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Live to Rise

1: The Return

Celestia's Sun hung high in the sky over the town of Ponyville. Ponies of all sizes and shapes were out and about, doing whatever it was that they did to earn their bits or spending said bits on food or fun. Pegasi were occasionally seen flying to the sky to clear out the clouds while unicorns were using their inherited magic to manipulate objects.

One pony in particular stood out as it trotted into the town's square. This pony was a stallion, his coat being a dark rusted orange that went well with his messy blonde mane and tail. Around his forehead was a black bandana with a metal plate on it. The metal plate had a spiral carved into it, which matched the symbol on his dark blue saddlebags. Blue orbs scanned the town and his whisker-marked cheeks spread into a small smile. His yellow tail swished back in forth, drawing attention to the spiral on his hindquarters. Around the spiral was a laurel wreath crown. It was his Mark (as a proud stallion he was hesitant to use the whole title of 'Cutie' Mark) that he had earned as a young colt.

"Just how I left it. Good!" The stallion said to himself with a nod. He turned his head when he heard a familiar whistling. Sighing to himself, the stallion waited before ducking as a blue blur shot over him and skidded into the ground. His blue eyes glistened with mischief as he slowly approached the downed blur, which was revealed to be a blue coated Pegasus. Her mane was nearly as messy as his, but was multicolored in a way that would remind one of a rainbow. The mark on her hindquarters was that of a cloud shooting a red, yellow and blue lighting bolt.

Shaking his head, the orange-coated Earth Pony arched his brow as he asked the Pegasus, "Did you miss me, Rainbow Dash?"

"...Ow..." groaned out the blue coated Pegasus. Planting her hooves on either side of her, the Pegasus pushed herself to all fours, shaking her head. Flapping her wings, the Pegasus took to the air and hovered in front of the orange Earth Pony with a pout, "Darn it Naruto, how do you keep doing that?"

"I'm just that awesome," the stallion, now known as Naruto, informed her with a grin, causing her to follow his example and smile before they chuckled at some unknown joke. Recovering from his bout of humor, Naruto asked, "What's everypony doing? Pinkie throwing another party for someone?"

The Pegasus rolled her eyes, "If you stuck around more often you'd know that Ponyville has been chosen as this year's host for the Summer Sun Celebration!"

"...And?" What was so special about that again?

Rainbow Dash slammed her front left hoof onto the top of the orange stallion's head, "You foal! Princess Celestia's going to come next week after she raises the sun!"

"First off," Naruto started as he rubbed the top of his head, "OW! Secondly, that's awesome. You in charge of the clouds again?"

"Duh," she replied before landing and taking a proud pose, "Who else but the Awesome Rainbow Dash could keep our skies clear?"

"Well, Fluttershy could do it if she was asked nicely, though she'd need some prompting and support. And then there's Derpy, Sunstone, Silverspeed, Raindrops–" He was cut off by a swat from the Pegasus' tail. Rainbow Dash growled at him and crossed her forelegs over her chest as she hovered.

"Thanks for the support, Naruto," the mare grumbled before she was patted on the head by the orange stallion's right hoof.

"It's what I do," Naruto replied with a grin, "I'm gonna go unpack and tell Scoot I'm back. See ya around."

"See ya, Naruto! Oh, keep an eye out for Pinkie! She might try to throw you another 'Welcome Home Again' party!" Rainbow Dash warned him, which he acknowledged with a nod.

Naruto trotted down the street with his head held high and giving a friendly nod whenever someone welcomed him back. The reason he was gone for so long was because of his personal joys and job. He was a writer like his godfather, and much like the old hermit, he took to exploring Equestria, travelling around for inspiration for his next novel. His parents died when he was very young, and so he was taken in and raised by his godfather. At least he didn't become a mare-chaser like him...

Shaking his head to clear his thoughts of his perverted godfather, he stopped in front of a quaint and modest home on the edge of town. Naruto went up the steps to the door and idly wondered if Scootaloo remembered to lock the door. A failed attempt to simply open the door answered that and a smile tugged at his whisker-marked cheeks. Scootaloo was becoming more and more responsible.

Probably because she thought he'd stick around more if she listened to him. A cruel way to teach, but it was how he was raised and he came out a decent stallion...sort of.

Shaking his head, Naruto dumped his saddlebags on the porch before digging through the left bag. With a small cry of success, Naruto pulled out his key and inserted it into the lock with his mouth before grabbing his saddlebags and pulling them back on. Turning the key with his hoof and then grabbing it with his tail (a skill learned from his godfather) as he entered the house. The door shut behind him and a weight suddenly appeared on his back.

Grunting slightly, Naruto looked up as two hooves were placed on his head and grinned, "Hey Scoot. How's life?"

"You're back! You're back!" Scootaloo, a young Pegasus filly with a light gamboge coat, exclaimed as she dropped from his back to the ground and hopped around him in glee, "Did ya bring me something? Get in any more fights? You finish your book? Are you gonna stay home for a while?"

"Whoa, whoa, easy there Scoot," Naruto said, putting a hoof on the filly's fuchsia mane covered head, "I just got in. Let me hang my bags, eh? Coming home to a miniature Pinkie Pie is not what I was expecting."

"School let out early cuz of the festival. Everypony's been asked to help in one way or another," Scootaloo explained as she returned to her spot on his back, "Even Applebloom is helping on the farm, not to mention the whole Apple Family being in town. And I think Sweetie Belle is helping Rarity make the decorations."

Naruto chuckled, "More like she's begging to help. So, what do you want to do for the Summer Sun Celebration?"

Scootaloo's greyish purple eyes gleamed as she replied, "Let's help Rainbow Dash!"

Naruto laughed, "Of course. You do know I'm a Earth Pony and you can't fly, right?"

"Yet!" corrected the young filly. Naruto's blue eyes rolled as he entered his room and flicked his head forward, sending Scootaloo flying towards his bed. The young Pegasus grunted as she made contact with the bed before flipping to her hooves, dropping to the ground and looking at the stallion that had become her elder brother.

Naruto allowed his saddlebags to drop to the ground as he approached the bed and collapsed on it.

"Mm...I missed this..." sighed out the stallion as he nuzzled his pillow, "So comfy...much better than a hotel's..."

"Naruto..." Scootaloo whined as she jumped onto the bed, getting a grunt from the older pony, "You never answered any of my questions!"

"Later, Scoot..." Naruto sighed out as he relaxed. He might not have shown it earlier, but he was exhausted from his recent travels. Two hooves placed themselves over his eyelid and Naruto grumbled as his eye was forced open and he looked at the upset face of Scootaloo.


Naruto felt his eye twitch from the forced opening method. He knew that Scootaloo wouldn't leave him be until he answered some of her questions. Darn her cuteness and curiosity. He'd mildly realized he'd be beating colts away with a stick soon before he shook those thoughts away and righted himself on the bed.

"Alright," Naruto said in defeat, "What do you wanna-?"

"Did you finish your book?" He smiled at her first question. Nodding, he answered the inevitable next one.

"And I dropped the final draft off at the office yesterday so I won't be leaving for a while," he informed her, getting a delighted smile from the filly.

"Ok, did you fight anymore bandits?" Naruto rolled his eyes at that one. Get ambushed by a rogue bandit group once and it's the most exciting thing since sliced bread.

"Fortunately, no," He informed Scootaloo, who sighed in depression, which then flipped into a smile as Naruto continued, "But I did fight a Ursa Major, or rather, I stalled it. Some Unicorn was throwing countless spells at it but she didn't take into account that magic wasn't usually that strong against Ursas. I bought some time before the Royal Guard arrived and took over the situation. We found out later that same Unicorn accidently startled the Minor with her magic. Broke my right hind leg during the stalling, though. That set me back a week before I could resume traveling."

"Aw, what about the details?" Scootaloo pressed on, "Tell me about the fight? Did you use it?"

"The Ursa was only protecting its scared child, Scoot," Naruto reminded the filly, "And Ursas are resilient to most magic, remember?"

"Yeah, but it isn't magic-" "I wasn't going to use it unless absolutely necessary," The blonde said, "And no. I still won't teach you how to use it."

"Aww..." groaned out the young Pegasus. Scootaloo snapped out of her depression as she asked, "Did ya bring me anything?"

"I'm not enough?" Naruto asked with a smirk, getting a giggle, before gesturing to his saddlebags with his right hoof, "Right bag. I think you'd enjoy it."

She was at his bags before he could finish and gave off a loud squeal of happiness when she pulled out a rainbow colored headband with a plastic plate similar to his own. Scootaloo shot back to Naruto's side and wrapped her forelegs around his neck, thanking him repetitively before begging him to put it on her.

Chuckling, Naruto took the headband with his tail before using his hoof to keep it against the ecstatic filly's forehead as his tail tied it around her head. She beamed when he finished and he gave her the story behind it, "I ran into a smithy of all trades out East that owed me a favor and I thought this would make up for missing your birthday. I know the card wasn't enough and I figured you'd like this."

"I love it! Thanks Naruto!" Scootaloo wrapped her forelegs around his neck once again. Naruto used his left leg to hug her back before she left his room to go play in hers. Naruto released a sigh and fell back on his bed, closing his eyes as he slowly fell asleep.

Hours past and Naruto awoke to an uncharacteristically quiet and dark house. The rust orange stallion stretched briefly before rolling out of his bed, cracking his neck before looking at the clock on his tabletop.

Seven hours? Huh...wonder if Scoot snuck out to go play with Applebloom and/or Sweetie Belle, thought the blonde as he trotted out to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat. Hopefully Scootaloo remembered not to go into his private stash of his favorite food.


It was a dish found in his homeland to the far East, Hidenleaf, and was very hard to come by. Not to mention expensive to have shipped all the way out to Ponyville. Sure, it was fifty bits a box, but when one like Naruto requested a minimum of twenty boxes, it could add up to be quite the price.

Naruto opened his cupboard with his right hoof and grabbed one of the packets. If he could, Naruto would have eaten several packets in a sitting, but at his last doctor's appointment, Nurse Redheart had...well, she had given him a none to friendly 'suggestion' of keeping himself in check. Due to his familial ties, doctors were one thing that could scare him. Needless to say, he made sure that whenever he ate it, Scootaloo wasn't around. Scootaloo was Redheart's unofficial spy...for reasons he still didn't know or understand.

"I'll find out one day," Naruto muttered to himself as he ripped open the bag and poured it calmly into a pot. Turning the sink on with his hoof, Naruto held the noodle filled pot under the water. After turning the water off, the pot was set on the stove and the stove was turned on.

Naruto watched the water with an intensive stare. He ignored the scuffling going on behind him, assuming it was Scootaloo and her friends trying to sneak back into the house. Naruto hummed and went back to his room for a brief second before reappearing at the stove's side. The giggles he heard were ignored as he glared at the barely boiling water. Clenching his teeth, he began pacing, keeping his eyes on the ramen and alternating from looking at the pot to the clock and back.

Why does it have to take so Friggin long? He asked himself. Three minutes felt like an eternity. If only his suppliers, the Ichiraku chefs, could make instant ramen, well, instant!

Finally, the oven beeped and Naruto gave a small cry of joy. Ramen was hard to find while adventuring, and it was his usual meal whenever he came back. Restraining himself from eating like a foal that didn't know better, Naruto patiently poured the broth and noodles into a bowl before carrying said bowl to the table with his tail. After placing the bowl at the table and sitting down, Naruto rubbed his hooves together in excitement.

"And now...for the main course," the orange stallion murmured to himself as he put a hoof on either side of the bowl, and in an act that would normally be reserved for cartoons, tilted his head back, opened his mouth wide, and downed the whole bowl of ramen. Once finished, the stallion slammed the bowl back onto the table as his tongue went around his lips once before sighing in bliss.

Before he could stand to clean his dishes, the lights in the house suddenly turned on and a large group of Ponies cried out, "WELCOME HOME, NARUTO!"

The rust orange coated stallion whinnied in shock and shot up, landing on all four hooves on the ceiling, before glaring at a pink coated mare with an magenta colored mane and had three balloons as her Cutie Mark. Scowling at her as she tried to reign in her laughter, Naruto growled, "Pinkie Pie..."

Through her restrained laughter, the pink coated mare managed to ask with a snort, "Y-Yes...N-Naruto?"

"WHY ARE YOU PONIES IN MY HOUSE? AGAIN?" he asked after he dropped to the ground and glared at her.

Pinkie Pie, unfazed by his displeased attitude, giggled and patted him on the head with her right hoof, "To welcome you home again, silly-willy! You really should stop leaving if you want me to stop throwing you welcome home parties! Though, I really don't mind."

Naruto tried to stay angry at the younger mare, he really did, but he just sighed and shook his head lightly as a small smile crossed his face, "What are we going to do with you, Pink?"

The gathered ponies laughed at his question before swarming the subject of their party, shaking hooves and sincerely welcoming back one of their own. Even the Mayor popped in to welcome him back...though she really was curious about the publication of his next book and hinted at it continuously. Naruto stood tall and kept quiet, knowing that if he started showing favoritism he'd be swarmed by Fan Fillies.

A familiar blue blur tried to tackle him once again, but due to his keen senses, Naruto sidestepped the blindside attempt. Which caused Rainbow Dash to collide with Pinkie Pie, getting groans from both mares.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" a pale yellow coated Pegasus with a pale pink mane softly exclaimed in worry as she trotted up to Rainbow Dash' and Pinkie Pie's side, "Are you two okay?"

"I will be when the room stops spinning," Rainbow Dash replied with a groan before falling to her back. Pinkie Pie groaned once more before giggling.

"Hehe, this reminds me of that song! You spin me right round baby right round...Whee! Look at everypony spin!" the party-loving mare giggled once more before falling flat on her face. Naruto snickered before approaching the two dazed ponies and helping them to their hooves.

"And what have we learned today, Rainbow?" Naruto asked, getting a glare from the Pegasus in question.

"That I shouldn't try to tackle you-" "So you do learn-" "In a house," Rainbow Dash finished with a frown, "How do you keep dodging me?"

"I told you before, Rain, I'm just that awesome," the stallion replied with a grin, getting giggles from Pinkie and the other Pegasus. Naruto looked to the newcomer with a smile, "Hey Fluttershy, how's it goin?"

"Oh, um, it's-it's good, Naruto," the timid pony replied as she shrunk down into herself. Naruto's blue eyes rolled and he took a step closer to her, causing her to squeak and jump behind Rainbow Dash.

"Oh come on...I'm not that scary right?" Naruto asked Rainbow Dash, who hummed before shrugging. Naruto gave her a deadpanned stare before he said, "Thanks..."

"It's what I do!" Rainbow Dash replied mockingly before smirking, "Oh boy, here they go."

"What?" Naruto asked with an arched brow before turning around and gaining a large drop of sweat on the back of his head as he saw two mares giving each other death glares, "Can't those two ever get along?"

"Oh they get along fine," Rainbow said before whispering lowly to Fluttershy, "When he's not around..."

The timid pony merely nodded in agreement. The ponies in question were a Unicorn and a Earth Pony. The Unicorn had a white coat complimented by her royal purple mane and tail that was curled in some places. The Earth Pony had the same coloration as he did, but a tad lighter, there was also a band around her tail and mane, keeping them straight and neat as well as a cowboy hat on her head. On the Unicorn's hindquarters were three diamonds and the Earth Pony had three apples on hers.

"So...should we shove him in between them or try to separate them ourselves?" Pinkie Pie asked her two friends as Naruto stared in confusion at the two ponies having what looked like a staring contest...if you ignored the occasional flicker of lightning that linked their eyes.

"Which would be more fun?" Rainbow Dash asked with a smirk, while Fluttershy sighed and went up to Naruto's side. She sat on her haunches next to him, neither speaking before he broke the silence.

"Why can't you ever seem to look me in the eye? Talking to somepony when they sit next to you shouldn't be like this. Is it my breath?" he asked curiously, as the two mares continued to stare each other down. Fluttershy tilted her head before she spoke.

"You're...bigger than Big Macintosh, Naruto...it's intimidating, but you're not scary!" she added quickly, still not looking at him. The orange-coated stallion rolled his eyes before he realized something and he looked around.

"Speaking of Mac, where is that lovable oaf?" Naruto asked Fluttershy, before getting tapped on the shoulder by a stallion near his height with a red coat and auburn fur. Around his neck was a yoke and in his mouth was a sprig of wheat. Though he couldn't see it, Naruto knew that a red Macintosh apple cut to reveal the seeds was on his friend's hindquarters.

"Howdy Naruto," drawled out the least sociable of the Apple family that resided in Ponyville. Naruto grinned and nudged the stallion in the shoulder.

"Howdy yourself, Mac," Naruto said before looking at the Unicorn and the Earth Pony, "Any idea what their deal is?"


"Well, ya wanna let me in on it?"


"Aw, why ya gotta be like that, Mac?" Naruto groaned, "You just like seeing them accidently hurt me don't you."

Big Mac smiled and nodded his head, "Eeyup."


Fluttershy giggled at the two friend's banter. Watching Naruto and Big Macintosh have a conversation was a lot like watching her friends argue over who would make a better wife for the travelling stallion. She sighed at reminding herself of her friends' predicament before getting up and going towards them.

The two ponies glaring daggers at each other released equally impressive yelps when Fluttershy whacked them over the back of their heads. They rounded on the Pegasus, who began scolding them before shrinking into herself when she realized all eyes were on them.

"Er, um, anyway, Rarity, Applejack, just go say hi...I uh...I-gotta-go-grab-some-punch..." the timid mare quickly left the spotlight towards the punch bowl, where her other two friends were waiting. The two mares gave each other a cautioning glance before turning towards the (oblivious) object of their affection.

Naruto was too busy talking to Big Mac after glancing at Fluttershy when she had smacked Rarity and Applejack over the back of their heads to notice the two in question approaching. As they did, they caught the end of a story that piqued their interest, "So she asks, 'Why hasn't a nice mare come along and make a real stallion out of you' and I reply with, 'Lady, I don't know if you've been paying attention, but the only kind of mares I attract are the violent kind. I don't think I'll ever be a real stallion!'"

Big Mac chuckled before nudging his friend. Naruto froze and asked, "There's not an angry horde of mares behind me is there?"


"Oh thank Celestia," the stallion sighed out in relief before about facing and smiling wide, "Oh, hey Rarity. AJ. How're you fillies doin?"

Rarity, the white unicorn, gave a dazzling smile after she gave a small curtsy to him in greeting, "Well, now that you're back in Ponyville I can say I'm fabulous."

"Don't you say that anyway?" The other mare, Applejack, asked with a smirk before looking at Naruto with a small blush, "Howdy, Nar, we all missed ya at Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo's party."

"Yeah, I already gave Scoot her gift and I'll stop by the ranch to give Applebloom hers," Naruto paused before looking at Rarity, "I'll find some time tomorrow to stop by the Boutique and drop Sweetie Belle's off, too."

"Oh, you charmer, Sweetie Belle will be absolutely delighted to get a gift from you," Rarity said with a smile, "When did you get back in town, Naruto? You must have been exhausted. Pinkie Pie asked me to help her set up and we finished an hour ago."

"Huh, well you did a nice job, as usual," Naruto complimented, making the mare blush before he asked, "So, Sweetie Belle ask to help with the décor yet?"

Rarity sighed, "Her heart is in the right place, but the poor little thing is just not balanced enough yet to help me. Any idea what you and Scootaloo are going to do to help with the Celebration?"

"Scoot wants to help Rainbow," Naruto shrugged, "But she can't nor can I. I might be awesome, but flight without wings equals grounded."

"What about that power you use, could you possibly use that to help me decorate the town?" Rarity asked with a charming smile.

Before Naruto could reply, Big Mac nodded to Applejack and she quickly spoke up, "Er, what about us on the Ranch? Even with the rest of the Apple Family in town, Big Mac's still the only one strong enough to plow the field. Though we need him to help buck the trees. Could ya come around Sweet Apple Acres"

"Hm, that is a predicament," Naruto mused quietly before tapping his chin with his hoof, "I think I can help both of you but I'm gonna need some time alone. I'll get back to you tomorrow, ok?"

The two mares were glaring at each other once again, making Naruto sigh and look to his friend, "What'd I miss Mac? I know they didn't say anything...did I say something wrong?"

Big Mac chuckled at his friend's obliviousness to the opposite sex. Even he, a pony with a knack for being unsociable, could see that his sister and her friend were head over hooves for the dense stallion. Realizing he had yet to give his friend a reply, Big Macintosh moved his sprig to the other side of his mouth before he spoke once more, "Nnnope."

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