Another 2005 story.

Title: I Already Do

Summary:Ginny makes a realization that will change everything.

Disclaimers/Spoilers: Nothing belongs to me! I use a song by Chely Wright called 'I Already Do'. I used it for a title and lyrics in a letter.

Warning: FLUFF-Extreme! It's also probably very clichéd.

Chapter One:

He's my soul mate. He's the one. Ginny's thought hit her like a ton of bricks. How? She wondered. How could it have happened without her knowing, before her very eyes? We aren't even 'together'. Just friends-if you could call it friendship.

Ginny cocked her head to the side, studying the blond haired, gray-eyed Slytherin as he smirked at his friends. Her heart fluttered as he turned his intense, penetrating stare towards her, making eye contact. The right side of his mouth lifted up, giving her a small smile, before returning his attention back to Pansy and Blaise.

I never should have tried to make him laugh. Then I wouldn't be in this situation.

Then Draco did something that made Ginny do a double take. She shook her head, blinking her eyes rapidly. When he did it again she raised an eyebrow up. Was he really motioning her over to him? They had never been openly friendly towards each other.

He has been acting very strange lately, she thought to herself before shaking her head. She didn't want to start another fight between Gryffindor and Slytherin. Ginny didn't only have to worry about her brother Ron's protective streak-it seemed as if everyone in Gryffindor watched out for her. It was the same way for Draco, she knew.

He motioned for her to come over again and when she repeated her head gesture, he sighed and stood up. He did it so gracefully, like a cat stretching lazily before settling back down for a nap. Draco shoved his fingers through his slightly rumpled hair and walked towards her. Ginny stiffened and her eyes widened.

What would everyone do?

It wasn't just Gryffindors and Slytherins, it was everyone, teachers, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, a few people from The Ministry, including Lucius Malfoy, who was watching his sons every movement.

She shook her head vehemently; he just smiled gently and stopped right in front of her. "What are you doing?" she whispered.

"Ginny," he chuckled, drawing out her name, and reaching for her hand. "I want you to come sit with me."

She felt her eyes widen and jerked slightly as she felt his lukewarm fingers slide between hers, pulling her to her wobbly feet. "But I—" She looked into his eyes, trying to figure out what he was doing, realizing too late that she'd made a mistake when she did.

Ginevra Weasley, you knew better. You never look him directly in the eyes, she scolded herself. She felt her knees give way aand she stumbled. A small cry escaped her lips as she fell into his chest, her ear and cheek against his breastbone. His right hand, instinctively, clutched her arm, his left hand lifting her face up, pushing her hair aside before cupping her cheek, staring deeply into her eyes. His eyes were filled with concern—his eyes, his beautiful eyes, eyes that should be forbidden.

"Are you okay?" He spoke so softly that a shiver ran up her spine. She averted her eyes, staring down at the ground, swallowing and nodding her head. Her movement caused his fingers to go through her hair again, forcing her to notice his gentle caress to her scalp.

He grinned at her and tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear, but before he pulled his hand away he gently traced the curve of her cheek. She jerked her eyes up, but it was too late, he had turned around, catching her hand with his once again as they proceeded to his table.

What surprised her the most when she got there was how nice they were to her. She couldn't believe that Blaise, Goyle, and Crabbe stood up. At first she thought they were going to do something, but when they nodded slightly at her she realized they were trying to be gentlemen.

She knew she must have looked very surprised because of the smirk that plastered their faces as Draco helped her onto the bench.

"So Weasley—" Blaise started, but cut off quickly and cleared his throat, nodding as he looked of her shoulder. "Er-Ginevra, how are you?"

She frowned and turned her head to the side, a puzzled expression plastered to her face. "I-a—I'm fine. Thank you."

Crabbe and Goyle grunted, nodding a polite 'hello'. Had Draco ever used Goyle and Crabbe's first name? She found herself wondering slightly, smiling shyly at them before sitting. He had once told her that they weren't the greatest friends. Blaise was his best friend, Pansy as well, but Crabbe and Goyle were just convenient slave laborers.

"Isn't that a great idea? Gin? Ginny?" Draco's voice called, interrupting her train of thought.

She turned to him, her knee bumping into his. "Um-sorry?"

Ginny frowned as she watched him close his eyes briefly and clench his jaw. "Are you okay?" She whispered.

Draco grinned deviously, ignoring her question. "The Hogsmeade trip this weekend," he spoke huskily. "We should go together. Make a day of it. Pansy suggested we go to this new shop next to Honeydukes."

Ginny's heart had leapt in her chest when he had suggested it, her eyes widening slightly, but she found herself very upset that Pansy would be coming along. She had never had anything against Pansy before, other then the fact she was Slytherin, but now-she had Draco, the one Ginny was in love with. Wasn't it ironic? "Sure."

Ron was livid with fury. What the bloody hell did he think he was doing taking Ginny over there? As if they were friends-no, as if they were dating.

"Ron, do not over react. The last thing we need is a scene in front of our guests!" Hermione warned jerking her head towards The Ministry officials.

"Not technically 'our' guests," Harry muttered glaring at the back of the Slytherin's head. "What does he think he's doing? Ron, I say go for it."

"Harry!" Hermione snapped. "Don't-" she stopped and helplessly watched Ron stalking towards the table opposite of them.

"Excuse me," Ron's voice echoed through the suddenly quiet room. "Why did you—" he paused frowning as he noticed the look in Malfoy's eyes as he watched his sister. He hadn't even flinched at Ron's voice, didn't even acknowledge his presence, which didn't make it different from any other time, but there was something different.

"Ron, please don't—" Ginny started.

He turned his surprised expression towards her, realizing she couldn't see what he saw in Malfoy's eyes, what was clearly evident. It really didn't surprise him as much as he thought it should. His baby sister had always been special, but Malfoy?

Ron frowned as he turned back to Malfoy to make sure he wasn't seeing things. Malfoy still didn't move his eyes from her, his face filled with that one powerful emotion, an emotion that went beyond lust. It was something he'd seen every day, for the past two years, on his face when he looked in the mirror. It happened every time he thought about her, his Luna. "We'll talk about it later," he whispered softly.

He turned swiftly, only to bump into Hermione, who was bluntly staring at Malfoy in shock as he had just done. "I'll be damned," she breathed. "Ginny, I need to talk with you," Hermione barked forcing Ginny to jump with surprise.

"Right-right now?" Ginny asked.

Hermione nodded and jerked her head towards the door, starting to walk towards it. Ginny, slightly shocked jumped up and followed.

"Ginny," Hermione said slightly breathless as the door shut behind her redheaded friend. "He's in love with you!"

"What?" Ginny laughed. "What are you going on about?"

"Are you in love with him?"

"With who?"

"Don't play dumb Gin," Hermione growled softly folding her arms over her chest. "I know what love is-more importantly I know what it looks like on someone's face."


I'm trying Gin; I'm trying so hard. I know you like it when I smile, so I smile. You love writing, so I got you a contract with the most famous wizard writing company in the world. You say that you wish you could fly without your broom, so I made you enchanted wings. Every morning I place your favorite flower against your pillow, next to your cheek. I'm really glad you like Lilies, because I can smell on your cheek where the petals brushed against you. Because I know you like to watch the sunrise in the morning, I made you an enchanted window that raises the sun in the morning, and sets it at night. I just want to know what else I can do to make you love me? You're the light in my darkness, I need. So I ask when will you love me Ginny? When?

I love you,


Ginny stared in disbelief at his letter then threw her head back in laughter. She had had no clue that had been him. She had woken up smelling Lilies every morning, had laughed giddily, secretly hoping it was Draco when she brushed the petals against her cheek. She had almost fainted with happiness when she'd gotten that letter from the her favorite writing company, the very next morning her window had been enchanted and there was a package on the windowsill with enchanted fluttering wings with instructions on how to attach them to her back.

She gasped happily and threw herself onto her bed, reaching above her head to grab a quill and piece of parchment.

He had finally had the guts to send her that letter, but his patience was wearing thin. He knew she would be in her room, doing her homework. He knew if he didn't receive a response soon, that it would be a rejection tomorrow.

A tapping on the window caused him to break his quill, his anticipation spilling free. He swept towards the window. It was a quick response. He only hoped it wasn't an 'it's not you it's me and I don't love you' letter.

My darling Draco,

The hardest part is through! You don't have to try so hard to make me fall for you. I'd surprised myself with what I'd gone and done. Just today I heard myself swear you were the one. You've been doing fine. Please don't change a thing. You know, I didn't shout it out, but everybody knew. It's funny that you're the only one that didn't have a clue. I just have to laugh. I really thought you knew. I can't believe that you're asking me 'when I will love you'. I already do…I already do. I gave you my heart. Can't you feel the power? You want to see the light—baby, the sun's been up for hours.

We do need to talk though. Please, as soon as you get this meet me at the Quidditch Pitch.

I love you,


To Be Continued…

Ginny's letter were the lyrics to the song 'I Already Do' by Chely Wright—aka those words DO NOT belong to me.

This won't be a long story I'm going for only two chapters. At least I'm trying really hard. The next chapter will have the sex. Also, keep in mind before reviewing (if you decided to) and saying how OOC Draco, that in this story he's in love with Ginny. Thanks for reading and I hope everyone liked it!