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The Importance Of Family

Chapter Five

The living room was packed with people, some Danny hadn't seen in years but very happy to have him back in the city he grew up in. Danny wasted no time introducing Steve as his boyfriend to his friends. There were a few shocked faces on some but everyone was glad to see Danny happy.

One friend in particular, Jason Franks, Danny's friend since grade school. A few inches taller than Danny, Jason had bright red hair, a freckled face, and a warm charming smile that could melt a block of ice. Steve immediately took a liking to Jason and was currently listening to him retelling stories about the two of them when they were younger.

"I am so bringing a picture of you with a Mohawk back to Hawaii with me to show the rest of the team," Steve laughed after Jason finished telling his story about Danny in high school involving the high school principle, his toupee, and a flagpole. "I can't believe you did that."

"Yeah that was pretty embarrassing," Danny chuckled, lightly punching Jason in the shoulder. "Probably the most embarrassing thing I've ever done."

Jason turned to Danny, his eyes twinkling with mischief. "Now we both know that's a lie."

Danny knew he was in trouble from the look alone but the tone helped seal the confirmation. He tried to put his hand over his friend's mouth to keep him from talking. "No, oh god no."

But Steve gently pulled him away. "Yes." All Danny could do was groan heavily.

"So I have this cousin right, Mike," began Jason, smirking at Danny and Steve. "And for his twenty-first birthday he wanted to go to this club called the Rainbow Room which was a gay club downtown. I'm a secure guy, I have no problem spending a Friday night in a club full of half naked men and women I can't have but I can still look right. So anyway, I manage to rope Danny and a few other guys into coming along with us."

"I can't believe you actually agreed to go."

"Oh he didn't need much convincing and from the moment we entered all eyes are on Danny, dressed in a simple white wife-beater and a pair of faded ripped denim jeans."

"They were not," Danny barked in retaliation.

Jason just smiled. "Danny, as soon as we got to the bar you already had a drink waiting for you," he countered.

"That was fluke."

"So the ten thousand drinks you got for free the rest of the night were flukes as well?"

"Well...that was...I-"

Steve gave Danny a loving pat on the back and slid his arm around Danny's shoulder. "Let it go Danny, you were hot," chuckled Steve playfully. "So free drinks all night. Somebody must have been pretty wasted."

"Drunk off his ass," Jason laughed. "So we decided to have a little fun with him. Now, we learned early on that you can get a drunk Danny to do almost anything so we dare him to kiss the next guy that buys him a drink. Not even a minute later this guy dressed in black leather pants, silk red shirt, and tousled black hair stalks over to the bar, right up to Danny and buys him another drink."

"Oh please don't-" began Danny.

Jason cut him off with a smirk. "But I gotta Dan, I just gotta."

Danny grabbed Jason by the shoulders and shook him softly. "Jason...Jay," he begged. "If you are my friend you will not tell this story."

"Danny I am your friend and that's why I'm telling Steve," Jason replied, removing Danny's hands away from his shoulders. "Don't you want to be closer to him," he asked coyly. He smiled once more when Danny let out another loud groan which he ignored. "Anyway, Danny takes the dare and before anyone can bat an eye he has silk shirt pressed against the bar and smashes their lips together. The guy is so shocked he lets out a gasp but that just gives Dan the opportunity to shove his tongue down the poor guy's throat. It was hilarious."

"No it was embarrassing," scoffed Danny. "I didn't even know the guy."

"Well you got to know the back of his throat pretty well."

Danny released an anguished groan. "I hate you...I hate you so much."

Steve could feel his body stiffen at the mention of Danny kissing some random guy in a club. "What happened next?" asked Steve tensely, almost too afraid to hear the response.

Jason continued laughing. "Well it was funny until silk shirt tried to stick his hand down Dan's pants and that's when we knew it was time to go. We grabbed Danny, pulled him away from the guy, and left the club but not without protest."

"Oh from the guy."

"No from Danny. Apparently the guy tasted like candy and had very soft lips."

"To say I was harassed for years after that incident would be an understatement," Danny ended with a sigh. "Seriously Jason tries to tell this story every chance he gets."

"I rock at telling stories, everyone knows that." Jason turned to Steve and immediately noticed that the tall man was suddenly extremely tense. "You okay Steve?" he asked

Steve forced himself to smile at both Danny and Jason and shook his head. "Yeah I'm fine," he lied. "I'm gonna go get another beer. I'll be right back.

Danny found Steve ten minutes later sitting at the bottom steps of the garage. Walking up quietly behind him, he softly nudged him with his knee and gained his attention. "What happened to getting another beer and coming right back?"

Steve shrugged, turning back around. "I just came out here to clear my head."

"So when I asked you if you were okay and you told me you were fine that was a lie."

"No Danny I am fine," spat Steve as he stood up and walked a short distance away from Danny. "Just not sure if I want to hear any more stories about you making out with random dudes at clubs."

"Seriously," Danny asked incredulously and followed Steve. Danny reached out to grab his wrist. "That's what this is about. You're jealous."

Steve scowled unhappily as he snatched his hand away from Danny's. "You can wipe that smirk from your face because I'm not jealous."

"You're not."


Danny in no way believed him, especially with Steve making Aneurysm Face Number Four. The face that was mostly reserved for people who got a little too friendly with Danny whenever the two of them were together. He wasn't about to let this go. Placing himself directly in front of Steve, Danny set his hands on Steve's waist. "So if I told you that the guy managed to get my name and number from Jason's cousin Mike and he called me numerous times because he wanted to go out with me you wouldn't care."

"No," he replied adamantly, crossing his arms and shaking his head. "Not at all."

Danny continued to smile mischievously. "And if I told you I finally broke down and said yes you still wouldn't care. Not even if we meet in a motel room and stayed there for the entire weekend."

Steve felt his head snap as he looked down at Danny. "I thought I was the only guy you ever been with," he growled.

"You are," replied Danny shrugging. "I just made that last part up so you would admit you were jealous and you are. You're jealous of one moment I had with a guy in a complete lapse of judgment."

"Your damn right I am because I don't like the thought of you kissing other guys."

Danny let out a chuckle. "Babe I hate to tell you there have been other incidents during drunken hazes and stupid dares that involved me tonguing other guys."

Steve knew he was being ridiculous. Why should he be jealous of Danny kissing someone else long before they met? He shouldn't be but there were times he became jealous of Danny's past with Rachel. Sometimes he couldn't help but wonder what exactly it was that Danny saw in him, why he stuck around and continuously put up with his crazy antics. Steve knew that if the shoe was on the other foot, Danny wouldn't be jealous of him but still- "Shit Danny you-"

"But I will tell you this," Danny quickly interrupted, placing a hand on Steve's chin and holding it firmly. "There will be no other guy after you. In fact, there will be nobody else after you."

"You tryin' to tell me something Danno," whispered Steve huskily, watching Danny's hand moved across and down his body.

Danny grinned mischievously as his hand slid down Steve's stomach and cupped his half-hard erection through his jeans. "Yeah. Something like that."

Steve jumped back, startled. "Danny what are can't. What if someone walks in?"

"Locked the door behind me and plus, nobody ever parks in the garage. Not since dad lost the remote years ago and never replaced it. It also helps that we're all too lazy to just get out and open it."

"Danny still-"

"Would you just trust me?" Danny smirked as he sunk down to his knees, pulling down Steve's pants and boxers in the process. "I know what I'm doing." He didn't waste any time, swirling his tongue around the head of Steve's cock before swallowing it, slowly sucking it into his mouth.

"Of course you do," whispered Steve huskily, his hands immediately diving into Danny's hair as he tugged him closer. "Danny please."

He did as he was told, swallowing Steve deeper into his mouth and trying his best not to smirk at the delicious moans slipping from Steve's mouth. Danny hollowed his cheeks, sucking Steve harder with such a force that it isn't long before Steve is coming. Shouting his name before his warm release spilled down Danny's throat.

One final lick of the flaccid head and Danny was standing up again, head nudge in the crook of Steve's neck. He could feel Steve's heartbeat beating rapidly against his cheek. "Feel better," he asked smugly.

"Shut up," Steve growled softly as he banged his head against the wall causing Danny to laugh.


Ten minutes later calm and readjusted Steve and Danny returned to the party and immediately came face to face with Danny's sisters and their husbands. Each wearing a knowing grin on their face.

Danny let out a groan because he knew this would become another moment he would never be able to live down. An n instant blush crept across Steve's face and unable to look anyone in the eye he muttered something about getting a beer and walked away before anything could be said.

"Coward," Danny muttered at Steve's departure as he tried to walk passed his sisters but they didn't budge. "May I help you?" Danny scowled as he glared at his sisters.

"Wow," gasped Elizabeth teasingly. "Someone is incredibly snarky after having fun times in the garage with their boyfriend. Don't you agree Cecelia?"

"I do Elizabeth and isn't that quite sad. Maybe it wasn't good."

He let out another growl as he moved his glare from Elizabeth and Cecelia to their significant others, standing behind them and failing miserably at looking innocent. "Are you going to do something or are you just gonna stand there and watch them humiliate me?"

Mitchell, Elizabeth's husband simply raised in hands in defeat. "You know I would if I wasn't terrified of getting my ass kicked."

Paul shrugged. "They were your sisters first," was his reply before he and Mitchell walked away, leaving Danny alone in the presence of his sisters.

Elizabeth reached out and slapped her husband on the ass, and smirked.

"That's my bitch."

"You know what-"

"We know Danny we know," sighed Cecelia as she rolled her eyes at her brother's familiar saying. "We're evil harpies who don't know how to mind their own business and you hate us so very much."

He gave her a nod. "Yes I do, always remember that." Walking closer to both of them and gestured them closer. "By the way," he whispered, "when it comes to my 'fun time' with Steve, he's so much better than good. Way better," smirked Danny coyly, brushed past his sisters and back towards the party and Steve.

Cecelia and Elizabeth watched Danny walk away, find Steve and immediately wrap an arm around his waist. They turned and looked at each other "Is it wrong that I'm a little jealous of my brother's hot Navy boyfriend?" Elizabeth asked her sister.

Cecelia shook her head. "Not if we can be wrong together because that man is something else," she smiled, biting her lip softly.

"Okay yeah, then I'm totally jealous," Elizabeth grinned.

"Amen sister."

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