Well, I'm an Olympics junkie, so why not write a story inspired by it.

I am quite excited about this story and I hope you enjoy this as much as I'm going too.

Without further hesitation...

London 2012

Chapter 1

"Nudge, hurry up! We have to leave now if we want to get there on time!"

"Max, I really don't want to run five miles there," Nudge said as she walked down the stairs.

"Well, I'm going to run. I'll see you there." I took off out the door and started running. It was only five in the morning, I figure five miles will take me about a half hour and training starts and six. That gives me some time for a snack and I get to cool down.

"Max!" I stopped to see Nudge running toward me. "Coach will kill me if you run and I don't. Why do you have to be such an over -achiever?"

"I want to win, plain and simple."

"So do I, but I don't want to run to the dang gym! I get hot and sweaty, and I already get hot and sweaty at practice. Plus there's sand at practice. I do not look cute when I work out, and I know I don't look cute when I play. My butt looks good, but that's about it. Don't you wonder what people think about you when we play?"

"You would run so much faster if you shut up Nudge."

"No need to be so harsh, Max."

"Just run," I said as I sped up hoping Nudge would do the same. She did, as expected.

We made it to the gym in plenty of time and both of us were slightly winded, but nothing we couldn't recover from. Five miles isn't that bad, we do that all the time.

Nudge was standing in front of the mirror, her mocha skin slightly flushed and her hair in an odd shaped bun. I know she'll complain about that hair situation later. I looked at myself in the mirror, my tanned skin had a red glow to it, but nothing serious. My hair was in a messy pony like always. I was already to play. "Ready to play?" I asked Nudge after a couple minutes.

"Of course," she said as we both walked out to the court. We kicked our shoes off and put our feet in the sand. Beach volleyball is my game. I command the court. Nudge and I are world ranked, soon to be Olympic athletes. We had one more tournament and our performance there earned our spot in the London Olympics.

Nudge and I were one of the youngest teams in the game. Nudge, at the age of 18, and me and the age 20. Most people underestimated us. We are so young, surely we can't control our nerves. That's where they are wrong. Nudge and I have nerves of steel. We don't get nervous. We just play the game.

As our coach arrived, he started with some serving warm-ups. Nudge and I were very different players. I was the power and force while Nudge was the controlled player. We were both well rounded players, but my attacks were bullets to the sand.

Nudge at a scary 6'3" was still shorter than me. I was an annoying 6'5". Don't get me wrong, in volleyball it's great. It's a pain in the butt usually. People just stare, and let's be honest, clothes just don't fit me right. Nudge swears that I don't try to look nice, but it's hard work. I don't want to work to look nice!

After a couple hours of practice, Nudge and I walked off the court for a well needed shower. During our showers, Nudge always talks to me. It's not really weird because we're best friends, but sometimes I wanted to enjoy my shower. "So Max, I think we should go out tonight. JJ is throwing a party and it's supposed to be one of the biggest parties of the year. Let's be serious, I have to be there and it would be nice if you would go. I'm going to wear that purple dress, the really tight one that shows my non-existent cleavage. You could wear that really great red one! You look so good in that dress. I mean, I've never seen you look so good."

"Nudge! I want to shower. We'll talk later."

"Fine Max, you really do enjoy your showers a little too much. I mean, I like them, but you take them so seriously. Don't mess up Max's shower time…you might die. That's how you act, but you act like that all the time. I wonder if you'll ever kill anyone one day. If you get angry enough at them I know you do it. I'll be you accomplice. I think I would be a good one…"

"NUDGE, SHUT UP!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. I finished my shower in peace and quiet, thank the lord! Nudge was still in the shower when I changed into my shorts and tank top. My hair was still sopping wet so I just shoved it into a bun. Now it's wet, but not getting my back wet. Success.

"Nudge, I'm heading back to my house. I'll talk to you later."

"Okay! I'll come over with clothes later."

"Fantastic," I said slowly and sarcastically.

I started the walk back to my house, which isn't that bad. It's about four miles. It was nice to walk for a while after a long practice. I was starting to feel the pressure that my coach was putting on Nudge and I. We could represent our country at the Olympics. We were good enough for it. I wanted nothing more than to succeed. My life hasn't exactly been easy. My father abandoned me when I was five years old, and my mother died when I was fifteen. I started playing beach volleyball three weeks later. I moved in with Nudge and we started playing together. At first it was just for fun, but as Nudge and I both grew, we just got better. Soon we were winning national tournaments. We won our first one when I was 18, Nudge only 16.

I moved out of Nudge's house when I turned 18. I got a small apartment a few minutes away. I pay for everything. I work at a small coffee shop, which I needed to be at. Shoot. I looked at my watch, five minutes. It would take me seven if I run. Better start running.

I walked into the coffee shop, The Brew, two minutes late. My manager saw me and just smiled. "Did you forget that you work?"

"Of course," I said with a laugh.

Valencia Martinez was the best manager to have. She owned The Brew and stocked it with her delicious chocolate chip cookies. I usually ate more than I sold. "Go change, I brought some clean clothes for you."

"Thanks, I owe you."

"I can't have you stinking up my shop. It's bad for business!"

I ran back to the back and pulled on the jeans and t-shirt that Valencia brought for me. I pulled my apron on and walked out behind the counter.

"Well, I have to go take care of some paper work, holler if you need help or anything."

"Will do," I said as I wiped up the counter. Since it was a Friday afternoon, it wasn't busy. It would be later in the evening, but I would be off by then. Victory dance!

I was wiping off some tables when a customer came in. I smiled my half way sweet smile and waited for him to say something. He was cute, dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, ripped body…okay, he was hot. "Hey, I'll have an iced vanilla latte, please."

"Okay, anything else?"

"Nope," he said looking me dead in the eye. Man his eyes are pretty. I started making the latte when this mystery boy said, "So, I'm new around here, where's the volleyball courts."

Now this really grabbed my attention. "About four miles that way," I said as I pointed in the general direction. "You play?"

"Yeah, beach volleyball. My teammate and I just came here for training. We heard there's a really good coach, but he's training some baby girls or whatever. My teammate, Dylan, and I are going to steal him away. His talents will be better used on Dylan and I anyways. These girls are barely out of high school."

"So you're just here to steal a coach?"

"Yeah, he's the best in the business. He trained Misty May and Kerry Walsh. They were undefeated in the Olympics. Most people don't know who they are, but they are incredible."

"I know exactly who they are." I couldn't believe this guy. He was trying to steal my coach. "How do you plan on stealing him away? He must be dedicated to those girls."

"Coaches can be bought. Dylan and I are just going to crash a practice and he'll see how amazing we are and ditch those girls fast. Pretty simple."

"Well, here's your latte, have a great day."

"Thanks, I'm Sam by the way. Maybe we can meet up sometime."

I smiled, "We'll see," I said as Sam walked out, "on the court, jerk." I added as he walked out. I grabbed my phone and called Nudge. I told her all about Sam and Nudge started doing an internet search on them. Olympic training, already qualified, and out to steal my coach.

That's not happening.

Well, that's the first chapter, I'm writing this as I watch the U.S battle for gold in beach volleyball...Misty May and Kerry Walsh all the way (: