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A fighter pulled out of hyperspace above Serreno. It flew to the surface and landed onto the platform in front of the palace. Ventress stepped out of the fighter and walked with a quick pace toward Dooku's office. Pushing open the doors, Ventress walked in and knelt onto one knee.

"I am bearing bad news, Master," Ventress said her head bowed.

"Ventress, why aren't you at the prison?" Dooku asked his back to her.

"That's the bad news," she said. "Kenobi destroyed it."

"And our prisoners?" he asked.

"Gone. They were liberated."

There was silence for a moment then Dooku spoke up.

"This is disappointing, my apprentice," he said. "The Citadel is our only hope."

"We've captured it?" she asked.

"Yes, and I want you to meet the new warden at the prison."

"Who is it?"

"Osi Sobeck."

Ventress stood.

"Yes, my master. He will be met with the finest hospitality."

"Good, now leave for Lola Sayu," Dooku said.

"Yes master," she said.

She turned and left. Dooku turned toward the empty room behind him. He sighed.

"I sense that your future, apprentice, isn't going to be pleasant," he told himself. "The force has shown me that much."

The End

Foreshadow for the NIghtsisters episodes and the Citadel episodes! Which means UNIFORM CHANGE in the next book! New outfits for Obi, Ani, Ahsoka, and Sasha! And others but mainly them! Next book is…

Jedi Trials Book 9: Seduced!

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