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Name: Akane Cross

Siblings: Masaki Cross(Mother), Yuuki Cross(Cousin), Hozumi Yamamoto(Father,Deceased),Kaien Cross(Uncle)

Race: Human

Appearance:Akane is medium height, reaching Zero to his shoulders and is taller than Yuuki by a few inches. She has fair skin with big chocolate brown eyes. Akane has long brown hair and has her bangs to the side. She also has a scar on her wrist when a vampire tried to attack her.

Personality:Akane is very kind, smart, brave, and respectful towards her elders,but can is cold and distant with someone she does not like, mostly Aido and the Night Class. She is strong but doesn't want to be a vampire hunter. She treats Yuuki like a sister and always watches over her.

History: On her thirteenth birthday, her father Hozumi was kiled by an Level-E vampire during a mission. Her mother cried hysterically for months and changed their last name back to Cross. Akane has hated vampires since, but still doesn't want to be a vampire hunter. But she will have to kill a vampire if she needs to. Yuuki and Akane were inseparable when they were children, and acts like an older sister to her since she is older by a few months.

Vampires. Or more like cold-blooded beasts. Vampires took everything away from me. My father,then my mothers's happy personality. They are the reason why I had to suffer from my father's death at 13. They are the reason why my mother cried hysterically for months. They are monsters, beasts in human form. But I still had to agree to go to Cross Academy. My uncle's stupid pacifist idea. Quoting,"Vampires and humans can get along." Pfft. We'll, I'll have to see it to believe it. I didn't go to that school to make friends with vampires and go along with his pacifist stuff. I just went to go visit my uncle and Yuuki. Only to make my mother happy. For once.

But every time look into a vampires eyes. It...frightens me. I freeze. I can't breathe. I just gaze at their red eyes. Even though I hate them.

We entered the gates to Cross Academy. I was walking by my mother's side when she suddenly yelled, "Where is my adorable younger brother and niece!"

I sighed and glared at her."Can you not scream for at least a minute mother."

She stopped and pouted."Well sorry for missing my brother. Don't you miss your uncle and Yuuki, Akane?"

"Of course I do."

She smiled."Well stop complaining."and continued walking.

I smiled and followed her, my mother can be a child sometimes. At least she's not depressed like she used to. My mother and my uncle's childish behavior proves that they're related. I have gotten used to it, I prefer that behavior than her depressive one like. At least she's not crying everyday, right?

We reached to my uncle's office and before I could even turn the knob, the door swung open and my Uncle Kaien came in jumping up and down."Masi! Kane! I've missed you so much!" He hugged me and nearly jumped on my mother, she didn't mind since she jumped on him too, what idiots.

Mother hugged him tightly."Oh Kai! I've missed you!"

They stayed there hugging each other saying "I've missed you" and "How have you been". I just stood there with my arms crossed,"Umm Uncle Kaien, can we go inside so nobody can see us?"

He let go of my mother and looked at me with puppydog eyes."What? Are you embarrassed of us?"

My mother did the same puppy dog eyes and stared at me. I sighed and used a fake smile,"Of course not!"They both grinned like little children and walked inside his office.

He sat down on his desk and started talking to my mother about the school. I was looking around and noticed something was missing. I looked at my uncle,"Where is Yuuki?"

He looked at me and smiled."Oh, she has Guardian duty with Zero. You do know what Guardian duty is, right?"

I nodded."Yeah, isn't it to support her pacifist idea."

He turned serious. That is one reason why I love my uncle. He can be stupid and idiotic sometimes, but when it's time for business, he's serious in a blink of an eye.

He looked at me in the eyes."Yes. You see, this school is for both-"

"Vampires and humans, I know Uncle."

He nodded."Yuuki and another student named Zero are the only Guardians in this school. They make sure the Day Class don't know about the Night Class."

I nodded."So the Night Class is full of vampires, and Day class...humans?"

He nodded and turned into his stupid, idiotic way.

"Why, my Kane has grown so much."My uncle said

My mother smiled,"Isn't she wonderful."They kept on praising me while I just looked out the window. I saw a young man with a black uniform, he had silver-whit hair and lilac eyes. He was quite handsome and tall. He was leaning against a tree, looked up at me and met my eyes, scowling. I jumped a little and looked away, a tint of pink on my cheeks. When I looked back, he disappeared.

"Oh Kane, here is your uniform."

My uncle spread his hands to me holding a cute black uniform. I took it and stared at it,"You will be in the Day Class with Yuuki."My uncle explained.

I just nodded, and then suddenly the door swung open and Yuuki came in out of breath. She was about to speak when she noticed me and my mother. She grinned,"Aunt Masi, Kane. You're here!" She hugged my mother,and then hugged me. Then the same silvered-haired man came in and stared at me. I smiled and looked down. Yuuki turned to the teenager, "Zero, this is my cousin.I told you about her, reme-"

"I know",Zero cut her off and leaned against the wall,"You were talking about her all day."He complained. Yuuki pouted and crossed her arms like a child.

I laughed."Oh Yuuki, you haven't changed have you."

She looked at me and scratched the back of her head."Umm,well,I guess not."

I smiled at her and she smiled back. My mother was still talking to my uncle, while me and Yuuki were catching up. Yuuki turned to me."So how has your mother been after your...well..you know?"

I looked at her smiling."She's would cry sometimes, but not like she used. She's kinda back to her old-self again."

She nodded."That's good. As you can see, my dad as been the same as always."

We both started laughing, when suddenly a hand appeared on Yuuki's shoulder. We both both looked up at the same time to see that it was Zero. She looked worried."What is it?"

He glared at her."We need to go on patrol."

She crossed her arms and frowned."What?! But Akane is here and-"

"Lets go."He growled.

She muttered,"Fine",and looked back at me,"See you tomarrow Akane." She walked out the door, Zero followed her, but stopped when my uncle called his name."Oh Zero, I almost forgot!"

He looked over his shoulder."What." He asked, obviously annoyed.

My uncle stood up."May you please show my lovely niece to her room."

Zero sighed."Fine."and turned to me.

My uncle smiled."It is right next to my room so-"

"I know." He said cutting off my uncle, this Zero guy is pretty rude. He opened the door for me, waiting. Zero started walking down the hall and I followed.

It was pretty awkward. We wouldn't say a thing, Zero would sometimes glance at me from the corner of his eye. There was something different about this Zero guy, but I can't put my finger on it. Then he finally broke the silence."So you know about vampires." It wasn't a question really, more like stating a fact.

I nodded."And you know about them too. Am I right?" He nodded, not even looking at me.

We finally reached my room, Zero opened the door for me. I entered and he followed. The room was pretty big. The room had a big gold chandelier hanging on the top, and had light purple wallpaper with little designs on the bottom. It also had a glass door to a balcony. I had my own bathroom, dresser, mirror, and...one bed. I cocked my head to the side."One bed?"

Zero nodded and leaned on the wall."Yes. The girls dorm-rooms were full so you'll have to live in the Headmaster's house."

I nodded, placed my uniform on the dresser, and walked to bed. I sat on the edge and ran my hand through the purple, silky covers. The bed was big, probably a Queen or King sized bed.

I glanced at was looking out the window, then I noticed a Hunter Seal tattoo on the left side of his neck. I stood up and walked up to him. He stared at me watching my move, I stopped in front of him and examined his tattoo. He stared at me, guess he was wondering what I was going to do. I continued examining his tattoo." A Hunter's Seal." He didn't answer, he just kept watching me. When I was about to place my hand on the tattoo, he roughly grabbed my wrist. I stared at him.

Zero glared at me."Don't touch me."and let go of my hand.

I bowed."I'm sorry." and took a step back.

He continued glaring at me."I'm leaving. You have class tomarrow at 7:00 a.m."

I looked at him and smiled."Umm, okay."

He nodded and left. Osighed and collapsed on my bed. I really need some sleep. Night Class full of vampires, full of stupid vampires. I just had to agree to come here. I mean come on, Vampires and humans don't go along. Vampires kill humans, not make friends with them. That's what happened to my father, and one tried killing me. I lifted my hand and stared at my wrist.

The scar was slashed across my wrist. I gently touched it,when suddenly I heard a knock on my door. I sat up and saw Yuuki there smiling."May I come in?" I nodded and she sat next to me staring at her feet.

I was quiet for a moment when Yuuki broke the silence."Your gonna like it here. Oh and, don't mind Zero. He's always in a bad mood."

I smiled."No worries. Why is he living with you guys anyways?"

She looked up at the ceiling and scratched the back of her neck."Well, his family was killed by a pureblood vampire and got bi..I mean. Then we took him in and lived with us ever since."

I squinted my eyes."What were you gonna say. That he got bitten?"

She widened her eyes."N-No. I wasn't going to. You need to sleep. You are gonna have a big day tomarrow."She said trying to change the subject.

I smiled. Yeah,your probably right. She stood up, said goodbye, and left. I sighed and walked to my luggage. I opened one of the bags and got my pajamas. I quickly changed and got in bed.

*Sigh*I bet my mom already left without saying goodbye. Well, she did seem happy today by seeing my uncle and Yuuki. I smiled to myself, remembering her face when she saw Uncle Kaien. But then again, she left me with a school full(well not entirely)of vampires. Then again, I wonder what they're like. Hpmh, I bet they're all bloodthirsy. Just waiting for a fragile human walk in their path so they can devour them.

I shook my head, I need sleep for tomarrow. My eyes started getting heavy and I drifted to sleep.

"Kane!Kane! Wake up!"

I grunted and opened my eyes to see Yuuki in her uniform already. I slowly got up,"What time is it?"

"It's 6:00. Come on, we have class today."

I yawned and stretched my arms."Alright. Alright. Calm down."

I got out of bed and started looking for my uniform. Yuuki spoke,"It's in the bathroom. I put it there already."

"Thanks mom." I said sarcastically.

Yuuki giggled a little and walked to the door,"I'll be waiting in the living room."

I waved her off and went in the shower. I heard a bang noise from the door. I got out of the shower and put on my uniform. It looked pretty cute on me, and started brushing my hair.

When I finished, I walked out to the living room. Yuuki was patiently waiting on the couch, and jumped slightly when she saw me. She stood up," Alright,come on. Class starts in 30 minutes."We both walked out the door and started walking to class. We finally reached class and Yuuki sat in her seat. I just stood there, Now where do I sit. Yuuki noticed me standing there and waved to me."Akane! Sit next to me!"

I sighed, walking over to my cousin. I took a seat next to her, and noticed to young girl talking to her. The girl stopped talking and stared at me."Are you Yuuki's cousin?"I nodded when Yuuki suddenly jumped up."Yori, this is my cousin Akane.",she said pointing at me. The girl known as 'Yori' smiled,"Hello. My name is Sayori Wakaba, but you can call me Yori."

I nodded and smiled,"Hello. My name is Akane Cross. Sadly, I'm Yuuki's cousin."

Yuuki turned to me,frowning."Hey! What's that supposed to mean?!"Yori and I started laughing while Yuuki started calling us meanies. I laughed even harder when she called us that. I suddenly felt being watched. I turned around and(two seats behind us)saw Zero staring at me. I stared back,wondering what he wanted. He glared and looked straight ahead."Alright class, take out your books to page 297." Yuuki and Yori sat down and did what he said.

Please don't call me up. Please don't call me up."Class, it seems we have a new student with us today. May you please stand up and tell us your name." Damn it, I don't like this teacher already. I stood up and smiled,"Hello my name is Akane Cross."

This is gonna be a long day.