Experimental chapter 13

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Recap of last time:

Within minutes we are in down town Tokyo to see Deep Blue standing on top of pure ash.

"Ichigo, you've finally made it. I've been waiting for you, my Queen." Deep Blue says with a smirk.

"Queen," She says skeptically.

Suddenly, two cyclones appear and grab both of her arms while another straps something onto her neck. She struggles against their grip and we all rush to help her, but something happens. Her head drops down and her struggling stoops. Her transformation undoes and her long maroon locks veil her beautiful face.

Now for the next chapter!

Kish's POV

"Ichigo," I yell

We all rush over to her now falling body. I barely catch her and lay her on the floor. Zakuro rashly charges ay Deep Blue, but she is knocked to the floor by his guards. All but Lettuce and I rush to help Zakuro fight out of their personal rage. Mint breaks off of their attack and takes on a few guards.

Ichigo's eyelids slowly open to reveal cold, glassy, emotionless brown eyes. She slowly sits up mumbling 'king'. The mumbles get louder until she is talking in her regular voice.

"King," She says in a monotone much different from her usual one "I must go to my husband the king."

Lettuce and my mouths are gasping in pure horror as Ichigo walks over to Deep Blue. He puts an arm around her shoulder and kisses her cheek. My blood boils at the sight. My twin daggers appear in my hands and I through one straight at his throat. Being the bastard he is; Deep Blue puts Ichigo in front of him at the last moment, using her as a shield. I am barely able to stop it by ordering it to stop right before it pierces Ichigo's windpipe.

"Queen Ichigo," Deep Blue starts with a smirk "transform for me and kill all of them, leave their bodies mostly intact, I want the others to stare at their fallen teammates."

"Anything for you my king," She responds

Suddenly, she is engulfed in a black blob and bursts out second later. Her maroon locks remain at her waist, her brown eyes still glassy, and her face emotionless. She has on a short see through black dress with a skin tight red dress underneath it. One the bottom of the dress has layers of red and black see through fabrics that end half way to her knees. Her pink lips are painted blood red and her pink chocker is now red just like that necklace Deep Blue gave her with a black gem in the middle of it. In her red manicured hands are two twin blades. There she stood there standing in her black high heels staring at us.

"Attack," Deep Blue says with a sadistic smile

Ichigo nods her head and begins running at the nearest Mew, Pudding. Pudding lets out a yelp of surprise as Ichigo swipes her sword her. She barely dodges her sword by making her body in the shape of a 'C'. She continues to dodge barrages of attacks Ichigo sends at her, asking her to please snap out of this trance.

"I'm sorry Ichigo-Onee-Chan, but this is for your own good!" Pudding yells and imprisons her in a jello prism at least a story tall.

Ichigo struggles to move in the constantly jiggling treat for a few minutes, but with a blast of dark energy she escapes. She bolts towards Pudding with her swords drawn. Pudding runs from her as Ichigo tries to catch her with her sword. After minutes of chasing, Pudding trips on a remaining piece of a truck. Just about Ichigo is about to plunge her blade into the young Mew's heart Zakuro runs and kicks Ichigo's side, making the hypnotized girl fall to the floor. Zakuro sits on her stomach in attempt to hold her down. Ichigo squirms to gain freedom.

"Ichigo, stop it, wake up!" Zakuro yells while holding down her arms

Ichigo breaks free of her grip and leaps away from her, leaving the Wolf Mew on the floor. She grabs her sword and charges for Zakuro. This time, there was a black energy coating the blade that clearly meant Zakuro was going to die if I didn't do something. I faze in front of Ichigo and carry her away from Zakuro. I lift her about two hundred feet off of the ground.

"Ichigo, snap out of this." I say gently her eyes flicker back to her original eyes for a second

"No," She says in a monotone.

She takes her sword and tries to chop off my head, but I drop her. She is startled by this drop and drops her swords. I catch her at a hundred feet. She struggles against my grip until I lift us onto the ground. As soon as I am on the floor she elbows my in the rib cage and I let go of her.

She turns around and quickly punches me in the stomach. She brings her face next to my ear.

"In the name of Deep Blue I will kill you," She whispers into my ear

All of a sudden a feel a blazing heat on my stomach going through me. My organs are burning inside of me, but I feel no skin ripping. I feel my body flying through the air as the intense heat charges on. I look at my stomach to see a black and red swirl of energy gruesomely killing me.

My cry of pure pain echoes through different voices as hit the floor. I hear the Mews, my brothers, and surprisingly, Ichigo's family cries out my name. I turn my head to see all those said people running towards me. Ichigo takes a stance in front of me, preparing to finish off everyone else.

The girls fight to get towards me while the Momomiya family protects Sakura. After what feels like an hour, Zakuro and Lettuce hold Ichigo's limbs so she can't move. Her little sister and Pudding walk up to her and hug her.

"We love you, Onee-Chan," They chorus as tears stream down their faces

"We all love you, Ichigo." Mint says

The Mews holding Ichigo shift their arm and foot lock change their position into a bear hug and Mint joins it. I see my brothers running towards me and do a power slid on their knees to get to me.

"Kish, are you ok?" Taruto asks with tears forming in his eyes

"Yeah, I'll live," I say with a fang filled smile.

Unfortunately, my body decides it doesn't like telling likes telling lies and coughs up a truck load of blood. Pie fusses over me while having a full blown panic attack. Suddenly, I see a flash of light and hear a worried voice call my name.

"Kish," Ichigo calls while running over to me

Taruto tries keeping her away from me, but Pudding tackles him in a hug before he could do anything. Ichigo gets past Pie too and kneels beside me.

"I'm so sorry," She says while a crystal stream runs down her face onto my face

"It's ok," I say while putting a hand on her cheek "Just finish the job, Deep Blue needs a good punch, and I saved the first one for you."

"Ok, I'll do that," She says while snuggling against my hand on her face "Just don't go, Kish, please don't go."

"I can't promise anything" I say

I ignore my body screaming I'm speeding up my own death and sit up. I give her a light peck on the lips and fall back down on my back. I feel a gruesome, unbearable pain surge through my body and my vision begins fading.

"I l-love you, I-I-Ichigo" I stutter through the pain

"I love you too, Kish, I have for a long time, I just didn't know it." She says with rapid tears

I wipe the tears away from her face "Please don't cry for me, I'm not worth it." I say

My arm drops down to the ground as the blackness takes over until my eyelids are barely open in a crack.

"You're worth everything to me," She says while leaning down to me

She plants a kiss on my lips and a smile.

"These violent delights have violent ends," She whispers while hugging me "Goodbye my fair Romeo, I love you."

"Good bye Juliet," I choke out then everything goes black

Ichigo's POV

"No!" I scream at the top of my lungs and begin to cry

I continue to and my Mew transformation flickers on and off. My transformation stays and I am engulfed by a bright white lights. I feel my body lifting into the air and I look around to see the Mews being lifted into the air as well. What's happening to us?

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