Diego Guerrera put his headphones down on the table and started to pace back and forth across the room. There was nothing like a bug on a table's centerpiece to learn what one wanted to know. Except that this time, he wasn't particularly pleased by what he had heard. Holly had not admitted her love for her husband in so many words, but the conversation left no doubt that she had feelings for him.

His fist pounded against the nearest wall before he could realize it. She couldn't be slipping away from him, not now! What had started as his usual quest of lust and power had become so much more in the last few days that he barely recognized his life anymore. All he could do was to be with her or think about her, and the longer it took for her to fall into his arms, the more he wanted her. He was actually starting to respect her, he who had never trusted any woman besides his mother. His mother, who, incidentally, was the one who had taught him never to trust any woman beside herself, because they were all whores, right?

There was no question of hurting her now, or to force her against her will, like he had intended to at first if she resisted his charms for too long. He had men checking up on on her at every hours of the day, making sure that she was safe and that she didn't decide to leave without telling him. He could only pray that she would never remember the circumstances of her kidnapping, especially what had been going on in that truckā€¦

His mind then wandered to Roger, which did nothing to improve his mood. He had men looking for him all over the country, but so far they hadn't been to locate him. Yet he couldn't bring himself to believe that he had really gone back to the United States. He had to find him and to get rid of him soon. And that guy Ed had better bolt too for his own sake.

He grunted aloud, pissed off. "This woman will be the end of me!"

In New York, Johnny Bauer sat in front of his new computer, looking carefully at pictures on the screen.

"It's Guerrera," he said into the phone.

"Are you sure?" replied the man at the other end of the line.


The line went dead.