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Chapter 1- On the Battlefield

"Look out!" A clone shouted.

Glancing up at the sky, a vulture droid drove toward the raging battle firing its blasters. Clones dodged and ducked the bullets, some falling at the lasers mercy. Lightsabers held high, Jedi Padawans Sasha Monroe and Cayden Marshall blocked the blasts. As it came closer, Sasha leapt into the air, landing on the Vulture droid. Sasha cut the droids head off and leapt off as it spiraled in for a crash. Landing in a crouch, she smirked at her handy work.

"Nicely done," Cayden said coming over.

"Thank you," Sasha said standing straight.

"Next wave of clankers in coming," Scamp shouted over the battle.

"Well here we go again," Cayden said.

Sasha rolled her eyes and they dove into the heat of battle.

Watching from the command room of their base, Obi-wan Kenobi stood with his arms folded across his chest. Footsteps were heard walking toward him. Glancing over his shoulder, Obi-wan spotted his fellow Jedi and friend Jac Par walking toward him.

"They are doing well," Jac said standing beside him.

"They are indeed," Obi-wan said kind of distracted.

"What's wrong?" he asked. "You seem… distant."

"I sense a disturbance in the force," he said.

Jac turned to face him, concern on his face.

"How bad is it?"

Obi-wan looked at him. "Bad enough."

Sighing, Jac looked back to the battle.

"Should we warn them?" he asked.

Obi-wan didn't answer; he just smoothed his beard, thinking.

"I'll take that as an 'I don't know'."

A droid walked up to the cloaked figure, which was standing next to a tank.

"Mistress, the Jedi and Clones are overwhelming our forces," it said. "What should we do?"

"Send in the next wave," she said. "It's time for us to spring the trap."

"Roger, roger," the droid said.

Climbing into the tank, she ordered them to move out. Slowly the tank followed behind the next wave of droids towards the battle. Ventress smirked when she spotted her targets fighting in the battle.

Another round of droids came but not alone this time. A tank had just joined the party. Sasha and Cayden remained in front of the clones, making their way through to the tank. The tank raised its canon and was preparing to fire.

"Sash look out!" Obi-wan's voice rang through her comm.

Her and Cayden turned and ran as the tank fired. The missile flew and landed just behind them, sending them flying in different directions. Smoke filled the air, covering the entire battle scene.

A figure moved through the smoke and with the help of two super battle droids, carried the two unconscious padawans away.

The smoke slowly started to dissipate until the battlefield was clear to see again. Bodies were scattered everywhere and the spot where the blast took place was black.

"Get a squad and medical team down there," Jac ordered Commander Cody.

"Yes sir!" Cody said. He gathered his clones and headed out.

Jac looked out the window and reached up to place a hand on Obi-wan's shoulder. Both of them prayed in the force, their padawans were alright.

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