Here is my One Life to Live fanfic! I'm actually really proud of the start to it, but I want to let any die-hard soap fans that I only was able to watch the late and great soap for the last two years so if I goof on some of the storylines please forgive me!

The main character in the fanfic is Julia Buchanan, Jessica Brennan's daughter she had in high school, the father is not shared to the readers until possibly later. More of Julia's back story is going to be shared in this and following chapters!



A night vigil took place in the town of Llandview in honor of Julia Buchanan. Police commissioner Bo Buchanan, great-uncle of the missing teen, gave the introductory speech to the crowd.

"We all gathered here tonight to gather support for a wonderful girl named Julia. Julia was taken a month ago today by her biological grandfather Mitch Lawrence. She was taken with her mother, Jessica, who fortunately was able to be saved through extensive police work days after their abduction. In the process of saving Jessica, Mitch was captured and is currently standing trial. Unfortunately, Julia still remains missing." Bo inhaled deeply to compose himself. "By being here tonight, we are showing that we have not given up and that we will not give up until Julia is home. I think that is fair. That we, the community of Llandview, do not give up on a young lady who did so much to make life better here whether it be through the volunteer work she did, lasting impression she left on us, or just that contagious smile. Thank you for coming out tonight. Anyone with tips for our investigators can please let LPD know. And Julia, if you're watching right now, where ever you are, just know we love you and you'll be home soon."


James Ford was returning home to his father Eddy at his chop shop. He'd attempted to leave to go to be with his brother Robert but his father still had legal pull over him being his legal guardian. He walked into the front door of the shop and saw something he never thought he'd see in his father's shop. A girl. She was working at a desk in the front typing feverishly at an old, outdated computer of his father's.

"Hi." She said smiling. "How can I help you?"

"Hey," James replied, "Do you know where Eddie is? I'm his son, James."

"Oh, okay, of course. He's in the back. You can go ahead. He's been waiting for you."

Of course he has, James thought, but simply replied "Thanks." He headed back towards the actual auto part of the shop, but couldn't stop thinking about the girl. She seemed nice and she definitely wasn't lacking in the looks department. What was she doing working for James's father? The stench of oil filled the shop. As he walked in, he came face-to-face with Eddy.

"James, back so soon?"

"Yes, I saw your new employee. What are you doing hiring some innocent girl to work with you?"

"Oh, you met Julie? She's great, huh? Hot, too."
"You're disgusting."

"Call it what you will. I'm a friend of her father's. Some car accident left her completely memory-free. Didn't even remember her own name until her father told her. So, I'm doing him a favor and watching over her until he takes care of some legal issues."

"Whatever you say." James looked back at Julie.


"I was only a teenager when I had Julia." Jessica started. "I was so unsure about everything. There was only one thing I was definite about her. She, as many of you know, was a very happy baby. And that happy baby grew up into a wonderful young woman who, unlike her mother, is decided on everything." Jess laughed under her breath as the audience surround did also on-cue. "She's one of the most persistent people I know. She sets her mind on something, and hell hath no fury like what happens if you get in her way. That's why I know my little girl's still safe out there. She's set her mind on coming home just as I have on helping her to get here. That's all she needs, some help. Because I know if she could, she'd be home with us all right now. Something or someone out there is getting in her way." She stared defiantly at the camera recording this to show at a later date. "Thank you all for coming out tonight. It means the world to me and Julia will be so thankful."