"What if? "... that's a really BIG question so big it has an infinite combination of possibilities. This... is one of them.

So.. What if in a fateful night of October while an hero was sacrificing his whole family, a mysterious force decide to take the Fate himself and change its course? Well... let me tell you what happened.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or anything (from movie, to video game,to music or manga) that I'm gonna use / quote.

Little info: the "extra" character who will be with the blond fox is a mix of different characters ( mostly American action movie).

Think about a john McClain or Rigs from lethal weapon who found himself in a ninja world, I'm talking about an explosion-loving, hotblooded crazy( in a funny way) man.

He will quote from movies and generally be a bit loud mouthed , you better like/ignore him , because he will be in a lot of my stories, but he can be pretty nice , if you know him.

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Enough bullshits and let's begin. changelog: minor grammatical correction and some adjustment of the story.

Ja ne.

" You bastard" - demon talking / jutsu

"Let's finish this" - dialog

" Can it get any worse? " - thoughts

" Not so easy after all " - during flashback

-Konoha, outside the gate-

If you never came to the elemental countries try and take your time to visit this wonderful place, the locals are pretty nice, and the village is surrounded by a tall forest who they say was created by their first Hokage and look we are lucky enough to see an enormous fox try to level the place in a blind fury...Eh? No wait what?

" Summon : Gamabunta ! " in a poof of smoke , an enormous toad make his appearance.

" What do you want Minato ? " asked the toad

"Look" was the answer of the figure on his head , the blond spiky hairs flowing in the wind like the trench coat with the kanji for "yellow flash" on it.

"The nine tails, Wait! Don't tell me.." the voice carried a worried tone of extreme level.

"It's the only option we have, I will seal the beast inside my son, it will cost my life, but the village will be safe."

" I get it... just go and take him here, I'll try to buy you some time , but hurry , I don't know how much I will stand against the fox ".

Konoha, Hospital room 23-

A young woman with fiery red hair was hugging her new born son, his head resting on her heart, sleeping oblivious of the anger of his mother.

Kushina, "the red death of Konoha" was fuming out of fury, her husband, no, that BASTARD of her husband is going to seal the fox inside HER son, she can't allow that.

"They village will hate him and try to kill him, but The Idiot ( she will call minato like this ) still think my sochi (son) will be seen as an hero...what a fool"

What can a mother do in this case ? Maybe cry or try to run away, but Kushina knows another way to solve this.

" I hope the Chakra left in me is enough, I need -my Wolf- now" she said mostly to herself.

So , with all the strength she could muster , she ran her fingers in the seals she need , to an outsider this could looks like she was doing random movements, completely detached from the classical seals, she knows better.

"kuchiyose no jutsu!" she says, nothing happened, but she smiled at the voice in her head

" Did you call, master ?" the male voice says.

"Yes, I need you to watch over my sochi in the near future, how much will you need to brake free from the seal?"

"... about five years, if I do this in a shorter time, they will find out" the answer came after a short pause.

"Good! Better than anything, your -equipment- is still in place?" asked the woman

"My toys are where I left them, master" she knows he was smirking, and she likes it.

In that moment The Idiot entered the room.

"just take him and go, before I kill you" even if in an hospital bed, after giving birth and summoning, her Killing Intent ( KI) was terrifying.

"I'm sorry" was the answer as he left.

Somewhere in another plan of existence -

A lone figure was watching the toad fighting the fox , as the blond man reappeared on the toad head , at a little movement of the entity hand, the flow of time itself stopped quietly.

"Shinigami, come here" the entity voice was calm and full of warm,

"Yes, my lord?" the death god appeared in the room, kneeling.

"I know you have some plans for the boy, if you don't want me to know , I will understand , but just assure me that it will not affect too much the Land of the Humans"

" It will not " the shinigami could have said more, but the rest of the information was too much "personal". The entity, Kami, already knows that, but didn't say anything.

" Then call your agent, the woman had already reach his soul, it seems that you two had the same idea"

As the time start moving again, The shinigami nodded and with a sign of the hand summoned a single soul.

"Get ready, you'll go to Konoha"

And stop, this is the,rather short, prelude of the story, from here everything will change, I will follow the basic time-line and order of events and only after the Sasuke retrieval and following battle at the valley of the end my madness will be let loose and the chaos will reign. so in short sasu bashing( I hate him) saku bashing( before shippuden she was pretty useless) very slight kaka bashing( just for fun) council bashing( easy target) femhaku(really HE LOOKS LIKE A FUCKING GIRL, so whatever) strong/godlike naruto( really godlike). Hope you enjoy, rate comment and follow me as I DESTROY this delicious manga.