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She follows every command her princess issues. Don't wear so much bright pink when I have a headache. Hold this target so I can practice throwing knives. Don't tell anyone how you got that burn. Let me have your dessert, it's my favorite.

She adores her princess to the point that her flaws disappear. People become just as afraid to bad-mouth the royal family when she is around as they would be in front of the Fire Lord himself. Her loyalty is to her princess above all else and she will allow no one to suggest her princess is imperfect in any way.

She observes the things that please her princess most. The first day she wore her hair in a braid, she noticed how her princess kept glancing at it, a hint of a smile on her face. That was enough for her to braid her hair every day from then on, waking up even earlier to make sure it is soft and with no fly-aways as she winds it down her back.

She gets older but only celebrates her princess's birthday. New feelings awaken in their small group of friends and she must listen to her princess complain about her brother and Mai dating and fervently agrees that her princess deserves to be loved more than anyone else.

And oh, she loves her princess.

So she doesn't wait for a command or permission. After all, she's seen enough of the signs, and she can't wait any longer, even at the risk of angering her princess.

It is her princess's birthday and they are alone in her room. She tells her she has one more gift for her and can hardly breathe as she raises her eyebrow and murmurs, Oh?

She closes her eyes, leans forward, presses her warm lips against her princess's smooth, cold ones. She hears her princess gasp- her princess, who's never taken off-guard!- and then feels her smile against her mouth. The kiss lengthens, her princess dominates, her face flushes as the inner fire of her princess makes itself known, skin to skin.

She belongs to her princess alone.