'Waiting is so boring' Joey thought to himself. He was over at Luke's house. Everyone was gone doing something but him and Ingrid. Luke went out to go get them something to eat. He hadn't been gone long at all but Joey was just impatient when he didn't have something to do. But he did notice something that made him think.

Ingrid kept fidgeting in her chair. She would go from playing with her hair to adjusting little things on her clothes. Even if nothing was wrong with them. Joey knew something was up but he just couldn't figure it out. Just as he was going to say something, Ingrid got up and walked down the hallway. Joey thought she just needed to go to the bathroom so he messed around on his phone for a while, until he heard something.

At first, it startled him but he quieted down to hear. He set his phone down and he got up, following the noise. It got stronger as he went to the hallway. He could defiantly hear Ingrid. She was saying something that he couldn't figure it out. The noise was coming from Luke's room. Joey opened the door quietly and slowly to see Ingrid on the bed, naked. She was pleasing herself and moaning out Luke's name.

Joey hadn't been as quiet as he had thought. Ingrid heard him open the door and pulled the blanket over her body "Joey!" she gasped.

"S-Sorry…" Joey stammered as he closed the door. He went out to the living room and sat down, blushing hard.

Ingrid came out almost a minute later, dressed. "Joey, I-" she started. "Look, I didn't want to do this when you were over but this side of me…" she said as she sat down. "Me and Luke have been dating for how long and…" Ingrid drifted off, looking towards the window.

Joey understood. Ingrid had told him that she had a side that she didn't want Luke to see until they were ever married. This 'side' of hers was very dirty. Everyone had a side like that but Ingrid's only came out once in a while and pretty strong when it did.

"Well, it's becoming more frequent. It's just giving me so much stress…" Ingrid said, staring at her hands now. Joey smirked softly at the word 'Stress' but let her finish what she needed to say. "I don't want to be that open with Luke. I mean what if he doesn't accept it or want to or…." Ingrid trailed off again.

Joey looked at her in the eyes "I could help, you know"

Ingrid nodded "Yes, I know but… What would Luke think? And you're his best friend I don't think I could do that to him."

Joey shook his head "Just pretend I'm Luke. Close your eyes and replace me with Luke." Joey explained

Ingrid nodded after a while, seeming to think the option over. "Ok." She said then walked back into Luke's room with Joey following. Joey closed the door as Ingrid got back on the bed. She undressed herself and spread her legs. Joey climbed onto the bed over Ingrid. He felt up her body as she closed her eyes. It took her a few minutes to get Luke into her mind instead of Joey but it was clear when she finally pictured him instead of Joey.

Joey smirked and drifted down to her clitoris. He touched it softly to let her know where he was. He licked it softly and smiled at her response. She let out the cutest moan as her body shivered. 'No wonder Luke likes her so much. She makes the cutest noises' Joey thought as he went back to licking. He snaked his arms around her thighs to keep her waist in place.

Ingrid kept moaning as Joey pleased her sex. Joey felt Ingrid start to move her hips to his rhythm. Joey took one of his arms and brought it to his side. He slid his fingers inside her as he kept sucking and licking her sex. Ingrid's legs twitched as he found her special spots. Ingrid wriggled under him, moaning louder. "Luuuuuuuke" she moaned finally. It sounded so pleading that Joey almost felt bad.

He felt his pants tighten but he would never think of entering his best friend's girlfriend. Ingrid's breath hitched as Joey hit a spot. Joey tried to keep hitting it to please her most. Ingrid arched her back and let out a long moan. Joey could feel her gyrating getting faster and pressed harder into his face. Joey tried his best to please her the most. "Luke!" the small brunette nearly yelled, pleading him to finish the job. He could feel her getting so close. She wriggled under him, moaning loudly.

Joey shoved his fingers deep inside her and that seemed to do it. She tensed up completely and orgasmed. She wriggled around trying to ride her orgasm for as long as she could. Joey pulled out of her as she started to please herself again. Just looking at her, you could tell that she was relieved. Joey smiled contently to himself but got cut short.

"HOW COULD YOU?!" an angry yell came from the doorway. Joey and Ingrid quickly looked to see a very angry Luke, looking to kill, in the doorway. If looks could kill, half of LA would be dead by how Luke was glaring at Joey. Joey stood up quickly and held his hands up "Luke, it's not what you think…" Joey tried to explain as Luke threw a punch. Joey ducked in time and ran out of the bed room. Luke was hot on his trail "How could you, Joey?!"

Joey felt a shove as he fell against the ground. "Luke-" Joey got cut off as Luke picked him up from the ground.

Luke shoved him on the shoulders again. Joey struggled to keep his balance as Luke followed him. Luke shoved him to the door "I can't believe you, Joey! How c-" Luke stopped as he felt something on his arm. Luke looked down at a tear filled Ingrid. She had gotten dressed and ran after them as they had their scuffle in the living room.

"Just listen, Luke. He was helping me" Ingrid said, sniffling. She held back her tears. Luke calmed down a bit to feel sorry for his girlfriend.

"Y-Yeah. L-Like how I helped you? Remember?" Joey pleaded frantically, scared.

Luke clenched his fists and pushed Joey out of the way of the door. "I need to take a walk" he said as he slammed the door.

Joey sighed "I'll leave…" he said and left without looking at Ingrid. He walked out of Luke's house into the night and heard banging. He walked around to see Luke kicking over trash cans. "Look, Luke…" Joey started.

Luke turned around "Sorry… I… I just…" he tried to start. "I just wanted to be the first one. Besides, it's my girlfriend…"

Joey shook his head and touched his shoulder "She was picturing you instead of me anyways. I wouldn't have done anything other than what I did. I couldn't do that to you, Luke. Your my best friend." Joey said then put his mouth to Luke's. It looked like a kiss but it was just to get Luke to taste Ingrid. Joey pulled away after a few seconds. "She's wanted you for a while, like how you've been wanting her." He said then he turned to his car.

Bonus scene - Luke's POV

Since Joey was over and none of them had eaten, I had to go and get the food. I'm not complaining but I just felt a little guilty leaving my girlfriend and my best friend alone in a house together with nothing to do. It was almost time that everyone got off of work and was trying to get home so I tried to hurry. I got to the restaurant and ordered the food. It didn't take that long since no one was coming in yet. As I left, people started to pile in and I sighed.

I got back into the car, ready to sit in traffic. I drove onto the road and dealt with the traffic. It felt like it was slower than any other day but maybe that's just because I wanted to get home as fast as I could. I hate sitting in traffic but then again, who doesn't? I just hope that Joey and Ingrid found something to do while I'm sitting here.

I watched as the sun went down and I was still in traffic. This is in no way okay. I finally got onto a road where it wasn't as crowded but it still took a while. I finally reached Echo Base and got out with the food. I open the door to the garage and I hear something. It's faint so I stop, trying to hear it again. I wait a few seconds and there it is again. I can't make it out but I defiantly hear something. I walk into the house and put the food down. I hear the noise again and I freeze, I even hold my breath. The noise came again and it sounded like my name. I quietly walk into the living room. Joey's not there nor is Ingrid. I hear the noise again but this time it's defiantly clear. I hear my name in a pleading way and I walk around, trying to find the source.

It didn't take me long to find where it was coming from. I look down the hallway at the bedrooms. I walk down the hallway and freeze, hearing a moan from Ingrid then her moan out my name. Something turns within me but I can't place it. Jealousy? Aroused? I open my door, expecting to just see Ingrid but what I see makes my heart drop. Joey is lying on my bed with his head in between Ingrid's legs and it's quite clear what he's doing. She doesn't seem to be resisting it.

I can feel anger building inside my core. My face was probably getting red but I honestly didn't care. My anger was slowly building until Ingrid orgasmed, that's when it came like a freight train. I clench my fists and I couldn't stop myself from what I yelled

"HOW COULD YOU?!" I yelled angrily and loudly. I don't think I've ever been this mad before. It must have been bad by the look that Joey was giving me. He threw his hands up like he was innocent. In no way could he possibly make me think he was innocent since I saw exactly what he did.

"Luke, it's not what you think..." he says, trying to calm me down. This just enrages me more that I didn't know what I was doing until after it happened. I swung my fist at Joey, wanting to punch him as hard as I could muster but he ducked and ran out the door. I turned on my heels and was right behind him.

"How could you, Joey?!" I yell again. I shoved his shoulders and he fell down onto the floor. He rolled over quick and started to say something but I wasn't listening. I picked him up by his shirt and I shoved him again. He almost fell over, too bad he didn't, and I followed right after him. I shoved him into the door and I heard a small gasp of pain.

"I can't believe you, Joey! How cou-" I start to say clenching my fists, getting ready to finally punch him in his pretty face. I stop when I feel a small, tender hand on my arm. I shoot a death glare at what ever touched me, thinking it would have been John, Jason, or Alex that came home early and was trying to stop me. But Ingrid was there, her face full of tears. My anger suddenly washed away as I saw my girlfriend cry in front of me.

"Listen, Luke. He was helping me," she said with a sniffle. I couldn't be mad at a face like that but that just made me mad at myself.

"Y-Yeah. L-Like how I helped you? Remember?" Joey pleaded. I honestly just wanted to sock him in the mouth. I didn't want to talk to him right at the moment. My mind finally started to process what was going on and I got really mad at myself, feeling so stupid and dumb. I clenched my fists again and shoved Joey out of the door. It took a lot of strength not to punch him but I did. I honestly didn't know what I said to excuse myself but I slammed the door.

I walked out into the night and ran around to the side of the house. I wanted to punch something and I looked around frantically. I punched the trash can and kicked it over. I kept kicking it, half wishing it was Joey and half wishing it was me.

"Look, Luke" Joey says. He must have followed me. I turned on him, wanting to punch him but as I turned my anger just slipped away. I felt like I had to explain myself.

"Sorry… I… I just…" I started, trying to find words to express myself. "I just wanted to be the first one. Besides, it's my girlfriend…" I guess that's what it was. I didn't even think before that came out. Joey just shook his head and placed his hand on my shoulder.

"She was picturing you anyways" he said. I guess that's something going for me. "I wouldn't have done anything other than what I did. I couldn't do that to you, Luke. Your my best friend." Joey said then he suddenly kissed me. It really wasn't a kiss more of just putting his lips to mine. I could taste, what I assumed to be, Ingrid. It probably looked like a kiss and I really hope that no one was watching. Joey pulled away then said

"She's wanted you for a while, like how you've been wanting her." After that, he turned and went to his car. I stood there for a second or two, collecting myself, then I walked back inside. There was Ingrid who had stopped crying and wiped her tears away. I looked down at the floor, suddenly very sorry. I thought she would hit me or lecture me but instead she just hugged me. I hugged her back, suddenly kind of happy.

"So, how was Joey's kiss?" she asked, jokingly. I chuckled softly at her joke and I kissed her forehead.

"Nothing compared to yours"

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