Trees passed by in a blur as my mother drove me to Bullworth. The place I had lived my whole life. Well, until I was 10. Then we moved to Russia to live with my Babushka. But now my parents divorced and my mother decided it was best for me to attend Bullworth Academy until they sort things out.

"Nika, we are almost there. " began my mother "In case you need anything you can always call me. " I smiled and nodded. I'm actually pretty excited to go back home and see my old friends. I didn't really get the chance to tell them goodbye. It all went by so fast one moment I was learning how to ride a bike with Johnny and Ricky and the next I was stuffed in a plane. Not that my house was completely empty since my aunt and cousin Juri moved in.

My breath caught in my through when we passed the 'Welcome to Bullworth' sign. We crossed the Old Bullworth Vale. My eyes scanned the beach were Johnny Ricky and I would often sneak out late to look at the stars and sometimes go for a midnight swim. My face turned red. "Honey? Are you ok?" I nodded trying to calm myself down. "Yeah, I'm fine it's just the heat." she smiled back. "I'm gonna give you the keys to our house, Juri has your brothers room since he isn't coming back. Your aunt moved out so it's only going to be you and Juri." I nodded; Juri wasn't so bad we always got along well. Well, except for the fact that he actually treats me like a guy, but I don't mind.

"Mama, when do my classes start?" I asked. "They only start Monday, so you'll have all weekend to get yourself organized." she replied with an uneasy smile. We made the turn that leads us to the residential area. The rest of the trip was silent, my mother lost in thought as she drove us home, well drove ME home, she wasn't gonna stay.

We arrived at our home; the bright sky blue paint had faded to a gray blue. The front yard was neatly mowed. The cobblestone pathway was the same as the day I left. I opened the door of my mothers black Impala Chevy. She followed me with tears streaming down her face. She didn't want to leave me. I gave her a huge hug. I let her go and opened the trunk to pull out my two large bags.

Juri opened the front door. "Hi Tyotia." he said quickly to my mother then turned and hugged me "Hey Nika". "Do you want to come inside?" he asked my mother politely, it was kinda obvious that he wanted her to leave, they didn't really like each other since my mother didn't like my Tyotia Kira or my Dyadya Aleksandr.

My mother refused and left in a hurry since she was about to miss her flight back to Russia. I watched her drive off. I turned to Juri with a huge smile on my face. "Juri!" I jumped on him. He gave me a bear hug. "I missed you so much! How's Dyadya Nikolai?" he let me go and gave me a playful punch in the arm, "Otets is doing great! And so is Demyan" I already knew he was gonna ask about my brother. "Do you want to stay here in the streets or come inside? Move your ass!" he exclaimed as he effortlessly carried one of my bags into the house.

I walked through the front door. "I hope you don't mind but I'm having some friends over tonight" I went into my room where Juri was putting my bags down. He is a great guy when he's alone; he's caring and understanding in his own way. But to his friends he always wants to seem tough.

"If you want to join us you can, but you know the drill." I smiled and hugged him "I get it, no making fun of you, no mentions of family, hide all 'childish' things in my room and always make remarks of the awesome Russian army moves you learned these vacations." he messed my hair "Exactly and remember the most important thing: no hugs" I nodded. He left my room to give me some privacy while I unpacked my stuff for the weekend, the rest I was gonna leave to unpack at school.

I raced down the stairs and into the living room where I helped Juri set things up. "Are any of them gonna sleep over?" I asked, "Yeah Kirby is since his parents are out of town, and Damon. The rest are just gonna chill here for a couple hours. Can you please take the beers out of the freezer and put them in the fridge?" I nodded and did as he asked.

"What movies are you guys gonna watch?" he replied, "Pulp Fiction and Inglorious Basters." I smiled and picked up two beers from the fridge. "Here ya go" I handed him one of the beers. "Budem!" we said in unison as we clinked our bottles together and took a sip.

Ding Dong

The first guest arrived. "Do you want me to get the door?" I asked he nodded putting his tough face on. I opened the door to see a tall dark skinned boy with short black hair and a slightly tanned guy about my height with kinda short brown hair and his arms around a girl who was wearing a miniskirt and had light brown hair in a pony tail, she was shorter than me by 4 inches. "Um, honey? Who is this?" she asked the medium boy looking me up and down. "Oh sorry! Where are my manners! I'm Veronika, Juri's cousin." she scoffed and pushed by me. "I'm Ted," the medium guy began, "that's my girlfriend Mandy and that's Damon." Damon gave a small wave and they all came in. "Who else is coming?" asked Damon. "Kirby, the rest are either traveling or weren't able to come."

Replied Juri.

Soon the doorbell rang again. This time it was the famous Kirby carrying a sleeping bag and a backpack. "Kirby this is my cousin Veronika, you'll be sleeping in her room tonight." Juri said plainly. I looked at him wide-eyed then at a red faced Kirby. "She has the only extra mattress in the house and it doesn't pass through the door." Juri explained. Well he could've told me that before.

The movies went by quickly. Mandy left in the middle of the first movie we watched, Pulp Fiction. Apparently she had things to do in the morning and she couldn't go back home late. Then Ted left not so long after Mandy, he had 'things to 'see' and people to 'do' if you know what I mean'. Soon Juri and Damon had so many beers that Juri was speaking Russian and Damon was ranting on how strong he was. Kirby drank enough to get alcohol blush and so did I.

By 1am Juri was passed out on his bed and Damon on the extra mattress. In the mean time Kirby was sitting on my extra mattress with a bottle of beer in his hands. "Wait, so you're telling me that you don't like girls?" I asked and he nodded, "I'm not interested in any of them, oh god, if my dad finds out about this he's gonna disown me!" a tear fell down his cheek and he cleaned it with his sleeve. "Or even worst! If any of my friends find out I'm going to be beaten up and made fun of until I die!" he looked at me with desperate eyes, "Please don't tell anyone!" I nodded and hugged him, "it's ok Kirby, I won't tell anyone! I pinky promise" I gave him a reassuring smile. "And whatever happens i be there for you!" he smiled wiping another tear. "Thanks Nika, you're great!" I went back to my bed. "Night Kirby!" "Night Nika" and we both went to sleep.

I woke up at 11:30 to see that no one else was awake. So I decided to make breakfast, I put 4 spots on the table as well as 1 aspirin on each plate. I turned on the stove and began making scrambled eggs and bacon. Right before I was done I heard a couple footsteps coming down the stairs. "Good morning boys! The aspirin is on the table." Juri, Damon and Kirby sat down at the table. Juri didn't look hung-over but Damon looked like he was run over by a tank. Kirby didn't drink so much so he looked fine and like I promised him I didn't make any comments about what he had told me the night before. I served every one then sat at the table next to Juri. "You never told us you had a cousin" stated Damon. "Well she was living in Russia, I didn't know that she was coming back." Damon simply nodded and went back to eating his breakfast.

Both Kirby and Damon went back to their homes after breakfast.

"You did great Nika!" he said with a smile. "And thank you for the breakfast" he ruffled my hair. "You're welcome!" I smiled back as I put the dirty plates in the dishwasher.