"So basically, these Boston people are flying in too "help" with the case, when we clearly don't need help." Wesley Mitchell complained to his therapist Dr. Emma Ryan. Wes' partner Travis Marks nodded in agreement at his statement.

"They have 2 murders that match our suspects MO, and they think the suspect flew here to continue his murder spree because they were close to catching him." Wes laughed cruelly at his partner's statement.

"Yeah, close." Dr. Ryan raised her eyebrows.

"You don't believe they were close to catching him or her?" The whole class turned to see Wes' response.

"Clearly they weren't if he was able to fly out to California, and kill someone else." The other couples looked at each other in forced agreement.

"All I'm saying is that, we can handle this perfectly fine. BPD thinks we can't handle shit, so obviously they must fly out here because it's "their case". You know, it became our case the second our suspect stepped of that plane." Dr. Ryan kept her neutral stare.

"Is there something about the BPD that you'd like to share? You seem to have a great hatred for them." Wes shook his head.

"I just think they're underestimating us. Travis and I can handle this." Dr. Ryan looked over to Travis.

"Do you agree with what Wes is saying Travis?" Travis shrugged and sat up.

"I think, we should give them a chance. It was their case to begin with and we do need to old details of the case." Wes groaned.

"But if they're cocky, annoying, irritating, or know-it-alls, they're out." Wes and Travis fist bumped.

"I mean they're even flying out their Chief Medical Examiner. I mean, come on! We have a perfectly good ME out here."

"She's one of the best in the country." Travis mumbled under his breath.

"I don't care if she's one of the best, the one we have out here is fine, alright?" Dr. Ryan watched her two toughest clients bicker.

"Guys, I think giving them a chance is a good idea. They know that it's your turf, they're just here to help." Dr. Ryan smiled at the guys as they shrugged at her comment.

"Mmkay, Maya Howard died at approximately midnight. She was raped, hands tied to the bed, pillowcase over her head. He pushed her wheelchair out of the room. Stab wound to the stomach. Wouldn't have killed her if she was able to get up and call 911 as soon as he left. Bled out, oh she was left handed." Wes stated to Travis, reading the report on their victim.

"So suspect picks the lock, sneaks up on her and puts one of her pillowcases over her head-"

"Pillowcase didn't match any in her apartment. He must've brought one." Travis nodded and opened his mouth to continue, but got caught off.

"Blue and silver striped?" Wes and Travis looked up to see four unfamiliar people. There was a slim women wearing a ruffly sleeveless lavender blouse with white skinny jeans and matching lavender heels. Next to her was an older guy wearing a khaki blazer with a dark green shirt underneath and a black tie with matching khaki pants. Next to him was a young looking African American man wearing a navy blue hoodie with a gray BPD shirt under it and jeans. Leading them was the woman who had asked the question. She was an extremely fit, thin woman, with wild curly hair, wearing light blue skinny jeans and a red and white Boston Homicide baseball shirt.

"Yeah." She nodded. The older man stuck his hand out to Wes. Wes took it skeptically.

"I'm Sergeant Detective Vince Korsak, that's Detective Barry Frost and Chief ME Maura Isles and-"

"And I'm Detective Jane Rizzoli." Travis eyed Jane and then got up and stuck his hand out to her.

"I'm Detective Travis Marks." He smiled a flirty smile. Jane looked amused and pushed his hand away.

"And I'm not interested." Travis sighed, shrugged, and moved on to talk to Maura.

"Okay, so what do we have?" Jane asked as she sat in the chair across from Wes' desk. Frost and Korsak sat on either side of her. Maura sat in Travis' chair and Travis leaned on Wes' desk.

"Well, you heard most of it. Body was discovered at noon when the assistant went over to find out why she wasn't at work. Called us." The Boston detectives nodded.

"So, so far all we know is that he preys on women in wheelchairs-" Wes cut off Barry Frost.

"Most likely because they don't really fight back, all he has to do is tie her hands to the bed and she can't fight back."

"Yeah, he doesn't have to worry about being kicked in the balls." Travis stated as he and Korsak laughed. Wes just rolled his eyes.

"Anyway, he preys on women in wheelchairs, who live alone-"

"Why does he put a bag over their heads if he intends to kill him?" Jane asked the air.

"Maybe because he doesn't intend on killing them. The stabs wounds wouldn't have killed our victims if they had gotten help earlier. Been able to reach a phone, roommate came home early, whatever." Wes answered.

"But because he does kill them, he's got a triple ready for us to slam into the books." Frost stated as they nodded.

"Do you think you could show me where the autopsy room is? I'd like to look at your victim and meet your medical examiner." Maura smiled at the two LA detectives. Travis jumped up from leaning against Wes' desk.

"I'll show you, Dr. Isles. This way." Travis put his hand on her back led her out. Wes rolled his eyes.

"Sorry about him, it's been awhile since we've had detectives around that he hasn't dated." The Boston detectives chuckled.

"He has no idea what he's getting into trying to date Maura."

"You do realize he's dated every female cop and detective in that building right?" Jane asked her best friend as they got ready to sleep back at their hotel.

"How would you know?" Maura asked as she hung up her clothes in the tiny closet. Jane was sitting on her bed.

"Mitchell told me. You know he lives here in this hotel?" Maura nodded.

"His ex-wife kicked him out and he's lived here ever since."

"God get over her and move o- Who told you that?" Jane looked at Maura confused.

"Travis." Maura stood in front of Jane.

"Did you and Travis have a nice date?" Maura rolled her eyes and smiled as she started putting on her pink silk pajamas.

"It wasn't a date. He merely introduced me to the ME." Jane smirked.

"Nothing's going on Jane."

"Uh huh. I'm going to bed we got a long day tomorrow." Jane stood up and headed for the door.

"Night Maura."


Jane walked across the hall to her room, unlocked her door, and walked in. She put on a pair of black shorts and laid down in her hotel bed and fell asleep.