'll be sitting by Masaya Aoyama in the fifth row. Aoyama-San raise your hand so Momomiya-San can find her seat. If you wouldn't mind, could you show her around school this week?"

A boy with black hair and a dark tan raised his hand. I walked to my seat beside him ignoring the smile he gave me and sat down. I got out my materials for the class I was informed I would need and let out a small sigh. I cannot believe I just pulled an Aunt Amu just now. I must seem so cold to everyone! Oh well, I'm not here for friends.

My name is Ichigo Momomiya and I'm the new girl in town. I am fifteen at a height of 5'5 with lightly tanned white skin, red hair that falls to my waist, brown eyes, and one killer glare if aggravated. I just moved here from a town about an hour from this part of Tokyo on a plane. Unfortunately for me, my parents got a major super duper important jobs here in Tokyo as scientists because of their supposed "vast knowledge of extraterrestrials" as my father would put it in the middle of the school year, so "The Momomiya family is here to stay in Tokyo". Well, for now. We move around a lot despite them saying we we're here to stay, so I try not to get too attached to anyone.

I sensed something nearing my face. I quickly shot out my hand to stop it from getting any closer on reflex. I saw a very surprised looking Aoyama and my hand in a tight slightly painful grip on his right wrist.

"Do you need something?" I asked and dropped his wrist which he immediately began to rub.

"The bell just rang and Sensei asked me to show you around since the block period is over." He said with a smile.

"Thank you, but no thank you, Aoyama-San. I already walked around the school and memorized the lay out in my attempt to find this class." I said formally and gathered my belongings. I stood up and headed for the door. "If I'm not mistaken there's a fifteen minute break now, correct?" he nodded

"Ya, there is, want to go get something form the snack bar?" he asked and extended his hand for me to take. I've never held hands with a boy, more or less some guy I just met, so I pretended I didn't see it and walked past him. I heard some girls gasp behind me. As I walked to the outside cafeteria I heard whispers and rumors brewing about me with every step I take. I dart to the snack bar, bought a strawberry and vanilla Tayaki, and then rushed to a shady pine tree to eat my snack in peace. I leaned back on the base of the tree trunk and enjoyed the smell of the tree mixed with a gentle breeze.

The ever annoying bell took away my tranquility as quickly as I grasped it. I sighed and put my untouched snack into my backpack. I strode to my next block periods, science and math, begrudgingly. Don't get me wrong, I love both, but I wasn't put into a happy mood because I didn't get to at least take a quick nap under the tree.

The rest of the day flew by with a minimum amount of Aoyama-San being persistent on small attempts to hit on me. I kept ignoring him and girls, who I discovered had a club dedicated to him, kept sending me glares or looks of jealousy.

The bell rang for the last time of the day and I bolted out of my seat to the door. Once out the door, I continued to run down the now filling hallways.

"Ichigo" I stopped mid step and spun to where my name was called. Much to my displeasure, I saw Aoyama running toward me with a crowd of fan girls chasing closely behind. I let out a small grunt of irritation and let him catch up to me so he doesn't end up chasing me home.

"Do you need something?" I asked "I didn't give you permission to call me "Ichigo", Aoyama-San." Harsh aren't I? I already dislike him and it's only my first day here.

"Ya, do you want to go out with me this Saturday? I have tickets to that new animal exhibit." He asked and gave me an unrealistically white smile. I think I went blind for a second! I looked at his fan girls and forced myself not to laugh as they fell to the floor as if they were shot in the head! Priceless!

"No thank you." I said and spun around on the ball of my feet then walked away.

Time skip to Saturday (Ichigo's POV)

"How the heck did he even know where I live?" I mumbled darkly as Aoyama dragged me through the Endangered Animal exhibit. I had the worst awakening in my life ever this morning. My mother dragged me out of bed this morning while ranting about me finally finding a date and shoved me into an outfit then basically threw me to Aoyama-no- baka who was waiting for me at our doorstep. He dragged me to the train station then here. If I was with my family I would be having a great time, especially in the exhibit we are in now, the wild cat exhibit, but I'm with this stalker so I'm miserable out of my mind. So here I am now a few minutes to six o'clock and a new creative way to kill him for every gruesome hour I've spent with him (I'm up to twelve unrelated strategies now.).

"How do you like the exhibits, Ichigo?" He asked. I just looked at the exhibit and memorized every detail of the feline, Iriomote Cat, as if my sanity depended on it. It really did, but I can't go psycho on him or else I won't ever hear the end of it from my mother.

"I would be if I was with someone else." I growled bitterly under my breath. He didn't seem to notice because he continued to smile at me.

"I bet you're just tired!" he began to drag me for the umpteenth time for the day. He stopped dragging and let me sit down on a bench. "I'll be right back; I'll get us some sodas!" He ran away to the nearest soda machine which was luckily a five minute run away. As soon as he was out of sight the ground started shaking and a few people began to fall. A strange beam shot out from a distance and instantly hit me. Surprisingly, the beam didn't hurt as I thought it would. It felt, well, really great. Better than great actually, it made me feel as if I had been just been under the tree at school; absolutely refreshing and cool yet warm. Suddenly, my eyesight went all black and I saw a black Iriomote Cat leaping in a graceful even pattern towards me. It finally came close and for some reason, I lifted my right arm out and it twirled itself on my arm then shot up in the air and right into my chest. I let out a cry of shock and pain that sounded like a hiss of an angry cat.

My eyesight cleared up and the ground was starting to settle. In a few seconds it stopped and a Cheshire like smile crept its way on my face. A natural disaster is a perfect excuse to leave! I turned towards my house and ran away as fast as I could. I reached the train station, caught a train, and ran the rest of the way home. Finally, I flung open my front door open and charged in only to end up being tackled.

"Ichigo, I missed you!" My little hyper sis year old sister, Sakura, yelled and flew at me. I caught her and spun off the in pact.

"I missed you too, little flower." I said and a soft smile graced my lips. Only my little Sakura can make me smile like that; an affectionate loving (in a sisterly protective way) smile.

"Watashi wa anata no ane ga daisuki! (I love you big sister!)" She chirped and hugged me tighter

"Watashi wa anata mo imōto o aishite. (I love you too little sister.)" I replied and carried her to the kitchen where I assume our parents are. I place my little red headed sister on a chair next to my mother who just placed our food on the table.

"Hello, Ichigo how was your day?" My father asked with his usual happy go lucky smile. I sent a minor glare towards my now recoiling mother.

"It would have been great if mom didn't drag me out of bed and force me to go on a date with the most annoying person on earth." I said and took a bite of my dinner.

"Are you trying to kill me!?" My father exclaimed "I knew you should have taken that emergency call this morning for work instead of me! Did he hurt you? Tell daddy and I'll go beat him up!"

"He didn't hurt me, dad. I was going to hurt him if anything. I don't know how he could possibly be the most popular boy in school aside from being captain of the kendo team." I said.

"That's my girl! I'm so proud!" He said and started going into his happy faze. I think if I lied and said I liked it he'd have a massive heart attack and die on instant. I sweat dropped and finished my dinner. I washed the dishes and put Sakura to bed so mom could go to sleep early.

I hoped you liked it! I'll start typing the second chapter now, so you'll get two chapters today! Give me some feedback whether or not you liked it and why so I can improve!