The Firm

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Chapter 34


Seth was excited about having caught the mole we had been chasing for months and was bouncing off the walls, almost quite literally. He hounded both Edward and I until we were out of the duplex and heading towards the lift.

"Seth, calm down for Christ sakes. You're making me feel sick!" Edward yelled, pinching his nose. My nether regions twitched with his actions.

A wry smile crossed my face at Edward's continued suffering. It served him right, poor love. Feeling a little bad for my thoughts, I stroked his arm as we entered the lift. His eyes met mine, and I could see he was dying for more information, but his hangover was preventing him from being too enthusiastic about it. He was so beautiful, even if on this particular morning, he was a little green around the gills.

The doors of the lift closed slowly behind us. Seth was grinning like the cat that had gotten the cream. The silence was creepy, and I was just not used to either of these men being so quiet.

"Are you going to tell us what you know then?" I asked Seth quietly.

Edward took my hand and gave it a small squeeze as we waited for Seth to answer me.

"Oh, I think I'll wait until we reach the office. I will tell you this, though; you're never going to believe it. I certainly didn't at first. I was like no way, there must be a mistake. Just you two wait and see."

Then he shut up and went back to bouncing off the walls.

No amount of coaxing and persuasion could get him to tell us more. In the car, it was still quiet, too quiet. Edward was still not quite with us, gazing out of the window while taking deep breaths. Seth was sat grinning like he was not complete of a full shilling. It seemed I would be the only normal person around at Nathalie's today.

When we arrived at the office, Henri was stood waiting. He looked all stoic; in fact, he almost resembled a statue. Today, he did not crack a smile as our car pulled up outside the office entrance. I wondered for a moment what the matter with him was. When Seth nodded his way as we exited the car, I gathered he, at least, was in the loop. Or so it appeared.

Edward grabbed hold of my arm and stopped me from walking towards the foyer. I turned and looked at him, my eyes questioning his.

"You okay?" I asked him, concerned he really might have been unwell.

"I'll live. Look, whatever happens or doesn't happen here today, I need to know we're okay. I won't be able to live with myself if I've done something to jeopardise our relationship. Like I said, Bella, I'm so sorry, I'm an idiot. I love you, okay? I just want you and me to be okay. We could be going home soon, and I'd like to think we'll be going back as a couple," he looked down at his feet, obviously worried about what I was going to say in response.

I was silent for a few seconds, maybe a bit longer than I'd meant to be, because poor Edward looked positively sick now. Wrapping my arms around his waist, I took a step closer and looked into his beautiful green eyes.

"For someone so intelligent, you sure are stupid, Edward Cullen. I love you. I love us and our relationship, warts and all. Okay, so from time to time, we'll get things wrong; it doesn't mean it's the end. I hope we're stronger than that, and that we can work through any difficulties." His eyes seemed to glaze over, or at least fill with what I assumed were tears. I could not resist teasing him a bit. "So, if I kiss you right now, will you throw up on me?"

He laughed and pulled me even closer.

"Please kiss me. I need you to kiss me. I promise to keep my up-chuck reflex under control."

Standing on my tiptoes, I pressed my lips to his and kissed him slowly, placing my hands at either side of his face. Sparks reached my toes and I sighed, knowing that we were going to be just fine.

"I love you, you silly man." I grabbed hold of his hand and pulled him along, "Come on; let's find out what has Seth in such a tizzy this morning."

As we made our way towards what had now become our office, I could feel eyes following us. The employees seemed to sense something big was about to happen. It made me a little nervous.

Inside, Seth was sat proud as punch in my chair. He made no move to vacate it for me, which he had learned aggravated the hell out of me. Cheeky bastard. Stood behind him were two men I had never seen before. I surmised that Edward must have known them, though, because he shook their hands and introduced me in French. Henri entered the office and closed the door quietly behind him. He stood with his arms folded, like he was waiting for something.

Seth cleared his throat, and all eyes turned to him.

"So, ladies and gentlemen, at approximately ten minutes past midnight, our new security scanner alerted us to a possible infiltration. The new system shut it down straight away, but it kept the necessary details we'd need to find out who it was, where they were, and how they were accessing the system. Bella, that latest security login you set up seemed as secure as any available today. The new security system tracked the information we needed via their ISP. It then infiltrated their security, giving us the details.

"From there, it's pretty routine stuff to find out which computer is being used and who's signed on to it. Pretty sophisticated stuff, you might think? Well, actually, not really. The security system here was almost none-existent, and even when we took over and started implementing things, it was all still pretty basic, for an amateur, anyway. Well, the new system worked, did what it said on the package, and when I came in along with Henri here, we hit the jackpot."

Everyone in the room looked at each other still puzzled, especially Edward and I.

Who, Seth, who is it?" I asked, anxious to know who was behind all this.

"In due time, Bella, be patient. We had some digging to do once we got here. I had a list of login ID's, but they were in alphabetical order so it took me a while. Eventually...I got to Gerald."

"Gerald?" both Edward and I said at the same time.

"I told you guys you wouldn't believe it. Once we had him, it was quite easy to find out how he was doing it. He had some hacking system running in the background, which kept your passwords and login details. When he logged out, his programme was still running in the background. All he had to do was sign back on, go to his still-running programme, and voilà. He panicked when the new system shut him down. He's an amateur, people, driven by greed, love and desperation…who knows what. Well, when Henri confronted him, he just caved. I wish I'd been there," he shook his head a little. "He also told Henri a rather interesting story. It really is the icing on the cake. Are you ready to hear it?"

Sitting down on one of the spare chairs, I nodded. I didn't think I could have spoken if I'd wanted to. Edward, like me, sat and waited expectantly for what was to come.

"It looks like Gerald has been syphoning money out of the business for years, and he was doing it for not only himself, but for Nathalie. While it might appear that Nathalie is a rich widow, her lavish lifestyle and expensive toys quickly drained her bank balance, making her annual allowance from the company insufficient to keep her in the luxurious manner to which she'd become accustomed. When Aro and Caius stepped in after Marcus' death, they started asking questions about the questionable books and wanted more control over the accounts. It seems they thought she was spending far too frivolously.

"When Aro's team suspected money was going missing from the company and started to look for the leak, Nathalie brought in Cullen, Hale and McCarty to divert the attention away from her activities. Marcus had gone to school with Jasper's father back in the states, and they'd maintained a close friendship. Nathalie apparently thought that by having an American law firm on retainer, it would look good and keep prying eyes at bay, but also be far enough away to not be a threat. Our Ms. Oberlauge is obviously an extremely greedy woman, as an allowance of two million Euros a year and all her household expenses fully covered were not enough."

Both Edward and I were stunned. I felt more than a bit stupid not seeing this going on right in front of me. Seth continued.

"Gerald told us he wanted to stop, he felt they'd amassed more than enough money and had it hidden away in several offshore accounts, ready to just disappear together and live in the lap of luxury for the rest of their lives. But no, Nathalie wanted more, and her lust for money and men was their downfall. She scared him more and more with her greed and thirst for other men.

"First, she pursued Edward, and when she had no luck there, she moved on to me, still insisting Gerald steal more and more money. She kept telling him that it was him she really loved, and the others were just flights of fancy and meant nothing. It would appear that we were just a few in a long line of men Nathalie toyed with, Edward. Last nights' attempt was Gerald's last-ditch effort to make her see sense. He had two tickets to Barbados on him and a suitcase packed behind his office door. I really believe that even if Nathalie didn't agree to go this time, Gerald would've disappeared by himself and taken it all. We could've lost the money, too. I'm almost inclined to say the poor bastard deserved it after what she's put him through, but only almost. He's still a bloody thief."

I was still in shock when Edward took hold of my hand and gently caressed my palm with his thumb. I immediately felt better, he knew what I needed better than I did.

"Does she know that we know?" I asked.

"No, only the people in this room and Gerald, of course, know that we know anything. I've asked Nathalie, Aro and Caius to join us a bit later."

"Won't Gerald contact her? Tell her we know?"

"He's under house arrest, Bella. A couple of Henri's men are keeping him company. He has no access to a computer or a phone. You don't need to worry about him. He's happy to spill his guts for more leniency. He's just a very sad, weak man who was brainwashed by a scheming, manipulative woman who took advantage of his weakness."

"Nathalie used him for his brains and also to cover her tracks. She counted on us not suspecting him, love. I'd bet he was just a part of her plan all along. Women like her only love themselves," Edward said quietly.

A sharp knock on the door brought a little light relief with morning coffee. I was still stunned by the revelations, but as I got my head around it all, I wanted to kill the French bitch with my bare hands. However, strangulation would have been too kind for what I had in mind. Multiple conversations went on around me, some in English, and some in French. I noticed Edward looking at me, his eyes worried.

"You okay?" he asked quietly, pulling me closer to him.

"Not really, I still can't believe it. How did we not see this, Edward? I feel pretty stupid right now. Don't you?"

"No, not really, love. Given how things were going, it's not like we would've suspected Gerald to be into it this deep, if at all. He's a puppet, Bella, nothing else. I'm sure there were signs we probably overlooked, that was what Nathalie counted on, but I don't think she realised who she was dealing with. She did her damnedest to keep us preoccupied to create diversions, but she was too arrogant or maybe ignorant to think we could have access to technology that would catch her. No, she used us just as much as she used Gerald. I can't wait to see her face when she realises we know. I wonder what excuses she'll have, what other smoke screens she'll try to throw."

"I want to kill her, Edward. I'm worried I might rip her head off and not regret it one bit."

He laughed. "I hope you don't do that, love. Last night was bad enough without you. I don't think I could cope if you were in jail for the next twenty years." He lifted my chin, and I smiled at him. His lips touched mine in a delicate kiss. "Remember that I love you, breathe deeply, and think about us going home."

I nodded and leaned forward, dropping a small kiss at the side of his mouth, "I love you, too."

Coffee break over, we got back to business.

"Do we have any idea how much they have stashed or where?" Edward asked Seth.

"Yeah, Gerald gave up access to all their accounts. They have around forty million dollars tucked away. That's about twenty-seven Sterling, or Euros. It seems she's already spent a bunch that he was unaware of. The transactions show some pretty heavy spending at Bvlgari. The woman has expensive taste, that's for sure."

"Will we be able to recover all the items she purchased and impound them?" I asked.

Seth answered after getting the nod from Henri.

"Yeah, any assets purchased can be confiscated and sold to replenish what she stole. I mean, we won't get it all back, because it seems she spent plenty on other things that aren't asset purchases."

"Like what?" I asked, curious now.

"Bella, just other stuff…you know, wining and dining, stuff like that."

I didn't believe him. "Can I look at the bank accounts? All of them?" I wanted to know what Ms. Oberlauge had spent her ill-gotten money on.

Seth sighed and shook his head before signing on to his laptop and turning it to face me. If he would have removed himself from my chair, I could have accessed it myself, the cheeky arse.

I spent time accessing the Swiss accounts first. All the credits corresponded with the dates money had gone missing and the amounts stolen. Lump sums were then transferred to another account, from which I assumed she had done her spending. It looked like poor Gerald had had no say in anything once he had stolen the money. Nathalie had accounts in France, England and the U.S. Her U.S. dollars account looked as if it was pretty dormant, with a huge credit balance. She was obviously leaving that untouched for a rainy day. Edward stood behind me, reading the accounts over my shoulder.

The Sterling and Euro accounts were well used, very well used, actually, with pages and pages of transactions. The woman did not know the meaning of the word budget. There was transaction after transaction from designer couture houses. Harrod's had been a regular, supplying her with her daily caviar habit. I turned my nose up at that thought. Yuk.

I jotted down a couple of names that did not seem familiar. I looked them up on Google, because the transactions were also quite regular and for quite a bit of money. My eyes went wide, and Edward cleared his throat behind me, as the reason behind the transactions came to light. Edward's hand squeezed my shoulder as I stifled a giggle.

"Seth?" I needed his attention. "Are these transactions what I think they are?"

"Yes, Bella, they are. It seems Gerald and I were not enough for Ms. Oberlauge. She frequently paid for male prostitutes, as you can see from the transactions, and the corresponding online pages show where some were hired for up to a week at a time. The English ones were flown over from the UK first class, all expenses paid."

"These transactions total thousands of dollars. I dare not even add it up. Oh, my god, the woman is a nymphomaniac!" I said laughing out loud. "Well, that's money the company is never going to see again. Did you know how much these guys earned?" I asked again out loud, directing my question mainly to Edward and Seth.

"Bella, love, I think the agencies take the lion's share of the fee. I don't think the guys working there are millionaires or anything. They get the perks, though." My eyes bulged at his words, and he went beetroot red and stumbled to explain himself. "By perks, I simply meant expensive clothes and the like. You have a filthy mind, Miss Swan," he winked at me, while Seth shook his head at our interaction.

Edward whispered in my ear a little later that he was hungry and was going to pop out for a bite to eat. I asked him to get a sandwich for me as well. The office was quiet now, with only Seth and I left. He was busy going through the bank statements, while I just sat and pondered our findings.

"Seth, I'm sorry I introduced you to her. I feel like it's my fault you got used. You came here to see me, and I'm sorry."

"Bella, I made my own choices, I'm a big boy. I can look after myself. Look, we were both fooled. Let's leave it at that," he sighed and walked over, pulling me in for a hug.

The door to the office opened.

"Clearwater, will you please take your hands off my girlfriend," Edward's voice was dripping with sarcasm.

"Do you want to go back out and close the door behind you, Cullen? Bella and I were just getting all hot and bothered," Seth teased. I slapped him on the chest as I moved out of his arms and over to Edward, taking my sandwich from his hands and kissing him in thanks before I sat down.

"Good job I know you're joking, Seth, because I'm feeling better, and I'd hate to have to kick your arse for trying it on with my girl."

"Your girl can kick arses on her own when necessary, thank you. Now, when you two have finished pissing all over me, can we get back to business? What time is Nathalie due in?"

"She's here already," Edward nodded toward Nathalie's office. "I saw her in there on the phone as I came back in. They're due in the boardroom at two o'clock. We have about another hour and a half to gather more information on her spending."

"Okay, well, I'm out of here until then. I think I need a stiff drink before we confront her with all we've got."

Edward cringed at Seth's mention of alcohol, and I hid my smirk behind my sandwich.

It was lovely and quiet once again when Edward and I were alone. We ate in silence, glancing over at one another occasionally and smiling. I cleared away the wrappings and water bottles once we were done, with the intention of getting back to work.

Edward stopped me, though.

"Come here for a few minutes." He pulled me into his arms and kissed me hard and passionately. It was the sort of kiss that took my breath away, and I was along for the ride wholeheartedly. When we eventually had to come up for air, we look into each other's eyes.

"What did I do to deserve that? Not that I mind, of course. It was…well, it was…wow."

"You always deserve to be kissed like that, Bella. I want to kiss you like that every minute of every day that we spend together. Even when we're apart, I still think about kissing you."

"Is that all you think about? Kissing me?"

In answer, he growled a little and stalked off. I was more than a little disappointed. However, he surprised me when he stopped in front of the door and locked it before turning back to me, his eyes now dark and full of passion.

"Edward, what are you doing?" I asked him as he slowly stalked toward me.

"I'm going to make love to my beautiful girlfriend, that's what I'm going to do. I want her to forgive me for abandoning her last night and for making a fool of myself. I want her to open her body to me and scream my name as she comes undone around my fingers, my mouth, and my cock. What do you think she'll say to that, Bella? Do you think she'll let me prove how sorry I am to her? Do you think she'll let me show her how much I want and need her; let me make her come over and over here in her office?"

I swallowed hard, my panties instantly soaking wet, and I desperately needed some friction down there. I didn't answer him with words; I just slowly started to undo the buttons on my blouse.

"Stop, I want to do that," he growled, kissing my neck.

It felt wonderful, he felt wonderful, and I wondered for a moment how I'd ever thought I could have lived without him, without this. His oral assault on my breasts sent me over the edge, and I had to hold on to him tightly to stop myself from falling.

"Beautiful, so beautiful," he whispered between kisses.

I worked on his shirt and tie, not bothering taking them off, but leaving them hanging open. I still had access to his glorious chest hair and ever-so-sensitive nipples.

"Argh, Bella..." he moaned as I nipped and lathed his nipples until they were hard.

"I need you, Edward, right now," I begged him hoarsely.

"Patience, my sweet girl, patience, I want to take my time with you. No one will be here until two o'clock, so we have time to enjoy each other. I want to worship you, my love, please let me."

How could I say no to that? I was not even going to try. I submitted to him willingly and let myself feel his love radiate through every touch, every kiss. When he finally thrust into me, I was more than ready. I had come twice already, and I was still sensitive and aching for more. His lips and tongue were magic on my nipples as he kissed them with every thrust. I matched him, urging him on and on, deeper, harder, and faster, until we were both spent.

Once our breathing was back to normal, and I had stopped shaking, I glanced at him. His smile was one that matched my own. I loved this man so desperately, and clearly he loved me the same.

"Did I do something extra special to deserve that?" I asked him, dropping a kiss on his now-swollen lips.

"You're special, Bella, and I just wanted to love you. I missed you last night. My fault, I know, but I needed to be close to you, show you how much you mean to me."

"I know you love me, Edward, it's pretty clear. I love you, too, and I love our intimacy as well. But please, don't think you have to prove yourself constantly. Not that I'm complaining about your stellar methods, it was wonderful, more than that, actually, but I could've waited until we were back at the hotel," I winked at him.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm not trying to prove anything other than the fact that I love you, and I want to make love to you all day, every day. I know that's not conducive to getting much work done, but I can't help it, love. I'm in love, and I just want to show you all the time," he looked at me meaningfully with those eyes, smiling at me, and I melted again.

"Oh, Edward, what am I going to do with you? Well, I can think of a few things, but we'd better save those for later," I winked at him again and unlocked the door.

At two o'clock on the dot, we made our way hand in hand to the boardroom. Aro and Caius were already there. Seth and Henri joined us shortly after. Nathalie breezed in a few minutes later. Her eyes scanned the room, she was obviously aware that Gerald was missing. Henri moved to stand in front of the now-closed door, preventing anyone from getting out.

"Gerald sends his apologies, as he's tied up at the moment," Seth said, fighting a smirk, and I once again stifled a giggle, as Edward rolled his eyes at Seth's idea of humour. "So, ladies and gentlemen, shortly after midnight, we had another security breach."

Before he could continue, there were gasps all around, including, I might add, from Nathalie.

"This is ludicrous!" she yelled. "I brought you in to stop this from happening!"

"Nathalie, please, calm yourself and let me finish," Seth addressed her directly before continuing.

When he mentioned the breach had failed due to new security measures, she fidgeted in her seat. Aro and Caius made all the right noises about the theft being stopped, and then they started to question if Seth knew any more. When he said he did, Nathalie stood as if to make her way to the door. "Well, it seems you have this all under control now, so my presence is not needed. I'll leave you to it."

"Sit down, Nathalie," Seth, Edward and I said at the same time.

She looked shocked and started to bluster, but eventually she did as we had asked.

As Seth continued with laying out his findings, I watched Nathalie and saw a spectrum of emotions and colours cross her face. Aro and Caius smirked, but said nothing. It made me wonder if they'd had an inclination of what had been going on.

"Gerald was still in his office when Henri and I got there, he even had a case packed and flights to Barbados on him."

Nathalie grew paler and paler, and I was almost enjoying watching her squirm.

"So what did the snivelling little twerp have to say for himself?" Aro shouted.

"Well, it's kind of funny you should ask that, actually, Mr. Volturi, because Gerald opened up and sang like a canary."

"This is preposterous! Gerald is one of my closest friends. I'll never believe that he was stealing from me," Nathalie postured.

"Nathalie, Gerald made some pretty far-out allegations while he was spewing. They all implicated you as the real mole, the instigator if you like."

"Me? It's my company! Why would I steal my own money?" she sneered, laughing, obviously thinking she had us fooled yet again.

Now it was Edward's turn to step in. He motioned for Seth to let him interject.

"I was thinking the same thing, Nathalie. So being kind of nosey and a little bit intrigued, I did some digging. It seems that when Marcus died, the company was already losing money. That plus your spending sprees obviously preyed heavily on Marcus, because he changed his will about a year before he died. He gave you a hefty lump sum, plus an annual allowance from the profits, but the company was not left solely to you, so it's not all 'your money' as you've so frequently stated.

"This sum, plus all your household costs being covered, should've left you sitting pretty. But no," he shook his head and brought out of his folder a few bank statements. "The fifty million left to you was gone in no time. Seems likes you spent it all on showing a plethora of Parisian gentlemen a good time. The paltry two million a year allowance was obviously not enough for you. With Aro and Caius becoming involved, asking questions, and looking into the company's finances, you needed to do something. You're one greedy bitch, Nathalie Oberlauge. You had access to more money than most people could ever dream of, and you literally squandered it."

"I cannot help having expensive tastes. I like nice things, Edward, you know that," she had the nerve to stroke his arm.

He looked over at me, his eyes pleading with me to keep calm and not kill her just yet.

He shrugged her off and visibly cringed. I could not help a smirk. See, that was MY man right there.

"Expensive tastes in men, too, I see." He passed the highlighted pages to Aro and Caius. "Gentlemen, please see the transaction to 'pander to your every need ' and 'whatever your taste ' marked hereon. These, gentlemen, are agencies that Nathalie has used for male prostitutes. The transactions come to hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are also multiple transactions to top-end jewellers. See for yourself the level of spending she's done. Her allowance obviously did not nearly cover it."

"Nathalie, what do you have to say to this?" Aro asked, not even looking at her. He was too busy skimming the pages of spending records before him.

"Well, I'm obviously being stitched up here. Gerald is looking to divert the blame to me. Surely you believe me," she tried to deflect, adding an attempted look of innocence.

"No, actually, we don't. Gerald has no use for male prostitutes. He's in love with you, he told me himself, and has been for years. He's your puppet, Nathalie, he did it all for you, believing you'd eventually be together. Poor sod, does he even know about the money in the U.S. dollars account, or was that that another of your rainy day funds?"

Obviously caught, Nathalie snapped. "Gerald is an old fool! I can wrap him round my little finger, and I always have. He would've been easy to cast aside when I no longer had a need for him. I don't love him, I never have. He was a means to an end. I never even loved Marcus. He kept me in the manner to which I'd become accustomed, so I stayed. I use men for money, business and sex," she actually winked at Edward, and I felt myself rise from my chair. "Oh, sit down, Isabella, you won, Edward was never interested in me. My flirting was thrown in my face when you came on the scene. Before that, he only tolerated me, and his impeccable manners stopped him from being rude and telling me to 'fuck off'. So, Gentlemen, what do we do now? I'll give back the money, say a few 'mea culpas' and we all move on, I think."

I snorted loudly. The silly bitch really thought she was going to get away with it.

"Unfortunately not, Nathalie," Aro stood. "I trust I'm speaking for both of us?" he looked toward Caius, who nodded in agreement. "You, along with Gerald, will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I trust, Mr. Cullen, Mr. Clearwater, that all the bank accounts have been frozen, and all the monies will be returned? Am I also right in thinking we can insist that all assets purchased be sold to reclaim more of the company's money?"

Seth, Edward and I all nodded.

"I always knew you were a greedy witch, Nathalie, but my dear brother loved you. Marcus adored you, and he sent himself to an early grave providing for you. In my eyes, you and your greed killed him. I shall enjoy watching you being publicly humiliated when all this comes out, and I shall enjoy watching you being prosecuted and rotting in jail even more."

Henri stepped up to her and took her by the arm. Outside the door, the French police were waiting. Seth assured us Gerald had already been transferred to the police earlier.

The boardroom was a little quiet after they left. We all just sat and looked at each other.

Aro and Caius stood and offered their hands. "Thank you for getting to the bottom of this. No disrespect, but do you mind if we bring in our own family law firm to handle their prosecution?"

"I wouldn't mind at all. We need to get back home," Edward said taking hold of my hand.

"Will you take a few days to bring our team up to speed, or perhaps Mr. Clearwater here could stay on a while, if he's not too busy?" Caius requested.

"Seth? Any plans?"

"None that can't be changed, I'd love to stay and help out. I know this stuff inside and out, and I'd really like to see it through."

"That's settled then, you can stay at the apartment for as long as you're here."

Aro and Caius hurried out of the boardroom, their heads close together, obviously talking about our findings.

"Well, that was all a bit of an anti-climax, wasn't it."

"I'm just glad it's over with. So, are you really okay with staying a while, Seth? Is it okay if Bella and I take off?"

"I am, actually, I like it here, so you two are free to head home. Henri and I have become fast friends and have it under control here. He's a grumpy bastard, but I'm used to that," he smirked Edward's way. He walked out of the boardroom as well, leaving Edward and I alone.

"You okay?" he asked, bending down to look me straight in the eye.

"Yeah, I'm good now," I walked into his arms.

"I love you, Isabella Swan."

"I love you, too, Edward Cullen, so much."

"Let's go home, love? Shall we?"

"Home sounds lovely to me."

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