Alexa Winchester


My name is Alexa Winchester but everyone calls me Lex, this is my story. I have two of the best older brothers anyone could ever ask for, Dean and Sam, and a father, John, who is always on the move. My mother, Mary, passed away when I was just 6 months old when our house caught fire. Which is why we do what we do, you see we are hunters, and no not of Bambi, of the supernatural. My father swears that something killed my mother that night in my nursery, something evil, and we have been on the hunt ever since staying in one crappy hotel room after another and training like soldiers to fight what you can't even dream about in your worst nightmares. At 18 years old I can know more about fighting, weapons, lying and cars then I like to admit sometimes. I am no girly girl growing up with three men but I have a soft side that I get from Sam but other than that I am Dean's double right down to how I dress and what music I listen to.

Dean- 26

Sam- 22

Alexa- 18

I finished brushing my long blonde hair and started thinking that maybe it really is time to get it cut again. Everyone always says I look like my mother but for the life of my I can't remember her, only what I see in pictures. I have Sam's brown eyes which I am thankful for cause they usually get me out of trouble, especially with my brothers. I threw on a pair of old jeans and Dean's old Metallica t-shirt.

"Damn it, Lex I swear to God if you are not out of the bathroom in 2 minutes I'm leaving without you," Dean yelled.

"Yeah, Yeah I'm coming don't get your panties in a bunch"

"We told Dad we would be there at 6 sharp! It is now 5:55 and even with me driving it's a good 10 minute drive" Dean's face started to get red with anger.

I flung open the bathroom door of the hotel we were currently calling home and pulled on a sweatshirt that belonged to Sam. He was in college at Stanford and once he left, we all stopped talking to him. Personally, we used to be very close but he left and chose a normal life over me and that hurt, but I couldn't help but miss him.

"About time, let's go!"

I just smiled and walked out to the car, a.k.a. Dean's baby. A '67 Chevy Impala that my father used to own before giving it to Dean so we could do a few jobs on our own. I climbed in the passenger seat while Dean started blaring AC/DC, my door was barely closed and already Dean had the car in drive.

"Alexa, I swear it's like you want to give the man a reason to be pissed off" Dean exclaimed.

We drove in silence until we arrived at the cemetery where we were supposed to be meeting him. I got out of the car and went to the trunk where we kept our arsenal and everything we could possibly need to fight the supernatural in a secret compartment. I picked up 2 shovels while Dean grabbed the salt and the gasoline. Dean already mumbling under his breath that we were about to get screamed at for being late. We finally found the headstone we were looking for 3 rows from the entrance, but my father wasn't here.

"Well this is weird" I announced. My father was always on time if not early for everything.

"Just 'cause he isn't here yet doesn't mean we are going to wait until he does, start digging" Dean said even though I could see on his face he was thinking the same thing

"De, when is dad ever late?" I asked as I stood there propping myself up on the shovel.

I of course called him dad when talking to his face or my brothers but he was never a dad. He was my father and I love him but he was always extra hard on me during training because of me being smaller and a girl. I can't help that I'm only 5'4" and Sam is a sasquatch, even Dean is almost 6'. We never had the best relationship.

"Alexa Lynn Winchester, DIG!" Dean screamed.

I started digging, I knew once I got the full name there was no way out of it. Dean pulled out his cell and scrolled down in his contacts until he found dad's number and hit send. The phone just rang and rang eventually going to voice mail. "This is John Winchester, leave me a message or if it is an emergency call my son Dean at 555-8976."

"Dad, it's me, we're here. Where are you? Call us back." Dean hung up the phone and sighed.

"Hey! Are you just going to stand there and watch or help me dig?!" I knew it was part of our job but there was no way I was doing this by myself.

Dean glared at me but picked up his shovel and started digging. About an hour later we finally hit something. Dean gave me a boost so I could get out of the hole and he smashed the coffin open, I leaned down to give him a hand and he got out of the grave. We sprinkled the bones with salt and gasoline. Dean lit his lighter and threw it in, immediately setting the bones on fire.

"Thank God, that's over cause he was fugly," I said

Dean just laughed and threw his arm around me and we went back to the motel. Dad wasn't there either. I was starting to worry.

"Maybe, we should call him again?" I asked as I started tapping my foot nervously as I sat at the end of my bed.

"Lex, he is probably just at a bar or got caught up in something, you know how he can get" Dean said as he flopped down on his own bed with a beer and began flipping through the channels.

My father was a heavy drinker and always has been as far back as I can remember. This made me think back to when we were younger.




Alexa- 8

"Sam, turn the TV down before dad gets home" Dean instructed.

"Dean, it's not even that loud and peanut is finally starting to fall asleep listening to it"

Peanut was what Sam used to call me since I was so much shorter than even kids my own age. Dean looked over at us on the couch. I had curled up into a ball and was almost asleep on Sam's lap. Dean was happy I was starting to sleep again. A couple months ago I found out that Dad wasn't a traveling sales man and what our family really did was hunt down monsters. I was having sleepless nights and when I did sleep it was almost always a nightmare waking me up in a cold sweat.

"I know and I want her to sleep but if dad comes home and starts yelling no one will be sleeping"

Sam finally agreed and turned the TV way down to the point where you could barely hear it.

"Sammy, why did you do that?" I asked

Dean answered for Sam, "Squirt, it's time for bed"

"But De! I'm not even tired! See?"

I sat up straight and did my best to look as awake as possible which was a hard task. Even at 8 years old I was getting dark circles under my eyes from not sleeping.

This time Sam answered, "What if I go to bed with you and rub your back until you fall asleep?

"Promise to look under the bed first" I asked warily.

Dean got off his chair and checked under the bed and in the very small closet our motel had.

"All clear squirt, now time for bed, I'm not saying it again"

I finally got off the couch gave Dean a big hug "Thanks De, I know I'm safe when I have Batman as a brother!"

Dean hated having chick-flick moments but his sister knew how to make him go soft at the knees.

"Bed, Now" He said as he smiled and picked her up and brought her to her bed.

Sam got up and tucked me in and started rubbing my back in circles and as he did I snuggled closer to him. He just smiled. Not even 5 minutes later dad came stumbling in the room reeking of alcohol and looked at Sam lying with me rubbing my back.

"Boy now I have told you before and I will tell you again, you keep babying her she will never grow up" He bellowed

Even at 12 Sam was never a good little solider.

"Dad, I'm just trying to get her to sleep" He said as he started to sit up in the bed.

Dad looked at me with aggravation on his face and disgust in his voice. "Alexa Lynn, why aren't you sleeping?"

I slowly looked at him and cringed. My full name from my brothers was bad enough but I knew once dad said it, I was in for it.

"Damn it girl, I asked you a question, you answer me when I'm talking to you" Dad reached down and picked me up by the shoulders and held me above the bed so we were looking eye to eye. I knew crying is a weakness in my father's eyes but I was so scared I couldn't help it. I prayed with all I had that he wouldn't see it. A single tear was all it took to set him off.

"Are you crying?! No daughter of mine will be weak" Then he sat her down hard on the bed and smacked the tear off her face.


Dean looked at his sister staring off into space and threw his pillow at her. "Hey, you alright over there"

I snapped out of it and looked back at Dean. "Yeah just remembering how he can get"

I got up and walked into the bathroom to take a shower before Dean got a chance to say anything else. I took my time in the shower and getting dressed trying to forget all the times my father had hit me. My brothers tried to protect me which got them hit too. They thought it had stopped as I got older. I would never tell Dean it was just last week dad backhanded me just because he thought I wasn't paying attention. By the time I got out Dean was lying in bed watching an Oprah re-run. I just stopped and stared at him.

"You are joking right?" I started laughing.

"You say anything to anyone and I'll tell Dad you got a tattoo." He threatened.

I immediately froze. How the hell did he know that? I had gotten a small four leaf clover on my ankle but I always wore socks to cover it. Dean was helping dad on a job and was supposed to be researching on where to go next but I'm rebellious and went to a local tattoo shop and had it done. I thought we were cursed enough as a family, maybe this will bring us some good luck, or me at least.

"What tattoo?" I asked as innocently as I could trying not to move my feet.

Dean got off of his bed and walked over to me, picked me up like a rag doll and threw me on the bed pulling my sock off in the process and pointed.

"That tattoo." He said very smug.

"How the hell-"

"I know everything I'm Batman remember," he said cutting me off and winking at me

"Yeah, you're Batman" I said rolling my eyes. "But even Batman doesn't have x-ray vision"

"Squirt, next time you do something like that, don't use my credit card" he said as he got another beer from the fridge and went to sit back on his bed.

"Oh" That was all I could say. I grabbed my sock and put it back on and climbed into my bed which was furthest from the door. Ever since I was little my bed, which I used to have to share with Sam, was always the furthest from the door.

We waited 2 weeks to hear from dad, calling everyone we knew to see if they heard from him and asked around town but it was as if he had vanished into thin air. We knew if he didn't want to be found he wouldn't be. I was worried, but secretly I loved that it was just me and Dean. At least for now I wouldn't have to worry about hiding an unwanted bruise from anyone. Dean came into the hotel room and started packing his stuff into his duffel and I just stared at him with disbelief.

"What are you doing?" I asked as I got off my bed and walked over to him.

"We're leaving, pack your things"

"LEAVING?! What if dad comes back and can't find us?" I stared screaming getting closer to him.

"Lex, we haven't seen him in 2 weeks, Bobby called and said he heard dad was working a job in Jericho, we are going" Dean kept packing and even started packing some of my things.

"I can pack my own shit you know" ripping my shirt out of his hands. I was starting to get pissed that we might be back with dad sooner than I would have hoped.

We finished packing and got everything into the Impala. Dean went to the office to check us out and I did one more sweep of the room to make sure we didn't forget anything then climbed in the passenger seat, pulled out a map and started mapping out our route. Dean got in and away we went. I put my ipod on and put my headphones in and told Dean to wake me as we got closer. He just nodded. I must have really been tired because next thing I knew Dean was nudging me and I had Dean's jacket laying over me like a blanket.

"Squirt, we're here" Dean whispered. Of course I was a light sleeper just like the rest of the family and nearly hit him in the face when I jumped awake. "Whoa, whoa relax it's just me," Dean leaned back in time so he didn't get hit and just looked at me like I was crazy.

I glanced over at him and all I could do was smile weakly. I had just had the weirdest dream. There was a woman being burned on the ceiling, I couldn't make her face out but she had blonde hair and there was blood dripping from her stomach. I have been having the same nightmare two nights in a row now.

"You sure you are alright, you're paler than usual, and that is saying something" Dean tried to joke.

"Yeah just a dream" I said as I shifted in my seat holding my stomach, "Where are we?"

Dean just smiled and got out of the car, "Stanford".