Serpent Kisses In the Dark

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Chapter 5: The True Book of Harry Potter's Life

Harry gathered up the book he wrote, and walked to the bookstore. He frowned as he saw all of the people standing in and outside of the bookstore. He brushed past most of them, and made his way over to the counter. He saw a man standing behind the counter, and asked, "Where can I find Mr. Tiberius Flourish?"

"Mr. Potter! Oh, right this way sir!" The young man led the way to an office in the back of the store. He knocked on the door, and entered the room when commanded to come in. "Mr. Flourish, Mr. Potter is here to see you. He's got the book with him."

"Very well. Thank you, Dillan. Come, Mr. Potter, let's talk about your book. May I be the first to read it?" The store's owner asked. Tiberius Flourish was a very honest man, and he trusted young Harry to write the truth about his life.

"Yes sir," Harry replied. He signed the inside cover of the book, added a bit of his magical signature to his signature, and handed it over. He watched as the older man read intensely. Biting his lip, he waited to see what the man's reaction was.

Tiberius scowled at the parts about the abuse, and the parts where the people he thought mentor and friends turned against him. Then he closed the book when he was done. He sighed, and looked up at Harry. "Mr. Potter, my sincerest apologies for not knowing about this and not doing anything to help. I'll make it up to you by getting the copies of the book done and getting them assembled today."

"Um, ok?" Harry asked, "Can I help? How many copies do we need to have on hand?"

The store owner's eyes widened comically. "You really want to help? We need at least 500 copies, to make sure that we have enough. If we don't, because frankly you're famous, then we make more copies. The spell is: effingo. It literally means copy. Now, we don't really have to say it 250 times each... We can just focus on having 250 copies of the book while we say the spell. Let's say it together without our wands first. It's pronounced, 'ef-fing-oh' Ready?"

Harry nodded, "Effingo," he said, along with Tiberius. They pulled out their wands, held them over the small book, visualized 250 exact copies of the book, and said the spell together. Harry looked around when they were done, and saw 500 books stacked neatly around the room. "We did it!"

"Yes, Mr. Potter, we did. Thanks for your help. Now, what would you like the title to be?" Tiberius asked.

"What really happened in my life. I want everyone to know that I'm not the person they think I am," Harry said, looking at the floor.

"I understand, son. I understand." Mr. Flourish put a hand on Harry's shoulder. He waved his wand, and on all of the books -even Harry's handwritten book- there appeared:

'What Really Happened In My Life

An Autobiography by:

Harry James Potter'

Harry smiled and said, "Thank you, sir."

"Please, call me Tiberius. Now, let's get these books out there." They floated the stacks of books out to the main area of the store, and up to the counter. "Come on, Mr. Potter. Let's sell these books."

"You can call me Harry, Tiberius. And... What?! Now? I mean..." Harry was shocked. He was going to sell the books they just copied? Oh, how did he always get into these messes? He followed Tiberius behind the counter, and they both sat down in nice chairs.

Tiberius called out to the customers in the store, "Everybody, today Mr. Potter has come to me to see if I would publish his book. If you want to read the real story of his life, and not the made up stuff that others have written, then come on over and buy a copy. I warn you though: No one under the age of thirteen should read this. It's too gruesome for those with weak stomachs." People started lining up at the counter, and Tiberius said, "You can get a copy of the book for 16 galleons. There's only 500 copies at the moment."

One woman asked, "Mr. Potter, do you have any proof that those other books are full of lies?"

Harry smiled gently at the woman. "Madam, I lived my life. I think I aught to know what happened in my life. The people that wrote those other books either made me sound like a raving lunatic, or like a prince. For example: 'The Wonders of Harry Potter's Life' by: Regina Marquis says, 'We don't know what Mr. Potter's life is like, but he must be living the life of a well-loved prince. The Potters are one of the wealthiest families in the wizarding world. One wonders what a young orphan is doing with all that money.' Martin Greyson wrote in his novel 'Harry Potter: New Dark Lord', 'Many wonder whether the deaths of Lily and James Potter had a negative effect on young Harry's life. Could losing one's parents at just fifteen months of age truly turn a child dark? Let's see: Mr. Potter has been hiding from the wizarding world since that fateful night. What has he done in that time-frame? Is he really the nice young boy that everyone hopes he is? Or is he going to be another 'You-Know-Who'?' " Harry sighed sadly. "I don't know how they got those ideas, but here's the truth: I didn't live like a prince, I wasn't loved by my relatives, my friends turned their backs on me, and my headmaster has been stealing from me."

Tiberius placed a hand on Harry's shoulder. "It's ok. If they want to know the truth, they can buy your book and read about it themselves."

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