Experimental kitty chapter 12


Ichigo POV

I try to stay ahead of the girls while we run to the lab so they can't see me. I quickly blink away tears from my eyes at the thought of Kish being hurt. I felt someone's hand on my shoulder briefly. I turn to see Mint.

"It'll be alright." She comforts me. I give a small whisper of thanks to her and speed up to reach the lab in the distance only my feline eyes allow me to see. I abruptly stop on the roof top of a building. The Mews take the hint and stop right in front of me.

"We are almost there, in about three minutes at our near fastest we'll be there. Mint and I know the place quite well since we are occasionally dragged there about every other week or so depending on how much they have to do. The room they'd be keeping Kish in would be heavily guarded. Lettuce, there'll be a code you'd need to crack to get in there, but there'll be security guards. Pudding, Zakuro, it'll be you guy's job to get her in there and keep the guards off her. Mint and I will help. Once you are down break left, make two rights and a left. After you guys get to that point watch me and Mint's backs and we'll take care of the rest. I'll give you a signal once we have him or find out what happened to him. You'll know the signal, keep your senses open. If the signal doesn't come within a half hour, leave. I don't care what happens to me; wait no more than a minute for me, that goes for all of you." I instruct. The give me a sudden group hug then we set off to our mission.

We finally get to the rooftop of the lab and I kick the top of one of the vents off and have Zakuro, Lettuce, and Pudding slide down. I heard the shouting of guards and slide down the chute. I use my momentum to kick down one of the guards and Mint does the same as she comes into the scene within seconds behind me.

Zakuro and Pudding are quickly clearing Lettuce's path though a few slip by and Mint and I take care of them. We eventually got to the security door and Lettuce began hacking and we began defending. I briefly look at Lettuce to see a look of pure concentration.

"Got it!" She said with pride. The door eased open slowly and I saw Kish in a glass tube with wires hooked onto him. I began to run towards him and as I am almost to him I heard Mint scream for me to stop. All of a sudden I feel things stick to me and fluid seeps into my veils. I feel myself drop to the floor.

"Look they are waking up!" I heard my mother's voice say. I try to sit up, but I felt restrains on my arms. I twitch my cat ears to make sure I am still in my Mew form. I turn my head to see the other mews strapped to metal tables too. I let out a sigh.

"I told you guys to leave if there was trouble."

"No" Lettuce replied "You said to leave no longer than thirty-one minutes; it was thirty point seven minutes. We're technically in the right."

I give a sweat drop and heard something frightening on a TV they had in the room.

"There are strange objects in the sky! What are they?" A citisen exclaimed

"Let us go." I hear Zakuro-nee demand. One of the male scientist walk to her side and smirk.

"Why should we?" He replied cockily "A bunch of cosplay girls can't do anything."

"You should let us go unless you don't want to live." She snaps fiercely. He laughs and goes back to my parent's sides.

"Mom, Dad, let us go." I say they immediately turn to my voice. I undid my transformation and my parents let out gasps.

"How did this happen?" My mother gasped in horror.

"Easy, we were infused with certain genetics to make us super girls." I replied. "Please, let us go, we've been taking care of problems like this for a while in secrete, please."

Mom pushes a button and releases us. I quickly transform, free Kish and give him a light slap to get him into reality faster than I know he would have.

"Ichigo?" He groans "I feel like I've been hit by a truck."

I flash a glare at the scientist on the other side of the room and face back at Kish.

"Are you going to be ok?" I ask while helping him stand up.

"I'll be O.K., Ichigo." He reassures me with a groan "I just need a minute for everything go back to their original colors and stop spinning."

I send another glare toward the scientist. They all recoil behind the Mews, using them as a human blockade.

Suddenly, I feel something shaking under my feet and my tail begins twitching uncontrollably. Against my own will I stretch down like a cat and begin hissing. The other Mews were doing similar things that would match their animal that they're infused with.

There is a violent shaking and all of the scientist dive to the floor in the fetal position. I feel myself being pulled into Kish's chest and being knelt on the floor. I let him protect me from the shaking until it stops.

"That was a powerful earth quake!" A male scientist exclaims while getting off of the floor.

"That was no earth quake." Kish says seriously. "That was the signal that the others are here."

Mom turns up the volume on TV and we see numerous space ships flying through Tokyo's skies.

"This is Aurora Miyabi here investigating the damage the earth quake down town caused. Luckily, we were driving down town when it happened." The female reporter says into the microphone.

She looks up into the sky to see the cyclone ships and lets out a gasp.

"Look at the sky, there's what to be spaceships in the sky. There's something coming out of the ship and it's descending towards us!" She exclaims rapidly.

The descending object lands right next her. It is Ayoma!

"Hello, humans of Tokyo. I am Deep Blue," He says with a smirk and with a flash of light he is a cyclone "your new ruler. Just turn over the girls called the Mew Mews and maybe you'll have the honor of living in what might be my capital of my empire."

"Oh my gosh" My mother whispers in horror and faints. I turn off the TV and face the other people in the room.

"Dad," I say sternly "go home and get Sakura then go to Café Mew Mew. Tell the blonde guy Mew Ichigo sent you. Take mom with you."

"Hai" He exclaims but then turns to my knocked out mother. "How do I wake her up?"

I roll my eyes and crouch down next to her unconscious body. "Mom, I'm getting married in the next ten minute, wakes up or you'll miss it."

With that she bolts up so fast my reflexes barely give me time to move out of her way.

"Oh you're getting married?! Fantastic, who's the groom? I bet it's that Kish boy, I know you have a little crush on him! You don't show it, but I'm a mother, so I can tell." My newly awaken mom chirps happily.

I fight the blood from coming up to my face and take a quick glance at Kish. Yep, as expected he has a mile wide smirk on his face.

"I lied, I'm not getting married, but if you don't high tale it home, get Sakura with dad, and go to Café Mew Mew I will never get married, ever." I say. My mother's eyes bulge in fear then she grabs my father's hand and ran like a bat out of hell.

"I knew it you do lo-" Kish starts

"Shut up." I interrupt him "Mews and Kish come with me, we have an invasion to stop."

I turn to the nearest window, kick it out, and jump out off it. The others follow me out and quickly catch up to me. I see Mint nearing me quickly.

"You know if we survive this you have to tell him, Ichigo." Mint tells me with extremely amused eye.

"You need to shut up too." I grumble and speed up some. She just laughs at me and falls back toward the others.

Kish's POV

"Kish" I hear Zakuro call me. I look to my side to see her running along a rooftop beside me.

"Yes?" I reply

"If you break Ichigo-imoto's heart I will break yours, literally." She said plainly.

"And we'll be happy to help." The other mews chorus in the same casual tone.

"We're all rich and we all watch CSI and NCIS, we know how to make it an accident. Those two factors will not be taken into consideration either way, you're not a citizen of any country on earth, you have no rights and I'm good with kunai." Pudding says bluntly. What my little brother sees in her I'll never know.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt her. If anything she'll hurt me, physically." I reply with a sweat drop.

I won't hurt Ichigo; I love her too much to even think about doing that. The only thing I want to do is make sure she's safe, that's it. If she returns the feeling then that's a bonus. I will protect her with my last dying breath if I have to. Hell, I'll volunteer to be shot if it's to put a smile on her face.

"We'll be watching to make sure you stay true to that." Lettuce says

"You better protect her or else your life is mine for the tampering." Mint threatens

"I'm betraying my whole planet, my brothers, my leader, and a lot more just for her. I don't think I'm letting anything happen to her, ever." I reply

"Guys, hurry up before all of Tokyo is blown up!" I hear Ichigo yell. We all hurry up to her quickly.

Within minutes we are in down town Tokyo to see Deep Blue standing on top of pure ash.

"Ichigo, you've finally made it. I've been waiting for you, my Queen." Deep Blue says with a smirk. Queen, she is not his queen. I resist the urge to box him out because Iknow Ichigo well enough that she'd like the honor of giving him the first shiner of this fight.

"Queen," She says skeptically.

Suddenly, two cyclones appear and grab both of her arms while another straps something onto her neck. She struggles against their grip and we all rush to help her, but something happens. Her head drops down and her struggling stoops. Her transformation undoes and her long maroon locks veil her beautiful face.

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