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I am not too far into the series… I started a few weeks ago and I'm currently on episode 197(The end of the Skypeia arc)… I still have a ton of episodes to go through and I don't know a lot of the characters and much of the back story, but the characters I am using are Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Ussop, Nami, Chopper and Robin. I had the story idea in my head while I walked my dog, and I felt like I needed to write it.

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I sigh and run my fingers through my long black hair. I listen to the birds sing their morning melody. The overpowering sound drowned out the engines of the few cars that were driving along the road that wasn't far from the path I was currently on.

I continue walking down the dirt path that I used as a shortcut for the past 5 years. Rays of sunlight, that managed to pass the trees, were coloring the path ahead of me. I sigh and check the time on my phone. The clock read 8:23. I calmly place it in my pocket and continue my dreadfully slow pace. I was delaying as much time as I possibly could before I was considered late.

I was currently making my way to hell. I often question myself why I go to hell, but when there's a bad, there should be a good… hopefully. This 'hell' is my school, specifically, mine. I live in a fairly wealthy community, that's not always a bad thing, but the one apparent bad thing is, that it's filled with obnoxious teenagers who feel the need to brag and bitch about every little thing. I honestly wouldn't mind living here if I had friend or people I actually like at the school, but all of them moved, so I'm stuck here like a lone wolf. Although, I am nice to the people who are nice to me. I just avoid talking to people unless it's awkward, or if I am forced to.

The sound of the warning bell rang through the trees, breaking me from my thoughts. I quickly walk down the path and catch the view of the large two-story building that manages to fit a thousand or more kids. From far away, I can see a few of the younger kids clutching their mothers/fathers leg, wailing and crying.

I change my fast walk to a sprint and make my way to the entrance. I slow my pace when I see the two doors that I always try to avoid going through. I sigh, for the third time, and drown out all of the voices around me. I walk through the doors and try to find the homeroom classes for year twelve students. This was my last year at this school and thank god for that.

After finding the sheet of paper that informed me of my class number, I made my way to the said room. The said room being room 124, it was on the second floor in the middle of the two staircases separating both floors. I walk in the room and notice 3 glares towards my direction. I glare back and they quickly look away. I roll my eyes and look around the room. The classroom is fairly large and most of the tables are taken. Although, one table was avoided and no one sat there except for one person. I raised a brow and noticed the person at the table was a very, very muscular mysterious man. He also looked quite hairy, by the looks of it.

Of course no one wants to sit with him. All of you are all just shallow and pathetic. Who knew?

I shrugged my shoulders and walked towards the table at the back of the room. I ignored all the snide comments about the man sitting alone and I. Before I reached the table a tall bleach blonde girl stood in my way. I hardened my eyes and stared into her blue ones.

"Excuse me," I ask as politely as possible. Her posse laughed like it was the greatest joke ever told. She smirked. I continue to stare at her face that had looked like she was given a makeover by Oompa Loompa's.

"It seems like you don't remember me," She replied in her high fake voice, "I was the one who totally kicked your ass last year."

I blinked unfazed by what she had said. When people decide to pick fights with me, I let them do what they want. I'm not a type of person to fight back unless it's needed, but when they're picking on a friend. That's when I fight. I had gotten into a brutal brawl in grade 8. The man, whom pulled a knife at my best friend, had broken bones and fractures after our fight. I was pressed with charges, but I wasn't sent to jail. Many feared me after that, but many decided to test their strength.

"Cool," I mumbled, "now will you please move out of my way?"

Her posse yet again laughed their annoying laugh. She smiled and let me pass, but when I walked passed she whispered in my ear and grabbed my shoulder, digging her fake nails into my skin, "You're just a pathetic little bitch who tries to act like she's the best. I'm going to come after you and kill you one day, and no one will notice."

I simply walked by and didn't turn around. I just wanted to sit down, go through all my classes, eat lunch, resume my classes and leave this dreadful building. When I got to the table at the back of the room, the bulky man looked up at me with a curious glint and looked back down. He was wearing a red top-hat with a white 'X' in the front.

That's when I realized. The top hat was exactly like one of the characters in the anime that I had just watched.

Anime is one of the few things that gives me happiness. I'd rather watch animation than anything on the TV. I assumed it was a cosplay hat. I inwardly grinned, happy that I had found someone who watches anime. At my school, no one watches it, or they think it's 'gay' and/or 'lame'.

I slightly smirked and asked, "Mind if I sit here? You look quite lonely."

"Uh," he started in his low voice, he coughed awkwardly and kept his face hidden from my view, "if you'd like."

I sat across from him, not wanting to make it awkward or go into his personal space. We sat in a random silence for a few seconds. Screaming and yelling could be heard around the classroom while both of us were coughing and sighing from time to time. I turned to face the clock hanging above the door of the room. The bell was going to ring in another 15 minutes. I internally facepalmed and remembered they ring the bell early on the first day. Since I didn't want to sit through the random silence, I decided to start a conversation.

"So, um… Are you new here?" I ask. I wait for a minute and realize that he might have not heard me. I repeat in a stronger and louder voice, "Um, are you new here?"

It seems I got his attention because he jumped and tilted his face up slightly.

"I am," he responded.

"Bad choice of school…" I mutter to myself quietly. It seems he might have not heard me again, I can't blame him, so I wave it off and say, "Anyways, what's your name?"


"Shit. Sorry, I'm supposed to introduce myself first, aren't I?" I laugh nervously and grab the back of the neck with my right arm, "The name's Krissa, but you can call me whatever you'd like."

I extend my arm for a handshake and he tilts his head up once again, but this time I can catch a glimpse of his face, well… some of it, anyway. He was wearing a black facial mask that covered his nose and his mouth. He carefully, but surely lifted his hand and fit it into mine. Around us I can hear gasps and snickers. I responded by flicking the bird around me with the hand that was not holding his. While doing this, I offered him a gentle smile.

"My name is… Cho?..." he said, but raised the end of the word, making him sound unsure of his own name. I furrow my brows and remember the name of the anime character.

Cho… Chop…Chopper…I just wave it off, and laugh at myself. I watch too much anime…

His hand awkwardly grips mine, as if he had never given a handshake. Covering his large hands were gloves that were too small for his size. At this point in time my homeroom teacher, Ms. Mathews, walks in the door and attempts to quiet the class room.

"Children, will you please contain yourselves. I am your new teacher and I de-" She started with her high British accented voice. She was stopped because crumpled pieces of paper were being hurled from all directions of the class. The tiny lady glared at everyone and blew a yellow whistle that was held in her left hand. Her other hand was occupied by a brown suitcase which probably held the lists of students and pencils.

Everyone quieted down after the whistle was blown. Ms. Mathews slammed her suitcase on the desk that she was now going to be occupy for the rest of this year. A few students jumped at the noise. I simply smirked. From the corner of my eye, I noticed Cho with wide eyes.

"I have taught students like you all my life. Don't think I will be submissive to your cruelty. I am your teacher and I demand your respect," she raised her usually quiet voice and glared at the main students causing havoc, "Since you have quieted down, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Ms. Mathews or you can call me Ms. M, I don't care."

Ms. Mathews was a very timid teacher when she first arrived at my school. On her first year, when I was in grade 8, she arrived and taught my class. Our original teacher was pregnant and left for maternity leave. After being at our school for a few years, she became nasty and not backing down to anyone. She also became highly entertaining and hilarious. This caused me to grow respect and like her over the last few years.

"Now, since I have your attention, I want you all to tell me your names and a little about yourselves, starting from the front to the back," Ms. Mathews stated, "starting with you young man at the front."

A blonde tall man stood up wearing a black suit. His face and clothing were not evident, for he was facing Ms. Mathew's way. The man cleared his throat and started to speak, "Hello, ladies. My name is Prince; I can't wait to meet all you beautiful ladies. Oh, and I lost my phone number, girls. May I borrow some of yours at the end of class?"

I gagged at the cheesiness, while other girls squealed. The jocks in the class scoffed and added immature comments such as 'gay' or 'fag'. Prince turned around to show, probably all the 'ladies', his look. When he turned, I mentally did a double take.

S-Sanji? What the actual fuck? This is getting weird…

My eyes widened and I snapped my head to look at 'Cho'. He was glaring at the man at the front and it seemed like he was trying to get his attention. He then noticed me staring at him and looked at me with questioning eyes. I just shook my head and slowly turned to face the front.

Am I on something?… or…Am I just fantasizing anime? I started to stare at the white plain flooring of the classroom to deduce what the hell was going on. Well… I'm pretty sure I'm not on anything, I don't remember inhaling something weird or smoking anything. Maybe this is one of my weird dreams that are like reality. That's probably it. I mean, come on… Anime characters in our world? It's like those weird fanfictions that I oddly adore. I remember in grade 8, my friend Kate and I were imagining them in our world. Heh. We were such kids… Dammit, I miss her.

Sure enough, after my contemplation with myself, it was about my turn to introduce myself to the class. Almost everyone in my class went, after each person Ms. Mathews would add a comment of her own. While half battling myself, I was half listening to what she and the people around me said. It was the last person to go before I went; it was the girl to my left with blonde shoulder length hair. She was stumbling over her words, for she was shy and didn't like to raise her voice.

"W-well… My name is S-Sophie… and…I like t-to… dance?" she mumbled. Her pale face was red and around the table she situated herself at her friends were grinning.

"Sweetie, I am going to be sure to pick on you this entire year round just to make you talk louder," Ms. Mathews joked and gave a good laugh to a few in the class. She turned to me and smiled, "Last but not least, you two at the back."

I stood after my name was called with a sheepish look on my face and gave a pathetic wave to everyone. I stared at 'Prince' a little longer than I did with everyone else.

"Hello peers of this year, my name is Krissa, which you already know considering most of you are glaring at me," I introduced myself while offering a fake smile to everyone in the class. Ms. Mathews continued to smile at my regular behavior.

"As for about me, I hate a lot of things, and I don't particularly like anything. What I have is not a dream, because I will make it a reality. I'm going to restore my clan, and kill a certain someone, (1)" I added with a serious face. Gasps and whispering ensued. The teacher at the front of the room gave me a disapproving look, so I rolled my eyes and corrected it, "I was kidding, that was a quote that none of you know about because you all suck. An actual fact about me is I am a misanthropist, and I realize none of you will know that word because yet again, you all suck."

"Thank you, Krissa…You are a very interesting lady indeed," The small British teacher coughed awkwardly. I just threw in a smirk. She gave me the tiniest smile back, and changed her view to the only other person at the table. "Lastly, the mysterious man at the table."

I sat down are hardened my eyes at 'Cho'. He timidly stood up while hiding his face. Like I had done a few minutes ago, he grabbed the back of his neck with his right hand. Obviously, he was nervous to be put on spot. While waiting for him to start, I turn my head just enough to see 'Prince' just grinning at him.

"Hi… I am Cho and I'm learning to be a doctor," Cho announced.

Chopper was a doctor… What if they were actually the characters? I mea-…Man, I have to stop with this.

"That's a good plan you have there, I hope it does well for you," Ms. Mathews approved adding in a cheesy thumbs up, "Now that everyone has finished their introduction, I will give you a little about myself. I am a fluent Spanish speaker and I teach Spanish for some of you lucky students. I am a very forgetful person, so the first couple of days I may mess up your name. I have nothing against you, it's just I can't remember much to save my life. I have a husband and one kid that I may bring up randomly during class discussions. My child is a little girl, whom is 5. Her name is Alyssa; she's named after my great grandmother. And that is all that I will tell for now, you will learn more as the year passes by. No-"

In the midst of the teachers rambling, a loud knock was heard at the door. Everyone immediately turned their heads towards the noise. A student was about to walk and open the door until it was ripped open by yet another familiar character. Safe to say, I shit my pants when I saw him.

(1): This quote is not mine, I stole it from Naruto (Masashi Kishimoto's property, this man is a geeeeeeniuuuussss.). Uchiha Sasuke is a depressing man, folks.

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