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Julia had gotten to school in plenty of time after breakfast with Brody. Now she was sitting in Lit class, but however boring the class may have been and however likely Julia thought it was that the teacher grew marijuana, it was better than being at home. This morning was better than most but that didn't say much. After Julia's biological Grandfather Mitch reappeared in Llandview her whole life was on the fritz. Her Uncle Jared was dead so her Aunt Natalie was a wreck, Rex was actually her uncle too, and not to mention the concern alone that her psychopathic Papa was back in town. John McBain- the lieutenant in the police department and the town's white knight- was doing everything he could to keep Mitch locked up but none of his charges were sticking (mainly because the new Mayor- Dorian Lord- was totally in his pocket). At least at school, she could just breathe. Her senior year was going to be a breeze she could already tell. Julia took multiple AP classes throughout her first three years instead of electives so now all she really needed was typing, consumer's ed, and other random classes for life skills that translated to easy A's.

Julia's phone was vibrating on its lowest setting in her pocket so that she could feel it but no one else could hear it. Inconspicuously, Julia checked the text from under her desk and saw it was from her cousin Matt and said "Call me". Matt was probably in lunch right now since it was fourth hour so Julia asked to go to the bathroom keeping her phone with her.

She checked the bathroom to make sure no one was in it and made the call to Matt.

"Hey Mattie what's wrong? Julia asked when he answered.

"Something big is happening, Jules." He started. "They're not letting anyone out for lunch. I tried to call my dad to see what was going on but the line was busy." He took a deep breath. "Be careful. I don't know what's happening."

Neither may have known specifically what was going on, but both had an inkling it had to do with Mitch. "Alright, thanks Matt I got to go. Love you." The two hung up and just as the bathroom door opened and a teacher walked in. Julia smiled at the teacher hoping they hadn't seen her phone before she shoved it in her backpack.

Walking in the hallways, Julia knew she should feel safe because of all the classrooms filled with people around her, but somehow she couldn't. There was a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach.

"Julia!" A voice called from behind her. Turning she saw it was the new art teacher Mr. Vega (Julia originally knew him as Cristian Vega whose family owned the Buenos Dias Café).

"Hi, Mr. Vega." Julia said.

"Hey, I wanted to let you know open studio is after school today, and I think you should come in and work on that painting- it looks like it's coming along really well, but I want to make sure you're not rushing it." Cris Vega thought Julia Buchanan was about as good of a kid as they came-not that he expected much less from Jessica Buchanan's daughter- and was nothing like the obnoxious kids she chose to associate herself with. She got good grades was active in every opportunity given to her and seemed to be friendly to every kid he saw her with. However, Cris also knew that Julia had only taken the class in order to achieve an easy A and fulfill her fine art requirement but he actually saw a lot of artistic potential in her if she would just apply herself rather than just turn in a cookie-cutter assignment she knows will give her a good grade. And after the short period of time when Cris had convinced himself that Julia- his high school sweetheart's daughter who was given birth too only a little while after graduation was his-, he wanted to make sure she got something out of the class.

"Okay, Mr. Vega. I'll work on it in class, but I'm not sure if I can come after school. I have practice." Julia smiled tried to wiggle herself out of any extra effort. She did like art a lot surprisingly, but other things had to take precedence to it in order for her to be the perfect Buchanan descendant she needed to make up for the fact that she was an oops from on stupid night her mom had in high school.

"Okay, I understand." Cris gave in. "Shouldn't you be in class?" He asked realizing that he'd found her in the hallway in the middle of a period.

"Yeah, I was just going back I had to use the restroom." Julia replied uncomfortably.

"Enough said." Cristian said. "So, I'll see you eighth hour and hopefully after school then."

"Okay, bye," Julia smiled and took off down the hallway in a quick-paced walk.

Later that day, Julia never showed up to eighth hour. If he hadn't known better Cristian would've thought she was cutting class, but in truth, Julia Buchanan had been kidnapped and wouldn't be returning very quickly.

DAYTON, OHIO Current time

James and Julia had been driving for almost three hours now. Julie guessed they were somewhere in Ohio still, but she didn't remember her own birthday, so trusting herself to remember the setup of the east coast was a stretch. "If you're tired, you can take a nap. You don't need to be up to watch me drive." James said.

"No, it's fine. It's the least I can do. I mean you're letting me tag along on your escape. That's one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me, or at least I think it is. I don't have much to compare it to." Julia looked to James and laughed.

James smiled back. "So the radio's not the greatest but you can put on whatever you want or you can check around if there are any CDs." He pressed the radio's "ON" button and Julie-not remembering any specific stations- just kept it on. She read the title but couldn't really recognize the title or artist but the song did sound familiar. Music seemed to be one of the only familiar things to Julie.

"So are you still in school?" Julie asked trying to strike up a conversation.

"I graduated high school last year." James said- unsure what to say next because of Julie's mental state.

"Okay, gotcha, I was in my senior year before the accident."

"Nice, do you just like have a break or something now?" James said.

"Yeah, I was homeschooled with by my dad before I came to work for yours, so I'm guessing the breaks were self-delegated."

"Do you remember anything about your father?

Julie pushed her hair behind her ear deep in thought. "Um yeah, he's a pastor or something like that-the woman who drove me to your dad's shop kept referring to him as the shepherd or something like that."

"Wow, so your life is basically just one big puzzle right now." James laughed.

"Basically." Julie replied laughing along with James all while taking a deep breath and relaxing into the seat of James's car.

"Then this is going to really be fun." James smiled as he merged onto I-80 towards Llandview.