Life after the curse has been lifted

This is the story of what happened after the Sohma family curse had been lifted. The story of what happened to all of the sohmas, Tohru, Hana, and Arisa afterwards.

Chapter One: The Trip

"Oh, Good Morning Kyo!" Tohru's voice rang cheerfully.

"Hey," Kyo responded still tired from the night before. Kyo hadn't gotten much rest. Although he probably still won't admit it, he had a nightmare about losing Tohru.

"Kyo, I was thinking as soon as Ryu gets home that we could pay a visit to the rest of the Sohmas," Tohru smiled as brightly as ever. (By the way, Ryu is the name I have decided to give their son. They have a son and granddaughter.)

Kyo just nods but goes upstairs. He looks over at his Juzu beads. The thing that Tohru doesn't know is that Kyo is timid about going but decides to go anyway.

When the three of them arrive they decide to stop by the old house and go inside. Shigure is already inside looking around remembering times they had shared. Shigure is speechless when he sees Tohru and Kyo and their son Ryu. But eventually finds his words.

"Well I didn't expect the three of you. How long has it been? 5 years?"

"Longer than that Shigure," Tohru laughs politely.

"You see Aya is on his way over. But if you want you can stay and greet-"

"NO THANKS! Come on Tohru, Ryu lets get the hell out of here!" They all rush out before they come across Aya.

They continue down a path until they come across Momijii and his wife.

"Ahhhh Tohru! He runs to Tohru immediately and hugs her as hard as he can just like old times.

"Momijii!" Tohru chuckles.

"Oh sorry this is-"

"Kagura!" Tohru and Kyo say in unison.

Kagura looked much different from their last encounter. Her hair was longer, she had matured a lot more but when she saw Kyo she lost it. And even though she liked Kyo and Momijii was in love with Tohru, the two decided to go out on a date and found they both love each other. Kagura's aggressive assertive manner balances out Momijiis Sweet Kind-Hearted personality.


"Ahhhhh!," Kyo screams

"K-YOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Kagura starts beating Kyo up just as she used to.

"Don't you know I love YOUUUUUUU Damn it!"

"Um…Hi Kagura," Tohru says cautiously.

Kagura stops throwing punches to take in Tohru for the first time since she was there.

"Oh, hey Tohru," Kagura drops Kyo's shirtfront. "Long time no see…"

"Not long enough," Kyo mutters under his breath.

"Still just as strong I see," Tohru smiles again.

"Well I love Kyo like a brother now," her face reflects sadness briefly before she gives her head a shake and smiles. "Planning to go to the main house? We're inviting everyone over for a reunion!"

"Really?! That's great. I don't mean to be a bother but um could we maybe join you?" Tohru asks.

"What? Of course we can! You don't have to be so afraid to ask. You are family y'know," Kyo grabs her hand and leads her toward the main house. "Come on Ryu."

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