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Chapter 17 – All's well that ends well.

We went to the station and it was almost 4 am. I yawned all the way because now that adrenaline was wearing out I was finally feeling the tiredness of all these days. I sat on the back seat of the ambulance with Puck as they rushed him to the hospital to remove the bullet. Blaine was sharing the ambulance with Quinn and Dave went to the station with Azimio.

She was also examined at the hospital to see what kind of damage those sick people managed to inflict in it. All I could think about was how could I convince Azimio to explain to me why the hell he did all those killings. I mean I could frame Lauren on Quinn's attempt of murder but not the rest of the crimes.

For now, I'm contempt we took both of them off the street…for now. Quinn comes back from the observation room and sits beside me. The bruises on her neck look even more purple now and she can barely talk without exhausting herself in the process so we are just sitting on the chairs silently. She leans on my shoulder and I whisper Puck is going to be okay, I feel her nodding but I don't see it. I keep staring straight ahead trying hard not to fall asleep on the spot. I don't think i've ever drank this much coffee in my life, I feel her sniffing and reaching for my hand. I know she's finally letting her walls crumble and the realization that she could be dead right now is finally slipping in.

I put my hands over her shoulder and caress her shoulder trying to be of some comfort but i'm really lousy. I bet Britt would know exactly what to say to Quinn, I really wish she was here. She's great with people unlike me, she'd do exactly the perfect thing instead of patting pathetically someone's back after they have a near death experience at the hands of a loony.

I keep staring ahead sometimes pretending to be paying attention to the tv while Quinn has her meltdown, her sobs grow louder and I feel even worse because I'm all out of idea.

"Do you want some chips?"

"'Tana, that isn't exactly breakfast food" she says trying to smile in between sobs.

"The hell with breakfast food, i'm eating something that makes loud chewing so I block all your sniffling out."

"I swear you are the most insensitive creature in the world, S'Tana Lo'ez!" She says trying to sound angry."

"Whatever , I'm getting my salt levels higher than the Eiffel tower." I try to get up but it takes longer than usual because the tiredness is finally taking over. Quinn suppresses a few chuckles but fails and laughs loudly as I glare at her. When I finally manage to get up, I look at her and stick my tongue at her flashing my winning smile. Before I can process I'm being tackled on my side and someone presses a kiss in my cheek. I must have looked pretty shocked because Quinn is trying to laughs louder and wincing from the effort.

I lean against the wall just so I don't fall and I look at Brittany's face, two inches from mine. She's grinning so much and it looks like sunshine, it's a nice change from all this flourescent lights.

"I thought you guys might need breakfast."

"Right on queue, Brittany, Santana was trying to give herself a heart attack."

Brittany looks at me worried and I just shrug.

"A girl can't even eat her chips when she fancies them, nowadays."

"San'! That's so not healthy. I bought you peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and for you too" She opens her cute unicorn lunchbox and gives a sandwich to each of us, what is it with grown people wearing kid's lunchboxes? Yes, it looks adorable on her but, you know…

"Like this is any less unhealthy" I manage to say with a full mouth.

"Shut up, San, you have less manners than your daughter." Brittany says as she passes a little milk cartons to each of us. Quinn looks at me wide eyed because I just slump on my chair and don't snap at her. I pout on my seat, slightly offended, but it passes as Britt places her right arm around me. I just lean further into her and ask her how did she know where we where.

"You didn't say anything to me during the night and I got worried. After 5am I couldn't sleep and I called the station and they told me what happened to Puck and that you both would probably still be here. I thought you must be starving after pulling na all-nighter so I decided to bring breakfast to you. " With that she kisses my forehead and gets up to take our trash to the dumpster.

She seats and looks from the corner of her eye to Quinn's wound and looks at me questioningly. Quinn excused herself to go to the bathroom and I tried to explain.

"He almost got her, that's why she has the marks. I could have been too late, I almost lost her." My voice was cracking a bit because I was reviving bits of the night in my head for the first time. But before I could say anything else I was startled out of my head by her lips crashing into mine. She pulled away before I could process it properly and I sort of looked around but the people on the waiting room had their own worries to notice anything other than what was going on in their life. I was too stunned, I wasn't expecting that at all and it was the first time anyone had kissed me in a public place. By anyone, I mean a girl.

"Sorry, you just…you looked so sad I couldn't help…I know I shouldn't have…" Brittany was all flushed and looking at her feet and, I swear, has never looked anymore adorable than now.

"I'm really lucky to have found you, you know?" I take a her hand and give her a kiss in the corner of her mouth. Baby steps, I say to myself, baby steps.

Quinn finds us looking all sheepish and goes all "awwww", grinning from ear to ear. Before she can tease us more, the doctor responsible for Puck's operation comes out to tell us that it's all good. Quinn and I sigh relieved and Brittany, does a tiny dance on her seat that even the medic looks at her like she's the cutest thing he's seen all night. She probably is.

He tells us that we won't be able to see him until lunch hour because it was a rough night and a hard bullet removal so it was best to let him rest for some solid 6 hours.

I ask Quinn if she wants to come back with us to my parents house since they have two spare rooms and she accepts. I feel uneasy living her alone and it does take her a bit of the Brittany Pierce mind control program to convince her that it's best to stay with us and that my parents would be totally okay with her. It's not that I didn't say it all before, it's just like you just can't say "no" to Brittany when she does those glossy "lost puppy" eyes.

When we get to my parents house, they are up already, awaken since Brittany got out of the house. They have made coffee and my dad is just waiting for us to arrive safely home before rushing to his Hospital to start today's shift. He hugs the three of us and leaves.

My mother is not as easy to dodge, she asks a thousand questions, hugs both Quinn and me, crushing us against her chest whispering "pobrecitas" and a lot of spanish mambo jambo. While Brittany purrs all of us coffee and slices a bit of the chocolate cake to all four of us. She sits opposite to us smiling tenderly, giggling a bit as I look desperate and whisper "save me" while my mom maintains her grip on us.

When she finally let's go of us, my mom goes to Brittany holding her as well. Thanking her from taking care of me and it's my turn to laugh at her. But she closes her eyes and leans in my mom and I think I've never seen such a cute scene…at least, involving my mom.

She wipes a little tear from her eye and just whispers "what?" to me.

"Just miss my mom." She says a bit louder and my mom comes back to her smothering attack.

"Well, Brittany, you just found yourself another."

"Aww." Quinn and I say in unison and everybody giggles.

Then I see something sprinting down the stairs and I realise it's my daughter racing towards me.

"Mom, aunt Quinnie is okay!" I pick her up to my lap and she eats half my cake with one bite and gives a kiss to Quinn. She puts her hand to Quinn's cheek. "I'm happy you are back!"

"You should be sleeping, Laura. It's way to early." I tell her and she shrugs and I swear she looks just like me.

"I couldn't sleep ever since BrittBritt left. She's really warm, you know Mum?"

"I'm sure your mother knows that Laura, just eat your cake and go back to bed. Britt and Momma will be right up to rest with you" My mom cuts me and I blush furiously at the way she says "I'm sure your mother knows". Sometimes I think she's too okay with the whole thing.

I look at Brittany who is as red and me and she offers to take Laura upstairs.

"I'll be right up" I tell them and stay just for a bit more telling my mom the events of the night and showing Quinn to her room.

The next day, we spend the day doing the boring paperwork. We processed most the evidence and found we had enough to condemn them.

Apparently, Azimio had been a jock in his high school. He had everything a person could wish for in their teens. When he got his knee injured and could no longer play, everything went downhill. Football was going to be his career but it failed before it even properly started so he was left with no money, no girls, no college. He tried a few odd jobs but got more and more frustrated.

It began to pile up inside him and when a girl laughed on his face when he asked her out he planned to kill her as if it would bring him some sort of purpose in life. After that, it's history. They estimated that at least 10 of the unsolved murder cases could be linked back to him, one way or another.

In the middle of the day, we decided we were going to visit Puck at the hospital and we bought him flowers just to mess with him. When we got to his room, Quinn was already there squeezing his good arm and speaking gently. We left them alone after a bit but I couldn't help but to tease him over texts until Brittany told me to stop harassing both of them with dirty texts.

We took Brittany home and Laura made a fit on the back seat when she realized

Brittany wouldn't be staying with us at night.

"Sweetheart, Brittany needs to take care of her things now. She's been with us all this time."

"But she should come with us, we have space at home. We could watch tv and eat and you could both sing me to sleep. Did you know that BrittBritt sings very Mama? Almost as good as you" Brittany started blushing on the passenger seat not really sure how to act.

"Yeah, Mama has heard Britt speak. I can tell you there's very little, Britt can't do well."

I hear Brittany whispering.

"San, this is already hard enough without both of you saying sweet things like that." She looks me dead in the eye, like it's being physically painful to leave the car. She turns on her seat to speak to Laura. "I promise you, we'll see each other as soon as I can tomorrow" She looks to me again as if to ask if it's okay.

"Yeah, Mama is going to pick Brittany after work to go to that italian restaurant we love. What do you think?" And I wink at my daughter and she finally stops crying and gives me her attempt of a wink. "What do you say Brittany? Will you go on a date with both of us?"

"I wouldn't miss it for the world" She beams at me and gives me a kiss on the cheek. She opens the side door and gives Laura a goodbye kiss on the forehead.