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Our Friendship Will Never Dieā€¦

Wes was going to kill Blaine. He is 15 minutes late for Warblers practice and they really need to get a move on if they are going to perfect their performance for the old people's home.

Everyone was sitting around the room, talking amongst themselves when a teary eyed Blaine walked into the room.

"Sorry I'm late," Blaine mumbled, looking at the floor, taking his normal seat.

Wes was starting to get worried about him. Kurt was due back from his holiday with his parents tomorrow, so shouldn't Blaine be happy?

"Warbler Blaine, nice of you to join us, 15 minutes late," Wes said the '15 minutes late' a bit louder for emphasis.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not in the mood for practice," Blaine said, before walking back out of the Warbler choir room.

Everyone was shocked when they saw their friend storm out and slam the door shut behind him.

"What's gotten into him?" Trent asked.

"I don't know, but I'm going to find out," Wes said, before gracefully leaving the choir room, in search of Blaine.

Blaine was still processing what he had heard through the Grapevine. Kurt had cheated on him with a footballer.

When Blaine reached his dorm room, he shut the door, took his shoes and blazer off, and hopped into bed. He didn't care that he was going to crinkle his uniform; he didn't really care about anything right now.

He was shocked when he felt a dip in the bed; he looked up and saw Wes sitting on the end of his bed, looking at him in concern.

"Hey man, what's up? Love sick?" Wes teased.

As soon as Wes said this, Blaine couldn't hold the tears in any longer. He sat up and sobbed into Wes' shoulder.

"Tell me what's wrong Blaine. I haven't seen you like this in so long and we're all worried about you," Wes said.

"It's Kurt, he cheated on me Wes. What's wrong with me? First Jeremiah, now Kurt. Did I do something wrong?" Blaine continued to sob into Wes' blazer.

Wes was livid. He was going to kill Kurt, he really had no idea how lucky he was to have someone like Blaine.

"Do you want me to stay? Or shall I go and tell everyone what's going on?" Wes asked, hopefully Blaine would say the last point so the Warblers could kick Kurt's ass.

"No, no one must know until I talk to Kurt about this, I trust you Wes, I know I can tell you anything, and I trust you not to say a word to anyone about this," Blaine said seriously. "But please, I kind of want to be left alone." He said sadly.

Yep. Kurt was in for a beating.

Wes made his way back to the practice room and saw the boys looking at him, hungry for gossip.

"Well, what's wrong with him?" Nick asked.

Wes had promised not to say anything, but he was starting to worry about Blaine. It couldn't hurt to tell the Warblers what was going on right? They were family after all.

"Kurt cheated on Blaine."

He was met with an uproar; everyone was angry and shouting, and wanting Kurt's blood.

"Kurt comes back from his family holiday tomorrow, so I suggest we confront him," Jeff said.

"No, he'll obviously deny it like the coward he is. I say we just treat him differently. I mean, he went against one of us, all for one and all for one?" Dave said.

"Musketeers. Really?" Trent asked, amused.

"Yeah, Kurt betrayed our trust, which makes him not a part of the Warblers anymore. We need to come up with a plan." Wes said.

So for the rest of the time before practise ended, the Warblers were plotting against Kurt.

Kurt had had a nice week in Kentucky visiting his grandparents on his mother's side. It was coming up to her anniversary 2 days after he comes back, so it was nice to see his grandparents who he rarely gets to see.

Burt thought it would be a nice idea to mark the 10 year Anniversary of his wife's death to see her parents. He introduced them to Carole and Finn, it was a lovely weekend.

Kurt was looking forward to going back to Dalton and telling his friends and boyfriend Blaine all the adventures he had in Kentucky with his grandparents. It did suck with having no cell phone signal out there, so sadly he hadn't spoken to Blaine all week. He tried calling Blaine as soon as he landed, but it went straight to voicemail.

Kurt was in his car on his way back to Dalton. The sun was shining; he got a coffee from the Lima Bean on the house. Today was a good day for one Kurt Hummel.

Kurt parked his car in the parking lot, picked up his suitcases and made his way up to his dorm room. He passed a few people who weren't on the Warblers, who were in his Math class; they waved at him and said they hoped he enjoyed his holiday.

Whereas if he was still at McKinley, he'd get a bright red cherry slushy to the face, with the greeting "Welcome back lady" like the one when he came back for his junior year.

He missed McKinley a lot, but when he was having fun with his Dalton and Warbler friends, he forgot how much he missed the New Directions.

Kurt had just finished packing all his stuff back into his closet when it was almost time for first period. He still needed to head for his locker, as all his homework he had completed before he went away was in his folder.

Kurt took no notice when he saw that his locker was open, and not locked. He took out his books putting them in his bag, and taking out his homework folder.

His first lesson was History, which he shared with Nick and Jeff. When Kurt entered the room to see the two boys, they hadn't even noticed him. He walked up to the two boys with a broad smile on his face.

"Hey guys! Miss me?" Kurt chuckled. But they didn't even look up to greet him.

"Guys? Yoohoo!" Kurt teased. When he finally had enough and he wasn't going to get anything out of them, he went to sit in his normal seat directly behind them.

Class went on as normal, apart from when they had to discuss a statement in the textbook, Jeff and Nick didn't even turn around and acknowledge Kurt.

The bell finally went, and everyone remained seated and gathered out their homework that was set from last week. When the teacher got to Kurt, Kurt went into his folder and saw that all his homework sheets were ripped up. Kurt gasped.

"What? Sir, I-"

"Detention, Mr Hummel, I'm sure you'll be getting a lot more if that is all your homework for your lessons today. See me after school today for detention."

Kurt was about to cry. He spent hours on that essay, and to see it all ripped up in front of him made his heart ache.

The rest of the morning didn't go any easier. He got detention from all his morning subjects because his homework was ripped up.

When it was break time, Kurt was on his way to his locker until a bigger Warbler called Cameron shoved him into a locker.

Painful memories swam Kurt's vision. Was he just shoved into a locker? Kurt looked around and saw that nobody noticed, nobody was offering to help him up. Blaine said this school had a zero tolerance policy?

Kurt quickly dabbed at his watering eyes, and winced as he got up. He proceeded to his locker, got all his stuff out quickly, before heading to his next class.

Kurt got lucky in his next class; of course, his project was missing from his homework folder. Kurt spent 3 days working on it. His teacher Miss Michaels, she was sympathetic, and asked him to give it to her tomorrow morning. Which meant that Kurt wasn't going to get any sleep anytime soon.

Kurt had to skip lunch so he could get a starter on the project; he also had to re-do all his homework for his afternoon classes. He couldn't get anymore detentions or he will have to see the head.

Kurt heard a knock on the door, thinking it was Blaine he walked to the door with a spring in his step. Blaine could always make things better.

When Kurt opened the door, he was met by two taller boys wearing masks; next, he was met with a bucket of freezing cold water over his head. Kurt screamed in shock. He watched as the two boy's high fived each other, before running down the corridor. Some of the older students were laughing; others were looking at him with pity.

Kurt closed the door, fell to the floor whilst leaning on the door and sobbed. It was times like these when he needed a mother's touch, to hug him and kiss him and tell him everything was going to be alright.

Kurt had no clue what was going on today. Kurt was starting to feel sleepy, he should probably change, but he couldn't be bothered. He then took a nap on the floor.

When he woke up, he saw that his alarm said 7:30 pm. SHIT! He missed all his afternoon classes! And he needed to start on the project!

Kurt raced to his computer, and started typing like the speed of lightening. He nearly nodded off a few times, but kept himself awake until he finished.

It was 5:00 am when he finally finished all of his project, at 11 pages long he was proud. He then decided to take off his still wet Dalton uniform and put on a loose T-shirt and a pair of tracksuit bottoms, then getting into bed for his 2 hour sleep before he had to wake up and have the day from hell.

Kurt woke up and felt like he had been hit with a truck. Maybe sleeping in his freezing clothes wasn't a good idea. His nose felt like it was blocked with rocks, his head felt like he had been hit repeatedly, and his throat was so sore, that when he tried to talk, he sounded like a chain smoker. Not to mention having 2 hours sleep.

Kurt took a Tylenol, then got ready for the day. He really should call his dad and ask him how he's doing, because today was the day. He figured that his dad would be a better talker later this afternoon.

Kurt's stomach was rumbling like crazy, the last time he ate was breakfast at home yesterday. But Kurt didn't feel like eating. He didn't even want to think about what his appearance looked like.

When Kurt had given his project to his teacher, he went to his locker to retrieve his morning books. When Kurt was on his way to his first lesson, he was sandwiched between two other Warblers he hadn't learnt their names yet. He was sandwiched so tight that his books and folders fell from his hands and scattered all along the busy corridor.

Kurt looked up and saw that the two perpetrators had already disappeared. Kurt hurriedly started picking up all his sheets when his History teacher stood in front of him.

"I do not appreciate students not turning up for detention, Mr Hummel, the principal wants to talk to you," he said, before scurrying down the hallway.

Kurt sighed. He didn't need this shit today. Kurt walked to the principal's office and knocked on the door. When he was given the okay, he opened the door.

"Aah, Mr Hummel, please take a seat." Mr Carrow said. Kurt did as he was told.

"Well Mr Hummel, I've had a few complaints from a few staff members about your poor lack of preparation in the class. Do you have anything to say?"

"I did all my homework before I went away with my family; I put it all in my homework folder and left it in my locker. I returned yesterday and my locker was wide open, and all my homework was ripped up!" Kurt protested.

"Hmm, then why didn't you report it yesterday?" Mr Carrow asked, not believing his story one bit.

"This week is a tough week for me, especially today, but I'm not crazy! I fell sick last night and fell asleep during lunch, which is why I didn't turn up to classes and detention." Kurt was begging now.

"Very well, you still have to attend detention, and I will be ringing your father. You may leave now Mr Hummel."

"Thank you sir." Kurt said tiredly. He wasn't just tired physically, he was tired mentally.

He didn't even want to think that Blaine was avoiding him for any reason. He didn't see him at all yesterday.

Classes went on as normal, he received a text during break time saying that there would be an emergency Warblers meeting at lunchtime. There's my lunch gone again.

All of the Warblers were having so much fun. They were hoping their last stunt would top it all off. And better yet, Blaine would be at practice! It was all going smoothly.

All of the Warblers except Kurt and Blaine were already in the choir room.

"How's buttering the floor going David?" Wes called.

"Ay-Okay!" David said from the floor.

"Great, Blaine will be coming in from the back door, and Kurt will be coming from the front. This is going to be so funny! Trent, have you set up the camera?" Wes called to Trent.

"Screen is polished just for the occasion too!" Trent replied.

Blaine came in just as soon as David was finished with the floor. He was looking a lot better today, which was good.

"Hey Wes, I'm going to talk to Kurt after practise today and hear his side of the story," Blaine said quietly, this was only for Wes to hear.

"That's great Blainey! He should be here now!" as soon as Wes said, that, the door opened, there was a whooshing noise, and a sickening crack hitting the marble floor.

Kurt was running late, of course! He was thinking about what to say to Blaine when he saw him! He also brought him a gift as well. It was only a bracelet, but they didn't really have much that Kurt thought had taste.

He opened the door and continued to walk through, even though everyone was looking at him. He walked forward when his feet slipped and he fell backwards. He felt his head hit the floor, then blackness.

"OH SHIT!" Blaine cried, running over to Kurt. He saw how hard Kurt fell on the ground. What worried him was that Kurt wasn't moving.

He heard Nick, Jeff and David howl with laughter, some of the others looked a little guilty.

Blaine ran over to his boyfriend's unmoving body.

"Kurt, can you hear me? Please Kurt," Blaine pleaded.

"HA! Hummel is down! Final revenge attack complete!" Trent said, as he brought a camera right into Kurt's face. What the FUCK was going on?

The whole room stopped when they saw a trickle of blood come from underneath Kurt's head, trailing across the marble floor.

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